Friday, 30 January 2009

January Horoscopes


You start the New Year under quite a lot of pressure in different areas of your life – you almost feel as if you are doing a juggling act, but at the same time those around you are trying to distract you (maybe deliberately, maybe not) by throwing extra balls at you to juggle with. If you can keep your cool, then all will be fine and you will realise just how capable you are of handling the pressure. If you get frustrated or buckle under the pressure though, the balls are likely to end up scattered in all directions leaving you feeling quite deflated. So keep your focus and you will end up feeling very much in control of your life by the end of the month.
January is also a time for a little reflection and a lot of self-honesty. You are not one who usually digs deep emotionally, and therefore your understanding of your own inner depths and needs can be a little off centre. You will have an opportunity this month to truly get to know yourself and your innermost needs and wants. Make the most of this chance, and you may surprise yourself that your path has strayed a little off track recently. You can then re-focus; and your way ahead will be clearer than ever. Onwards and upwards into 2009…

Busy, busy, busy – this is how 2009 is likely to begin for you. There seems to be so much work to get done, and you feel like you are the only one who can do it. In many ways of course this is true, but your old adage of ‘I might as well do it myself, so I will be sure that it is done properly’ will be tested in January, as you will need to step back a little to let others join in and help. This is no criticism of you, after all you are the one who keeps the peace and oversees many of life’s challenges. However, you need to realise that you cannot do it ALL yourself – you are not invincible.
The hardest aspect of the coming weeks will be in letting go of the reigns a little and trusting that others can do a good job without your constant supervision. This is a very important step though, for 2009 is your year and you need to focus on yourself for a while. Once you realise that others can cope without you overseeing them, the sense of inner freedom rising up in you will be tremendous. Jupiter will bring you opportunity, luck and good fortune in 2009 – you can reach for the stars this year, so make sure you are in a space to enjoy the ride.

2009 seems to begin with you spinning on the spot – you are not quite sure which way to turn as so much is happening around you. You are aware that change is on the cards, but you are struggling to know what change to expect, or what to do about it. You might be one of the world’s best thinkers, but in the current circumstances you need to step out of your head for a little while, and feel – listen to your intuition, trust your gut. You already know what is coming; you just haven’t allowed yourself to the space to let the certainty come through.
This all sounds quite mysterious, yet for you 2009 seems so clear and in focus. You know exactly what you want to achieve, but your over-thinking stops you from doing anything much about it. This is a year for doing, not procrastinating. It is a year for making decisions and sticking with them. In addition, January is a month for getting organised and believing in yourself more. You have so many gifts, yet you doubt yourself so much? Your ingenuity and intelligence will be tested this year, but this is an invaluable part of your life experience – you wouldn’t have it any other way (after all a life without learning, wouldn’t be terribly rewarding for you would it?).

You begin 2009 a little on edge, feeling vulnerable with your emotions exposed for all to see. This is not a familiar situation you for as you are usually much more cautious and guarded. However, your buttons have been pressed over recent weeks and this has pushed your emotional life into the spotlight. Your sensitivities will heighten until the Full Moon on the 11th in your sign (the Moon is very important for you as she rules Cancer); so take some time to reflect on your life between now and the 11th. Your emotional life looks set to be a rocky road throughout this period, but try to channel your energy into a positive focus.
It is time to let go of those challenging emotional undercurrents (go on, admit to yourself at least that they are there). 2009 is a year of positive and rewarding change for Cancer, so try to see recent obstacles as the Fates way of helping you to clarify exactly what is important in your life. Equally as important is you proving to yourself that you are strong, and that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve just about anything in your life. Try to keep your cool as you work through this phase - explosive confrontations could throw you off track and leave you feeling exhausted.

2009 has a strong theme of change for you, and you need to accept that change is an important and inevitable part of life. This won’t be too daunting for you, but this coming year will also see a need for you to work with others more, to be less of a lone ranger – the central star that everyone in your life revolves around. You need to be more of a team player; your leadership skills will prove invaluable, but this is not an invitation to take over. Be open to the people you meet, as some of them could hold some very important opportunities to your way forwards in life.
There is a need for you to achieve balance in your life this month, as this will set the agenda for the coming year. Balance is needed between your work, domestic life, social life and personal interests. None of these need to be forgotten, but you need to be sure that you don’t try to take on too much otherwise you will end up feeling stressed and grumpy. Worse still, you are likely to feel very unappreciated, as those close to you don’t share your desire to be invincible and exhausted. Balance is your key to good fortune and prosperity this year – keep that in focus as you start to make plans for the future.

Confidence certainly seems to be oozing from you as you enter the New Year, life feels good and you can see a clear path ahead of you. Just be careful not to get too overconfident though, for the fates may well be smiling on you, but if you get cocky, you are likely to miss something important – a minor detail – and this will force you to back track. Try not to skim through important documents or letters and then assume you understand the content – if you get the wrong idea you may end up turning down a dead end.
This may feel all doom and gloom, but in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. 2009 looks set to be a wonderful year for Virgo, a year where you can truly be in control of your own destiny. As a Virgoan, you know the importance of detail – this is just a timely reminder so you don’t trip yourself up in your enthusiasm to rush ahead.
You have been going through some subtle changes over recent months – these have been so subtle, that even you yourself may not have noticed. However, these changes have allowed you to let go of much inner tension, and you now feel free to enjoy life and to allow yourself stronger emotional ties with those close to you. You can have it all, if you allow yourself.

Libra, Libra, Libra – you are one of life’s natural peace-makers and negotiators, and your desire to maintain peace and harmony usually ends up with you giving in, being walked over and you screaming internally that you didn’t stand your ground. This may result in external harmony, but the cost is a raging inferno of unspent emotions rattling around inside of you (bursting out at the most inappropriate moments). Libra needs balance; and your challenge for 2009 is to find balance within, and without. So this means no more being walked over - you need to find your assertive gene and wear it with pride.
The New Year gives you some time to get yourself and your life organised, let go of the inessential and get your priorities clear (and try not to oscillate too much however strong the temptation maybe!). January starts off quietly, but if you listen closely, you will hear the murmurings of a new energy building up within you and around you. This is the energy of success and good fortune, and as long as you pace yourself wisely, 2009 is a year for you to achieve so much. It is important to stay grounded, keep things real, and not to get too carried away too quickly, but this is a time where dreams are made – believe in the magic, for it will come to pass…

2009 seems to begin with something of a paradox for Scorpio, on one level you are feeling more stable and content in your life than you have done for a long while, but on another level there is a deep sense of restlessness urging you to explore pastures new. For most people this would be an impossible situation to handle, but they are not Scorpio folk – you have a constant need for learning, moving and opening new doorways. However at the same time, you love the stability and contentment in life – it is possible for you to have both, and only you know the unique formula to achieve equilibrium.
January allows you some time to get your priorities into focus and to be clear about your path ahead. You may need to go with the flow a little, as life may not be moving as fast as you would like, but a little patience will allow you to stay more in control of your life and less in the hands of others. Try not to think too much about what lies ahead, for your attention needs to be on the moment – live in the Now. This is much easier said than done, and it is not an invitation to throw caution to the wind and be frivolous (know you a little too well!). Your power is in your hands – use it wisely.

Your confidence levels have been given a real boost recently, and you are beginning to feel back in control of your life once again. You can clearly see where you are heading and what you want to achieve. There is a way to go yet though, but with hard work, focus and determination, you look set to make tremendous progress in 2009. You will need a degree of patience and perseverance, as it will not be all plain sailing. It seems that the Fates want to know just how sure you really are about your dreams, so they plan to test your resolve and ingenuity to see just how much you truly want to change your life.
Of course you may just feel that you have set your sights too high, and the easiest path is to admit defeat, walk away and do something else (and there is nothing wrong with this as a choice), but you are a fiery and feisty Sagittarian and that is really not in your nature. Whilst you are spirited and do not give up easily, you would be wise to take a good long look at your goals, and be sure that they are still the ones for you. Just remember that you have the Fates on your side, and if anyone can realise their dreams this year, it will be you.

The mighty Jupiter is about to bid farewell to Capricorn in January, so make the most of this opportunity to be clear about your way ahead. Your life has been given quite a boost this past year, and if you have made the most of the opportunities that have been presented to you, you will be able to start 2009 on a high. You seem to have oodles of energy and if used wisely, can set you up for a year of abundance, success and joy.
Having said this, January is likely to be a fairly quiet month – a month of preparation and reflection. It is a good time for securing your foundations, but it is not a good time for rushing ahead due to impatience or boredom. You need to play your cards right and listen to the cosmic currents, and you will know exactly when you can take a huge stride forwards with your plans.
Mercury leaves Capricorn on the 1st of January, but due to his retrograde phase, he returns to your sign on the 21st. You need to be particularly careful when it comes to paperwork and legal documents, and expect delays, misunderstandings and obstacles when it comes to communications – phone calls, letters, emails. Mercury looks set to wreak a little havoc in your life for a while, but get organised and stay sensible; and you will be fine.

January is an exciting month for Aquarius, which marks the start of a very exciting year. The mighty Jupiter enters Aquarius on the 5th, marking a year of good fortune, abundance and success. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion, and he looks set to expand your horizons and help you to make your wildest dreams a reality.
This would be enough for most folk, but not for Aquarius, oh no! On the 26th, the solar eclipse is in Aquarius, and this seems to ignite a new passion and focus within you, it signals the start of an exciting new adventure in your life. A major decision will need to be made, and you may need to let something go in order to achieve your dreams, but this has been on your mind for a while now, and whilst it may be hard, the time for change has come.
There is a celestial gathering of planets in Aquarius which also begins in January, and this power house of energy will allow you to conquer just about anything you come across. In addition, a kindred spirit looks set to walk into your world to open up your heart and soul to some unexplored dimensions of your life. 2009 is your year; it is time to fulfil your destiny, to find joy, happiness and enrichment on all levels.

January starts quietly for Pisces, it is a reflective time, a time for you to think about your path ahead. You give away a great deal of yourself and your energy through your constant mediation, generosity and self-sacrifice. Whilst admirable, you have left yourself a little depleted, and you need to make the most of this quiet start to the New Year in order to rebuild your strength for the months ahead. Try to re-centre yourself and restore your inner energy equilibrium, you need balance and harmony in your life now.
2008 was a transformational year for you, a year where you let go of some of the inessential in your life and began to realise just how much potential you have. You are not one to shout from the rooftops about your gifts though, yet you need to realise just how important you are. You are emerging from your chrysalis stage now and the butterfly is getting ready to spread it wings – you need to have the confidence and self-belief to fly. You can soar if you let yourself, and reach heights that you never thought possible. You are only limited by your own self-built reservations and doubts, let these go and the world is your oyster. 2009 is a year of joy for Pisces; it is up to you how you embrace this.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy New Year - again...

Well, today is the Chinese Lunar New Year – it is the New Moon (and annular solar eclipse). Lots going on for a quiet day in January…

It’s strange because today ‘feels’ much more like the New Year than the 1st January this year. The past few weeks have felt particularly heavy and hard work, but this is lifting now – a light is emerging and joy is shining through. Hope has been renewed.

Of course, we are now in Aquarius – the sign of brother/sister hood, humanity, creative intelligence and individuality. Building up in Aquarius is a celestial party of planets – those involved over the next few weeks include Jupiter, Mars, Juno, Chiron, Neptune, the Sun, and Mercury, and I think this is why this day feels more like a New Year – the time for growth, expansion and positive movement is now with us, and there is an air of excitement and anticipation.

So, we are entering the year of the Earth Ox – Ox is a sign of longevity – in Chinese mythology he was born from the heart of an ancient pine tree and Lao-Tse (a wise Chinese sage) rode an Ox during his long search for immortality. Oxen are sacred, they are worshipped in many areas of Asia.

There are lots of comparisons with Taurus (the bull) – Ox is steadfast, sincere, honest, reliable, stubborn, a hard worker, dependable, calm, patient. Security is very important to Ox.

However, it goes deeper than this – an Ox year represents a time of growth, stability and patience. A time of harvest – to reap the rewards of the things we have sown. Hard work, diligence and determination will pay off this year – this is a year to build firm foundations and to achieve hard fought goals. This will not be an easy year, but it will be a rewarding one.

Earth Ox – gives a strong feeling of being connected to the land, and in many ways our drive towards self-sufficiency and living in harmony with the land once again will become more important. Many of us are seeking this way of life now – the ‘reward’ from a material existence has been lacking.

Also of interesting note - the new president of the USA Barack Obama is an Ox. Coincidence? I sincerely doubt it – he is in a unique position to make change on a global scale and if he achieves his election promises, the world will begin to emerge from the darkness into a place of unity and harmony.

This message came through to me during my new moon/new year/solar eclipse meditation:

‘Now is the time for each of us to find our own inner ox – that part of us within that is strong, resolute, determined and focused.

This is a time now to embrace life and to grab it with both hands - to see solutions not problems, to see joy not hate. We all have a choice; we can be pessimists or optimists, realists or fantasists. Of course, they key is to combine reality and optimism - what you sow, you shall reap. You create your own reality, and so can make things happen, therefore believe that your dreams can come true. Keep it in the now, in the moment – know that the heavens are supporting you – all you need to do in return is to have a strong, unbending belief that like attracts like, positive attracts positive. This may be hard in the ‘real world’ – but surely we each owe it to ourselves to try?’

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dazzled by Dragonflies...

The Dragonfly has been on my mind a lot this past week. Of course, this is not because they are around as it is the wrong time of year, but I have been seeing them in meditation, and thinking of them whilst writing and working.

They have only a short time in flight after they reach adult phase – a few days. But they certainly make the most of this! It’s speed, colour and agility, makes this little wizard a magnificent totem.

Dragonfly has a strong connection to the air – simply because of its ability to hover and play with air currents. If you stop for a moment to gaze at the dragonfly – it has quickly moved on – darting around – no apparent pattern or rhythm to it’s movements.

The myriad of dazzling colours along with the magical buzz of its wings makes the Dragonfly quite a mystical and mysterious insect.

The Dragonfly has a strong spiritual energy - it is believed that Dragonflies have the ability to travel between worlds and dimensions. Its wings beat so fast – we cannot see them – it helps us to perceive what is real and what is not. Dragonfly invokes a strong psychic ‘buzz’ for those connected to it.

Dragonfly also helps us to let go of the past – very important for 2009. This is a major step along the pathway towards enlightenment or ascension, and is vital if we are to bring down the illusions we have created for ourselves and the world. Therefore Dragonfly also helps us to see Truth.

This powerful little totem usually comes at times of change and transformation – it is quite a restless and uncertain energy – but Dragonfly medicine is powerful and if handled well can lead to wonderful magic in life.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Mercury Retrograde

Well, here we are again, Little Mercury is in a retrograde phase. This current phase started on the 11th January 2009 and lasts until the 1st February 2009. This is the first of four retrograde phases this year. Most years we see three, but in 2009 and 2010 there are four in each year.

Another interesting pattern emerges with the first three Mercury Retrograde phases all starting in air signs, and ending in Earth signs. The fourth both starts and ends in earth.

This first and current retrograde phase with Mercury gives us the opportunity to reflect on our thoughts as well as explore the way we think. This will stand us in good stead for the rest of the year. We often think in negatives – ‘I can’t’, ‘yeah, but’, ‘life is hard’, ‘nothing is easy’, ‘I am fat/skinny/poor’ and the list goes on…

As like attracts like, it is therefore not surprising that negative thinking attracts negative results ‘life is hard’ – this maybe true, but by making this judgement we create a dynamic to make life hard. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Retrograde phases of any planet internalises its energy; and by taking it within we can start to understand ourselves better.

2009 is a year to make change, to be true to ourselves in every way. So, Mercury wants us to change the way we think as well. Think positive, think abundance, think joy, think love.

Three out of four retrograde phases of Mercury in the same year in Air places a very strong emphasis on the mind. This is no coincidence. All four phases are in earth as well – earth is about the physical. The world around us is changing, and the recession is making us change the way we think about stuff! Stuff and consumerism has to change, less is more, stuff does not mean happiness, joy or abundance – it is just a way to fool ourselves into thinking we ‘have it all’. Well we don’t – Mercury wants us to find fulfilment from within – to think about our lives, the world, and the way in which we live.

Mercury Retrograde can cause chaos with communications, contracts and other administrative issues – but try not to get too wrapped up in these – try to see the bigger picture instead. In any challenge or obstacle, look for a positive. Find things to be grateful for everyday.

The solar eclipse/new moon on the 26th January marks the Chinese New Year – this is the best day to make resolutions this year. Make the most of this day to find positives, to look ahead – not back, and to see the joy in life.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pluto in Capricorn - A New Era Dawns

I have been asked to re-post my thoughts about Pluto in Capricorn...

It is hard to comprehend just how much life has changed since the last time Pluto was in Capricorn. Some may feel that we have moved onwards and upwards since that the mid-eighteenth century, and in many ways of course we have made progress, from longer life expectancy to curing many illnesses, but if we look at the developing world today, these issues are still a major problem, not to mention war, famine, global warming, abuse of resources and the massive power/wealth divide across the world. Power is still owned by the few with the masses at their beck and call.

When we think back to the last time Pluto was in Capricorn (1762 – 1778), America was under British Colonial Rule, and at the end of the period, we saw the American War of Independence. If we think back even further in history to previous periods when Pluto was in Capricorn we can see other significant events such as the last Crusade as well as England falling to the mighty Roman Empire giving birth to London (Londinium).

Interestingly when we consider the future of such countries; in the centuries after the Roman invasion, London become the heart of it’s own mighty empire, and in more modern times, despite it’s relative youth, America is now arguably the most powerful and influential country in the world.

So nations have fallen, fought back and become dominant themselves in Pluto in Capricorn cycles. Major world events have taken place that have shaped the world for decades to come.

What can we expect this time round?

Before we consider further just how Pluto in Capricorn will effect us, we need to remember that Pluto takes 248 years to complete one orbit of the Sun, this means that it resides in a sign between 12 to 32 years (this is due to it’s erratic orbit). So, Pluto’s effect by sign is very much generational – a collective or global shift. Therefore we need to consider Pluto’s effect on the Earth as a whole as well as individually.

Let’s first of all think about the energies involved with Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn begins at the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and this is the darkest time of year – the shortest day and the longest night. Hope is at its lowest ebb, and it is a time of retreat and withdrawal. However, we often forget that it is at this moment that the Sun is reborn and the days begin to get longer again. So one could say that it is in the darkest moment that hope is reborn. This seems all the more potent for the coming years as Pluto is the planet of beginnings and endings, life and death.

A New Dawn?

So, it seems that the next 16 years will be a special but challenging time for humanity and the Earth. We will become even more aware of the unpredictable world in which we live, as well as the delicate balance between life and death, endings and beginnings.

When we consider than Pluto is connected to endings and beginnings and Capricorn is often connected to Governments and other powerful bodies, we can start to get an idea of the issues likely to come to a head over the coming decade.

The fight for democracy in countries across Africa, Pakistan and elsewhere continues, so perhaps these potential changes will also affect great world change.

And finally, as the War on Terror continues, will we see a time of more war or will be peace be possible?

Perhaps world events will bring about a time when world powers (and so all of humanity) can collectively come together as one?

End of Days?

Many of us have felt the level of oppression and suppression in the world, from political correctness gone mad to rules being imposed by outside forces. We have witnessed the War on Terror, unspeakable terrorist acts and yet more famine and suffering in parts of our world. Whilst we live in a world more connected than ever through the World Wide Web and multi-media, in many other ways the world is becoming more fragmented, more broken.

On an individual level, many of us feel unnerved by the destruction of the world in which we live from global warming and over-fishing to catastrophic rates of extinction and the dwindling of the earth’s resources. This downward spiral cannot continue indefinitely, something has to bring a stop to this, and this is where Pluto in Capricorn comes in.

Pluto will make us see the plight of the Earth and the beings who live on her. Pluto’s subtle hints will grow ever stronger until we finally get the message. Now at what stage we will collectively pay attention who can say, but it could be that a natural disaster attributed to global warming could bring the world together.

Consider that 2012 is right in the midst of this Pluto in Capricorn phase – the end of days has been predicted. Perhaps this is the event that will bring the world together? The end of the world may be nigh, but it seems more likely that we will see the end of the world in which we currently live – an end to the corruption, war and greed. Pluto is about change and new beginnings – maybe we will get a chance for a fresh beginning, a new understanding with the Earth and each other?

So, we are likely to see great change in the world around us, not only in our relationship to the earth and how we live, but also in our relationships with others – particularly on a global level. Pluto will take us through a time when hope is fading, however we need to realise that it is only through this experience – through the darkness - that hope can be reborn.

The War of Integration

Last time Pluto was in Capricorn, there was great unrest and change – the American War of Independence began towards the end of this phase. This time round we are likely to see similar unrest, but unlike the battle for Independence, a battle for Integration seems more prudent for the current era – a battle for each of us to find our places in the global community and come together as one planet rather than be divided by country, religion or sex.

It is time for the segregation, degradation and power games to end - it is time for the world to come together as one, united.

Just take a moment to think back to Pluto in Sagittarius (1995 to 2008) – this period has been a spiritual reawakening for many many people – a time where the old rule books have been discarded, where an individuals own relationship with Spirit, the Divine, God or the Creator has been re-defined to something completely personal to them. This spiritual journey is in preparation for the events to come with Pluto in Capricorn, we no longer need to cling to the familiar through fear or ignorance – we can embrace the new and embrace change (for it is inevitable).

Power to the People

We should not forget that Pluto is also about power – think about the atom bomb – this is a Pluto invention. The threat of nuclear bombs now acts as a powerful deterrent, but this is only because we have witnessed their devastating destructive power. Our relationship with power needs to change – we should remember that power can be completely destructive as well as constructive, and we all need to consider our own relationships to power over the coming 16 years.

As each of us become more aware of the destructive power around us, we should remember that this is a reflection of our own inner power. Individually we can be just as destructive to ourselves, our lives and to those around us. However, once we make the decision to take our power back to where it belongs – within each of us as individuals - the power of the few will start to dwindle and fail.

There is no room for dictatorships, failed democracies or power imbalances – and we need to remember that these do not only exist in the outer world, we all have them within as well – due to our family environments, our upbringings and our beliefs, we all have little idiosyncrasies of power within. Once we have realised this, embraced our own power and let go of the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, we will each be free to truly stand in our power and express ourselves as unique individuals.

Once each of us can be totally responsible for our lives and acknowledge our own personal power, then the dominance of the few can no longer be. The more we can bring our own lives into balance, the more our outside world will come into balance.

We also need to remember that we all have incredible power as individuals and so we must declare the intent to use this power for good. We also need to be able to handle this power – so we each need to be free individuals without this happening at the expense of others.

In Conclusion...

The feeling of Pluto in Capricorn is not one of luxury and indulgence, it is one of challenge and change, and rather than feel apprehensive about what’s to come, we need to feel open to the process and trust that change is inevitable, it will happen whether we want it to or not. What is important is that we are complete in ourselves, trust our intuitions and stand in our own power.

Remember also that Capricorn is also about building and creating solid contributions for the future, so we will all have a role to play in making Earth a better place to live. This is not a time to be feared or dreaded, but to be resolved to make a difference.

Just remember that change is inevitable, and we need to embrace it in order to evolve...

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2009 - Forecasts

Transformation is your keyword for 2009 - your individuality and uniqueness will be shining brightly, and you will be opening some very interesting doorways of opportunity (if you dare). There is no room for self-doubt though, for 2009 is the time to embrace your potential and to re-ignite the passion and drive within. It is time to follow your dreams.

You need to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight in 2009, as you are on the brink of a wonderful opportunity to finally realise one of your biggest dreams. The key to success is to keep a clear image in your mind’s eye of where you want to be with your life in a year’s time—see it happening, feel it, believe it—the power is yours now.

2009 is all about opportunities. As you step into the new year, you will be stepping into a period of joy, abundance and good fortune. The key to making the most of this is to be clear about your goals and path ahead. Your perspective on the world will begin to change over the coming months, and you will start to see yourself in a whole new light…

2009 looks set to be a year where you are in a very ambitious and enterprising frame of mind. Big ideas, big plans and big dreams are all on your mind, and you have the courage to follow these through to fruition. In addition, a golden opportunity looks set to change your life forever – however you may need to let go of something important as a result…

You are speeding into 2009 on quite a high – you are feeling well motivated, and your energy levels are almost buzzing. This will help you to stride forth expanding your horizons as you go. 2009 is a great year for cultivating new ideas and making new contacts. You will find that all your efforts are well rewarded; just try to keep your feet on the ground.


2009 is a year to believe in yourself and your abilities, to follow new pathways and to explore new opportunities. You have so much to offer and so much to give – and the heavens want you to embrace this, so make the most of this chance to shine and to fulfil your dreams. Don’t be afraid of stepping into the unknown and reaching out into pastures new.

2009 marks a new threshold for you – a time to finally step into your own power and dreams, and to step forth with newfound clarity and courage. This is a year of enterprise and adventure for you, where your dreams can become a reality, and you will finally reap the rewards for your perseverance. Abundance is your keyword in 2009 – bring it on!

Your inner restlessness surfaces this year to help encourage you to explore new horizons and to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This may not mean travel, but possibly an inner or spiritual journey. One thing for sure though, 2009 is the year for you to realise your dreams, and there is an air of excitement and anticipation around you. Enjoy the ride.

Well, you certainly look set to start 2009 on a high – you are full of energy and enthusiasm for life, and you seem to be on something of a roll. Life has stepped up a gear, and you are moving towards your goals at an increased pace, and with a renewed sense of vigour. Believe in yourself and your potential, and stay focused – don’t get distracted.

2009 looks set to be an optimistic and progressive year for you. You have long been underestimating your abilities, preferring instead to hide in the background. But there is now a very creative and positive energy around you that will give you a far more optimistic and enterprising attitude to life – grab this with both hands and finally embrace your true potential.

Inner Power and strength are your keywords for 2009. You will finally begin to realise just how much potential you have, and then see creative ways of using this to make a difference. You have the gift of creative thought combined with a global sense of brother/sister hood, and 2009 is your year to stand up and be counted, and to affirm your beliefs for all to see.

You have been in the chrysalis stage of your development over the past few months, and 2009 will finally allow the butterfly to emerge. And this is no ordinary butterfly – try to imagine the most beautiful butterfly you can, and you will be a little be closer to imagining how special your life will become over the next few months. Joy is your keyword for 2009.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Butterflies on my mind...

Another New Year begins. Today the Butterfly has been drawing my focus, this could be that it features heavily on my second website – soon to be on-line, but it goes deeper than this.

The butterfly is about transformation – the caterpillar into the butterfly. It reflects the never-ending cycle of life. It is connected to the ability to let go of the old and embrace the new – maybe the new year? But again, it seems to go deeper than this.

Maybe more importantly, the butterfly is the power of air – the power of the mind. When we think about positive transformation, the mind plays a key role – after all, we need clarity of mind before we can successfully transform ourselves and our lives.

When we think about books such as You Can Heal Your Life or The Secret, we can see just how powerful the mind can be. It can create a wonderfully abundant and joyous life, or a life of restriction and lack. It is all about intent.

This seems to be the crux of the issue – intent. The butterfly led me into thinking about the Butterfly Effect – the idea that a butterfly flapping it’s wings in South America could cause a hurricane thousands of miles away. This notion is based on chaos theory.

I wonder though, how much this term has become misunderstood? I always believed that whilst in theory it is possible for such a thing to happen, we could never truly know or track such an event back to it’s source. After all, one would presume that the butterfly was only a tiny part of the picture. But maybe that’s the point; the concept that this could happen is all we need to be inspired to believe it to be so. And taking this further, the fact that we believe it, does this make it possible in the first place?

It’s a bit like the question would a falling tree in a forest miles away from a human make a noise? We could never know, for to test such a concept would invalidate the experiment. Reminds me also of Schrodingers Cat, but that is a whole other story…

Quantum mechanics, chaos theory and new age musings – who would of thought there could ever be such correlation?!

All comes back to the power of the mind…

Of course, the butterfly effect is really all about cause and effect – and this is where the power of intent is important.

Linking the power of the mind with the butterfly effect – I guess my wandering mind connected the two. I then started to think about the concept of Paying It Forward – doing a deed for someone, who does a deed for someone else, and so on.

Deeds do not have to be physical to be Paid Forwards, why not thoughts? If enough people send out positive thoughts of healing, love, harmony and peace, then surely it would have some impact on the world?

In addition, it is important to think about the impact of our thoughts on both our selves and on others. Negative thoughts create negative patterns, positive creates positive, so before we start self-negating at the things we dislike about ourselves, maybe we should instead celebrate the things we do like about ourselves instead? Don’t underestimate the power of the mind to create – and destroy.

So I guess the outcome of my meditation with the butterfly was to see how important it is to respect the mind, to honour the power of the mind and to use it wisely.

The butterfly is also about beauty and grace – watch one gliding through the air, to see why. So, maybe as well, the butterfly helps us to see the beauty in nature, the beauty that is present in us all – if only we looked…

So, send out beautiful thoughts – if enough of us do, then maybe it will make a difference. We may never know, but maybe that’s the point? Let go of fixed expectations, and embrace the possibilities of the unknown…

Happy 2009.