Monday, 31 October 2011

Angels & GPS’s

There is a strange and somewhat mysterious energy all around us at the moment, even the light during the day has changed, and the dark during the night seems altered. Everyone seems affected by this energy; even those not usually open to spiritual or ‘higher’ energies.

There is a bubbling undercurrent of anticipation and expectation, but nothing is bursting forth with a notice to say ‘here’s the answer, here’s the solution’. No faeries or light beings are popping up with words of wisdom or guidance.

It is as though we are now standing on the brink of change, at the edge of a precipice wondering whether to cling on for dear life to what we know or whether to let go, to have faith and to trust that all will be well. Neither sounds particularly enticing, after all, what lies on the other side of that precipice? Soft fluffy clouds? Sharp jagged rocks? Hmmmm

We want answers, and we want guidance. In an ideal world, we would be born with a guide book for life in our hands, telling us what to do, when, how etc. Yet we are not. We are born unique and individual souls, and we have to find our own way in life. Of course, there is support from those around us, but at the end of the day, our journey is our own; we walk alone through time, through space and through life.

So, here we find ourselves, on a precipice wondering what on earth to do next. This strange energy is undeniably strong suggesting change is imminent, but still we wait. What are we waiting for? Are we hoping that an angel might pop down with a GPS, map and guide book to tell us what to do next? We may have some wait...

It seems that we have reached one of those times in life where we have to make a choice. We can cling to what we know or we can take a leap of faith into the unknown. Standing still doesn’t seem an option anymore and we need to make a choice. We can never know what lies around the next corner, and we cannot guarantee soft fluffy clouds if we take a leap of faith, but it seems clear that we need to have more belief in ourselves and our gifts, and to know that sometimes we just have to follow our intuition or gut instinct (of course, this intuitive light bulb moment may come in the form of an angel with a GPS, but maybe not for most of us!).

There is no right or wrong decision, the important thing is to make a decision and to accept it. ‘What if’s’ and ‘if only’s’ waste energy and focus, so it is time to re-empower ourselves, to own our choices and to take back the controls.

We can choose to sit and wait for this somewhat mysterious energy to intensify, or we can sit and wait for it to go away, but where’s the learning in that? It is time to realise that we are not powerless, directionless souls just drifting through life waiting for a ‘sign’. Instead we are strong, courageous, amazing, wonderful and incredible souls with choices to make and dreams to fulfil.

These are times of change. Intense, profound and lasting change...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sweet Soul Music

We are all part of the Universe, we make up the whole. We are all energy, and as energy beings we are infinite (for science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed).

We know this, this is not news, but how many of us truly know this? How many of us have really thought this through? We are infinite, we are the Universe, we are One. Wow...

It can be easy to become lost travelling down the myriad of different pathways through life, we can lose sight of our gifts, dreams and our Selves, and so it is not surprising that we can forget Truth.

Yet, whilst we are One, each of us has own our ‘note’ in the orchestra of life, each of us has our own part to play in the Whole. When we are in touch with our cores, we allow our note to play sweetly, vibrantly and joyfully, but when we are out of touch, this note can become discordant and out of tune.

When we listen to the wonderful orchestra of the Universe, humans are but tiny specks of the Whole, animals are also specks, and the Earth is another speck. Yet these ‘specks’ are no less significant than anything else. Yet there is discordance and imbalance; we all know that the Earth and all those who dwell on her are out of kilter. We feel the pain and suffering all around, yet what can we do?

It seems that the most positive thing we can do is to go within, to re-tune our ‘notes’ and to play our music as sweetly and joyfully as possible. When we are in tune, we know ourselves, we live in Truth, we embrace our full potential and our hearts sing. Re-tuning our notes is contagious, it spreads, for as one person starts to sing sweetly, others follow suit.

Once we are in tune with ourselves, we can help to re-tune the Whole; from humanity to animals to the Earth, and we can make the Uni-Verse whole again.

So, it is time to reconnect to our ‘notes’, to our true sense of Self and to embrace our infinite potential as enlightened, spiritual souls...

Friday, 14 October 2011

Time to Dance

‘You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star’ Friedrich Nietzsche

This phrase seems so apt for the current time, for it brings a sense of meaning and purpose to the chaos and discombobulation! And, after all, who wouldn’t want to be a dancing star?!

Without going into an academic or philosophical discussion as to Nietzsche’s thoughts behind this quote, my own understanding of the words is more of a feeling than a thought. Just read the words and feel the meaning...

Chaos in the soul is unsettling, but it is a vital part of our personal and spiritual evolution. Without chaos, there is no change, and without change, we cannot grow. Chaos can be frightening, but it can also be a friend. For it is through the chaos, that we find Truth and our sense of Self.

Following a spiritual path in life is never easy, as stuff happens; life happens and frustratingly gets in the way of dedicated spiritual practice, reflection and contemplation! It can be so hard to lead a spiritual life in the ‘dog-eat-dog’ 21st century. Yet, is it really that hard? Is it not possible to move through the mundane and remain connected to what lies beyond? Chaos is part of what we find in that space, but peace, tranquillity and stillness can be found in abundance as well. It is when we rest in tranquillity that we can begin to ride the chaos and so embrace the change that is happening whether we want it to or not.

We all have chaos within us and around us; that is part of life. Our perception of that chaos is where we have a choice. We can choose to feel powerless and alone, or we can choose to have courage, self belief and strength and realise that we absolutely do have what it takes to find happiness and joy. Perception is such a strong filter in our lives; our families, peers, society, culture, beliefs etc all cloud or shade our perception considerably. It is only when we have the courage to look beyond what’s ‘expected’ of us, to connect to the Truth, that we can begin to see just how much clouding we have collected over the years.

Like the proverbial onion, it is time to peel back the layers of conditioning one by one so that we can connect to our true priorities in life. Chaos steps in here once again though, as we have to be prepared to move into the chaos with love and compassion in order to be at one with it, and to realise that it is our biggest aide and strength in life. From the chaos, life itself was created. From the chaos comes creativity, spirituality, joy and bliss.

So, it is time to accept that chaos is not going to leave us be, and to instead embrace chaos as the powerful transformational and life enriching energy that it is. It is time to be that dancing star...