Saturday, 31 October 2009

All Hallow's Eve

This is just one of many names for the 31st October – Hallowe’en, All Souls Night and Samhain to name but a few. This is a festival of remembrance and a feast to celebrate the dead. It marks the end of the year in the Celtic Calender.

There is nothing macabre about celebrating the dead, it is about honouring those who lived before. On this day the veils between the two worlds is very thin, making it an important time to communicate with our ancestors and also for divination.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this comes at a time of darkness, the nights are drawing in as we move towards the shortest day in December. Darkness was important to our ancestors, just as important as Light. They honoured the cycle of life – the seeds underground lying dormant in order to be reborn in the spring time.

All Hallows is celebrated around the world, and for many it has become the Christian celebration of All Souls Day (see tomorrow’s blog).

Hallowe’en is often known as a night of chaos and mischief – hence the modern day trend of ‘trick or treating’. Elementals, faeries, goblins and other cheeky mischief makers enter our world and only those in disguise could achieve this. Of course with so many people now in fancy dress, this has become much easier…!

Hallowe’en is a time to (safely) light bonfires and to come together in celebration. Yet it is also a time to nurture our inner worlds and to prepare for the slumber of the winter – a time of hibernation and transformation. This is a time to let go of the old in preparation for the new to be reborn.

Try meditating for guidance and direction at this powerful and highly energised time. Keep yourself energetically protected from those mischief makers, who also come in human form…!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Chiron Goes Direct...

On the 31st October, one of the trio entwined in the Sacred Dance – Chiron – moves direct. Chiron is the planet of the wounded healer, and he helps each of us to seek strength from within, to learn from our experiences, to take positives from negatives and to find our healing gifts.

Whilst in retrograde, Chiron has been helping each of us to focus on those ‘wounds’ or experiences in life which seem to have happened for a ‘reason’. It is often those experiences (and sadly they are usually traumatic) where we can find the true source of our inner strength.

So we have each had some time to ponder our hurts and to find the deeper meaning for them. Of course, sometimes there seems to be no reason or rhyme when things happen, but at a deep level the fact that we have come out the other side is our gift.

Moving direct, Chiron wants us now to start using our strength and experience to help others. He wants us to make a difference, and to show that pain can be transmuted into love, however hard and traumatic that pain maybe.

This is not to negate our experiences or to de-value them somehow, but it is to acknowledge that we all experienced pain in our lives and it is how we choose to use that pain that makes a difference. Use it to help others (like a recovering drug addict might choose to help another addict, a rape victim may choose to counsel another rape victim etc) and in some ways it gives a ‘higher meaning’ to the experience. It is about taking control and not being a victim - this goes way beyond revenge or justice though, as it is about own our paths. I guess at some level it is also trusting in the Law of Karma, and that at some time the Universe will seek justice (balance) for acts of aggression or rage…

It seems no surprise that Chiron moves direct on All Hallow’s Eve or All Souls Night – this is the time where the veil between the worlds is thin, and it is a time to honour those who have passed before us. It is a time to connect to the wisdom of our ancestors, to heal repeating patterns and to transform our beliefs.

This is a day to honour our experiences and to re-connect to the power and strength that lies within. It is a day to rise up from the ashes and be re-born. This is a day of transformation, a day of celebration and the start of a new chapter in all of our lives. Honour Chiron within you and try meditating for a while with the wounded healer in order to understand how you can access healing from the pain within…

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Saturn In Libra

This week (29th October) sees Saturn moving into the sign of balance – Libra. The last time Saturn was in Libra was in the early 1980’s and how things have changed since the days of shoulder pads, the miner’s strike, leg warmers, big hair, who shot JR, Lady Di and that wedding, the Rubiks Cube, the launch of personal computers and the Nuclear Threat.

Saturn often has a bad reputation; he is the planet that so many people dread. He was of course described as the Greater Malefic – the Big Baddie, which reflected his reputation as a planet of restriction, hard work and a lack of joy. I prefer to call him Old Grumble Bum as I see him more akin to a cantankerous old man, somewhat set in his ways but when you look beneath the grumpy exterior there is actually a great deal of wisdom there.

The fact that Saturn is so feared has actually created the problem in the first place - fear creates fear. Yet if we see the good in Saturn, he works with us helping us to achieve our hard-earned goals. Treat him without any respect (and Old Grumble Bum is a term of endearment – which in my connection with him works very well!) and he will not support or guide.

So, whilst many Librans may be dreading the arrival of Saturn into their midst, this particular Libran is actually quite looking forwards to it. It is a time to roll up the sleeves and get some work done, and it is time to stop procrastinating and get on with things.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, which enables this powerful planet to filter through in a balanced way. And balance is the key over the coming months – achieving balance in all areas of our lives.

The challenge is to make some decisions and to move forwards with confidence. Live in fear and they will build up creating obstacles. So, it is time to face our fears head on and to believe in our ability to succeed. Yes, the work may be hard and a little relentless at times, but keep the end goal in sight.

Saturn in Libra is closely related to the drive towards perfection, this can be hard to overcome as the reality is that perfection is hard, if not impossible, to achieve all of the time. So, there is a need to relax the tick box a little and to take a slightly more realistic and pragmatic view of things. Try not to see those little imperfections as failures, and they are not a reason for those close to reject or berate.

Saturn is the traditionalist, and so it is likely that we will witness a resurgence of some traditional values over the coming months – this is maybe no bad thing, as long as the traditions do not involve controlling or denigrating others. Tradition can be about community, helping one another and other positive things – not all traditions are bad.

What also seems clear is that clearer definitions of right and wrong will once again start to re-establish themselves as individuals start to speak up for their rights and the rights of others. The division of humanity by culture, religion, colour, wealth and gender are likely to see a great shift as the collective starts to draw closer towards union and harmony. The ‘blame culture’ in which we live will start to shift towards individual accountability and responsibility once again, that is taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions.

Saturn is likely to challenge each of us on many levels making us question our belief systems, our paths in life, our relationships and our choices. Yet, without this we are unlikely to grow, develop and evolve…

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Sacred Dance....

The celestial dance between Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron continues as each of these planets move direct. Jupiter has already made the move, and Chiron and Neptune will follow over the next couple of weeks.

I take this opportunity to reflect upon some of the words that have come to me as this Dance has continued:

‘These planets seem to be paving the way for a transformational and joyous time. They will release a huge surge of transformational energy out into the cosmos for each of us to bathe in.

This is truly a special time, and we would all be wise to go within to clarify our goals and dreams, to visualise them and to believe that they will come to pass.

Both collectively and individually, we are changing and shifting. There is a sense that our inner guide books are being re-written and we have been blessed with some new directions connected to creating a positive and bright reality, not only for ourselves but for everyone.

We have long forgotten just how powerful our minds are, and if we choose to focus on the lack and darkness around us at this time, then this will grow. If we can turn any negatives into positives, and make a difference, then we will see a global shift in attitude towards harmonious living.

We each have a mission at this time, and this mission is to do the very best we can, not to underestimate ourselves, not to undersell ourselves or our potential, and to believe that anything is possible.

With the Light comes Dark, with the Love comes Sorrow, with the Positivity comes Negativity. We will start to see the ‘bigger picture’ of life and fully realise that to have balance and harmony, we must experience the two polarities.

Neptune is very wise and helps us to love unconditionally. He is the light of inspiration, the celestial musician, the keeper of Cosmic Truths. Chiron helps us to connect to our inner strength and ability to turn negatives into positives. Jupiter can help us to see the true abundance that we all have on some level, and he acts as a conduit between the inner and outer landscape of our lives.

This recent retrograde phase of Neptune will enable anyone who truly believes, to be inspired and guided by Sacred Truth. This will be enhanced by retrograde Chiron who will allow each of us to find our inner strength and re-connect to our ‘incurable wounds’ in order to see just how we can help others and the world.

By the time these planets start moving direct again, each of us will have transformed at quite a deep level and be ready to step back on the path again with love in our hearts, joy in our souls and confident that we are being guided towards our destiny…

Jupiter can help us to tune in to our inner resources of strength, self-belief and dreams to see just how much abundance we have. The more we can focus on this, the richer we become emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, and the more content we can become with our lives.

We are now being challenged to go within, to let go of our fears, to find our inner strength, to listen to Spirit and to follow our destiny. Not much to ask then!

It is time to be centred, to tap into that vast inner well of love, compassion and strength and to stand hand in hand with one another. It is time to not be afraid to let the world see the core of who we are, to face our fears, our inadequacies and to realise that we are all here for a reason. That reason is becoming clearer, and it will soon be time to step into the unknown, into infinity and beyond to realise our full potential. There is a choice though, the alternative is to stay put, to not take that risk, to avoid jumping into the spiritual watery depths of the unknown feet first.

That decision is yours, and yours alone’.

Reading back over these words, it certainly seems clear that the celestial dance has had a clear and definite impact on not only my life but on the lives of just about everyone else I know.

More on this soon…

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Living Magically...

I have recently seen the best and worst in human behaviour. I have been well and truly lodged in the mundane. I have felt saddened that we seem to live in such a judgemental world – the media guides opinions and prejudices, and individuals seem so entrenched in keeping up appearances and following the masses, that free thinking and individual colour is disappearing.

I choose to see the good in people, as I believe that good thoughts feed good things. Negative beliefs, feed the negative.

The recent shift of Jupiter to a forward flowing energy has created a need to find meaning in my life, and it seems to have left me wanting to live magically once again. I have been wedged in the mundane for so long, that the magic and joy around me has been passing me by.

I have always seen auras, yet this past few days since I decided to ‘live magically’, I can see the auras and energy of everything around me. I have noticed just how many people take the energy of others, some give it freely of course, but how much is returned? Energy is power, and it feeds the desire for more power. It is addictive, and this is why people crave it so much, and sadly if it’s not freely forthcoming there are many who are happy to simply take it.

As both Chiron and Neptune prepare to move direct in the Sacred Dance, there is a sense that we each need to make a choice. That choice is connected to how we choose to live.

Personally, I choose to see the magic, to be at one with the Divine and to live a more contemplative, joyful and fulfilling life. Of course I want to reach out and ‘make a difference’ but I want to do this from a state of joy, not pain.

Many of us are standing at the crossroads now – it is hard to know which path to take – there might be signs or indications as to the ‘better’ path, but to be sure for your own peace of mind, try pausing for a moment, soften your focus and let the light guide you.

Be in nature, see the energy around you and feel it within you. Transmute this into joy and love, and trust your instincts.

Remember there is no right or wrong path – just be content with the path you choose. Live life to the fullest, embrace your true potential and don’t be afraid to try something different. Life is for living after all. As the next few weeks unfold, the need to choose will get stronger – and remember that it is possible to live magically in the real world, it is simply a question of intent.

Carpe diem!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Infinity and beyond...

Jupiter finally moves direct this week (on the 13th), and this mighty planet will have quite an impact on all of us! You may recall that he is one of a trio of planets that have been dancing around one another this year in Aquarius (the others being Chiron and Neptune). I have called this the Sacred Dance for many reasons.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, and for the past few months his energy has been internalised allowing each of us to explore the abundance within and to re-focus on our paths ahead. There is also a sense of spiritual re-awakening at the same time, and as Chiron and then Neptune move direct over the coming weeks, there will be a huge shift within so many of us. Akin to seeing the world with new eyes – our perspectives will change and shift, and we will let go of doubts and fears as we embrace the path of the warrior within to make our lives matter (on whatever level that might be).

The past couple of weeks have been stressful for many reasons – almost as though there is a pressure pot slowly building up inside and getting ready to burst out with lots of vim and vigour once Jupiter moves direct. This may sound unpleasant, but the pressure is connected to anticipation and excitement about exploring pastures new. We have been through a strange lull before a very beautiful and expansive storm that will allow those of us who are brave enough to leap into the unknown, to truly have faith and to stride forth with strength in our hearts and love in our eyes.

Jupiter is the big daddy of the Solar System, he is the spark within each of us that encourages us to explore, expand and embrace the new. He is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, and helps us to create abundance in our lives (although we must be specific about this, as abundance comes in many different packages, maybe joy would be a better word?).

As Jupiter moves direct, try sitting quietly for a short while and write down an affirmation (positive statement, written in the present tense) to say out loud every day between now and when Neptune moves direct in November. Say it loud, say it proud, and most of all, believe it. It could be as simple as ‘I love myself’, but try to make the effort to affirm how you want to move forwards in life and how you want your life to be – whilst you can’t always choose the outcome, you can choose the ‘filter’.

So, good luck and to ‘infinity and beyond!’…

Over the coming weeks, I will write more on the Sacred Dance as the energies start to flow out and across the world once again.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cosmic Babbling...

Being on the verge of a life-changing, life-altering decision it’s hard to not over-read the messages of the planets. These celestial ‘know-it-all’s’ know not only what is, but also what’s been and what’s coming as well.

Writing the Planet Whisperer Blog I often think of my own life situations and how it fits me at the moment, which I guess is the point. But after advising everyone not to shoot the messenger (see previous entry), I began to analyse this in context with the afore-mentioned life-altering decision. It worried me!

I started to wonder if I wouldn’t hear the news I was hoping for, and if I didn’t then I would probably be devastated, but I couldn’t be cross, because I couldn’t shoot the messenger. After those few breath defying seconds, I calmed down and started to think rationally once again.

After all, things happen for a reason, and whether or not they happen as we hope or expect, then we have to see the bigger picture behind this.

Of course, babbling, jabbering and prattling about cosmic events on this blog does not make me an oracle, I am not gifted with a full picture of how things will be. I see trends and pictures of how things might be, but there are so many variables that at the end of the day, anything is still possible.

I then started to think about NIMBY (not in my back yard), and just how prone we all are to these feelings whether it comes to nuclear power stations, waste disposal or the influence of a mischievous little planet. We are happy to share wisdom and hand out advice, but when it comes to our own mountains to climb, we do not want to hear that it might not be as easy as we hope.

I like to see myself as an observer, but I also need to remember that I am a participant as well! So, I guess the lesson is that whilst I observe and comment on cosmic events, I need to remember that they influence me just as much as the next person…!

P.S. – I got the new I was hoping for!