Monday, 31 May 2010

To Infinity & Beyond!

Neptune Goes Retrograde

On the 31st May, Neptune moves retrograde until the 7th December. Neptune is a subtle, ethereal planet that goes unnoticed by many, yet he is of great importance and significance to many people on the pathway towards enlightenment.

Neptune is the dreamer, the sage, the visionary, the psychic, the artist and the bestower of Universal Love. Neptune is that subtle thread that connects us all through a beautiful cosmic dance of energies that swirl and flow within and around each of us connecting us to the Universe and making us One.

In retrograde, Neptune asks each of us to look beyond our material lives towards the bliss and joy of being a part of something much bigger. It is when we are truly connected to this Source that we overflow with Universal Love, inspiration and creativity. It is from this space that we can heal and reach out to others to make a difference.

Over the coming weeks and months, Neptune wants us to seek the peace and solace within and to truly connect to the love that resides there. Neptune wants us to bathe in the light of creativity, spirituality, compassion, inspiration in order to find a sense of wholeness within.

We each have the Universe within us, and yet at the same time, as human beings we are but tiny dots in the bigger picture. This is a paradox, yet being open to this is vital if we are to become illuminated, enlightened and inspired to become whole.

Neptune often caused confusion and fear within us; we can feel lost, without direction with our paths swathed in mist and fog. Yet, we need to go into this space to find ourselves again. When we are lost, we need to ask ourselves if we are asking the right questions for guidance, are we truly ready for change and are we truly open to receive the guidance of the Universe.

Sometimes our confusion, indecision and uncertainty comes from a more logical need for guarantees about the outcome, but Neptune takes us beyond that need to a place of knowing and trusting that the outcome will turn out as it is meant to. This is akin to surrendering, but it is not giving up, it is about truly stepping into Source and letting go of doubts, fears and indecisions and trusting the Universe to guide us.

It is time now to awaken our inner Selves and to dive into the deep well of inspiration, creativity, love and compassion that resides within each of us. Sink through the confusion and try not to let the fog disorientate you, try to let go of the need to control so as to avoid getting lost in the mazes we all have inside of ourselves (the mazes are a method of protection and of avoiding Truth – we all do that!).

Retrograde Neptune will encourage each of us to journey deeper and deeper within so that we can find our centres and gain a crystal clear sense of vision. If the Inner Voice does not immediately call, don’t try to force this, just be patient and the time will come. Sometimes the Voice is there, but with so much ‘noise’ around us, we simply cannot hear it. So, we need to have patience and learn to cut out the clatter in order to fine tune our souls to hear our own unique notes (inner voices).

It becomes clear when we have reached this goal, as a calmness and serenity overcomes us, and we begin to feel nurtured and sustained from within, not from without (the material world). Of course, living in the real world, we cannot let go of the material or physical world completely, but we will begin to witness a significant shift in how we relate to this part of our lives. The greatest riches come from within.

Neptune wants us to honour our divinity and to connect to the infinity that resides within us all. No mean feat, but the coming months look set to be quite a journey!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Boss Gets Back To Work

Saturn Goes Direct

Mighty Saturn finally moves direct on the 30th. Residing in Virgo, this powerhouse of a celestial body will have a strong impact on each of us as we walk the rocky and unfamiliar path of cosmic chaos over the coming weeks and months.

Saturn is connected to responsibility, hard work, order and tradition, and in Virgo we have been witnessing an inner wrestling match between our dreams and the reality of achieving them. For many, this past few months has been about prioritising goals and letting go of the clutter in our lives. For some, Saturn’s retrograde phase has been about taking more responsibility for our choices and actions in life. For others, it has been a challenging combination of the two!

Moving direct, Saturn will encourage each of us to take control of our lives and then focus on what is truly important. There is much work for each of us to do, and Saturn is encouraging us to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in now. The time for cogitation is over, and the time for action has come. This is not about risk taking or throwing caution to the wind, but it is about grabbing our lives with both hands and taking charge wherever we can.

Virgo is a sign connected to rhythms and cycles, and we best not forget this when dealing with Saturn. Therefore, at the same time as taking control, we need to be acutely aware of the cosmic and energetic trends and flows around (and within) us and move accordingly. This is a time where intuition and sensitivities come into play as we can literally ride the waves of this cosmically inspiring summer and make the most of this opportunity of a lifetime to achieve our goals and dreams.

Remember though, Saturn is a hard task master, and to achieve success, he expects hard work, focus and dedication to the cause. So, this is not likely to be plain sailing, but it is a time to find the strength and power from within, to affirm our goals and to believe in ourselves enough to have the courage of our convictions and aim high.

Work with Saturn and he will work with (and support) you; but jam your heels in the mud in resistance and you are likely to end up frustrated, exhausted and lost.

Saturn might be traditionally known as the Greater Malefic (Big Baddie), but he is full of potential. It comes down to attitude (see him as challenging and he will be, but see him as an opportunity for positive change through hard work and he will be that instead). This summer it all comes down to choice...

Friday, 28 May 2010

Rebel With A Cause

Uranus enters Aries

On the 28th May, Uranus moves into Aries. This marks the beginning of an energetic and lively phase of these two forces in our lives. Uranus is the innovator, free-thinker and spark of electricity that resides in each of us. Aries is the fiery, creative force of inspiration, adventure and courage. Merge these together and we can expect some magnificent fireworks over the coming weeks and months.

As we slowly step through this powerful and energetic summer of cosmic chaos and enlightenment, this important step is a big nudge (or elbow in the ribs) for each of us to embrace our individuality, as well as our innovative and inspirational qualities and to take a step forwards into the unknown towards the fulfilment of our dreams.

Uranus is the hippy of the Solar System, he is the rebel, the anarchist, the unique individual not afraid to speak his mind or be ahead of his time. Sometimes seen as The Fool in the tarot, Uranus is connected to us exploring the unknown and new realms of consciousness.

It is time for each of us to find our own ways of receiving Truth, and for opening up our awareness and consciousness to see ‘the bigger picture’. Uranus as rebel and free-thinker, crashes down old and outdated ideologies and beliefs. Uranus is about forward thinking, and liberation from the bounds of ego towards a Utopian existence.

Combined with feisty Aries, the need to explore and be open to these traits is stronger than ever, and each of us needs to be prepared to take fresh perspective in our lives in order to move closer towards enlightenment.

There is also a strong sense that the collective consciousness will start to shift towards a common goal for truth, harmony and peace, and this theme will encourage each of us to be true to ourselves and our gifts, and to have the courage of our convictions to simply be ourselves. It is up to each of us to be the best that we can be, but with a strong shift towards an increasingly collective existence, the more of us that can achieve this, the greater the impact this will have on the whole.

This is a powerful turning point in humanity, and we will start to see the true power of thoughts and of the collective, as global events start to push through change – changing attitudes, changing beliefs and a change for the better for all to see.

Expect a journey into the unexpected, be prepared for change, but most of all; be prepared to be free...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Cosmic Update

The Sun enters Gemini today.

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 5

The Cosmic Diary Unfolds...

As the weeks progress, there will be more and more to explore with the summer’s cosmic events as and when they happen; but for now I have briefly outlined below some of the key celestial happenings:

Pluto Retrograde – connecting to the wholeness within and facing the truth of who we are and letting go of all that no longer serves.

Uranus moves into Aries – Breaking free from convention, standing up for what is right, freedom and innovation reigns.

Jupiter moves into Aries – Exciting adventures beckon on new horizons, time for courage and conviction to follow those deeply important dreams and goals.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Aries – a time for (re)awakening, electrifying and exciting, new beginnings.

Uranus & Jupiter oppose Saturn – exciting, challenging, extremely intense and a time to break free from convention and to explore new horizons. Time for a major shake up.

Uranus & Jupiter square Pluto – Major time for change, feeling the fear but doing into anyway, stepping into the unknown, letting go of fears and embracing the Self and the uniqueness within.

Saturn square Pluto – challenging and a time for endings and beginnings. Taking responsibility for our choices and actions.

Uranus Retrograde – honouring our individuality, standing in our Truth, becoming free.

Jupiter Retrograde – exploring the wisdom within, connecting to Consciousness, embracing the adventurer within.

Lunar Eclipse & Total Solar Eclipse – both events mark twists and turns in energy levels and focus.

Summer Solstice – always a turning point in the year, but for 2010 a time of high energy and intensity.

Chiron Retrograde – healing the wounds within and finding the key to heal and transform the lives of others.

Grand Cosmic Cross between Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Pluto and the Moon – dramatic, possibly explosive and very enlightening, dark night of the soul for some, but a blessed and joyful time for most.

So plenty of food for thought! I will write more on all of these events over the coming weeks...

So, a Summer of Discontent? I believe that it is most certainly leaning towards a summer of deep contentment, fulfilment and joy, but I guess it all comes down to perspective!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 4

Finding The White Spirit...

So it seems clear that this summer presents us with a choice between contentment and discontentment. It is an electrifying and exciting adventure presenting each of us with a choice as to how we want to live our lives, and how we want to evolve.

Things are rarely as easily said than done though, and for those who ignore all the signs and battle on, this summer is likely to be a somewhat bumpy and uncomfortable journey into a dark night of the soul until we honour the cosmic climate and surrender to our Souls. For others who embrace the signs will feel blessed and embraced by celestial angels offering guidance and protection.

Remaining centred will allow tension to flow into love, and it will allow love to fill every essence of our Beings. Some may feel it is a little too easy to make such a choice, but the reality is that all of us have challenges to face in life, we all have burdens to carry and we all find ourselves stuck in repeating patterns that despite our best efforts we struggle to break. It is all of this that becomes the glue that stops us from surrendering to the celestial angels and embracing our full potential. Life is like that sometimes.

Yet this summer brings each of us a rare opportunity to truly dissolve all of the glue that holds us back and to finally find the freedom that we have been dreaming of.

Personally I have already opened my own bottle of cosmic White Spirit (solvent) and have begun to dissolve the glue in my life...

To be continued...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 3

The Volcano Erupts...

The need to bare our souls and to become whole was a clear message from Part 2, and as we dig further into this exciting yet challenging Cosmic Climate, we will see just how these planetary events will unfold.

The build up of energy from May through to August will feel a little overwhelming at times, there is almost a sense that this log jam of energy is building up like magma beneath a smouldering volcano. Left to its own devices it will eventually erupt uncontrollably and with the full force and unpredictability of Mother Nature. But if we are able to tap into this energy and channel it constructively we can tap into the full power and force of the Universe and direct it in positive ways.

This may sound daunting, but if we remain centred and standing in the full Light and truth of who we are, we each have more than enough strength and ability to tap into the Universal energy grid to finally have the self-belief, courage and inner strength to follow our dreams and to fulfil our aspirations. When we are truly centred, nothing can rock us or pull us down, we remain in love and that is the most powerful force we know.

Many of us seem nervous about the events to come and wonder what will unfold, but the key focus remains with staying centred and exploring our inner worlds. Once mastered, the outer world and the problems all around us will become more manageable, solvable and treatable. The power to make change comes from within, not without. Diving into the ocean of consciousness (the deep blue sea) that resides within and connects us all (connects All That Is), allows each of us to see how interconnected we all are, and from this awareness it is clear to see how we can affect change.

To be continued...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 2

Baring Our Souls

We were left last time with a choice between blissful ignorance or a somewhat more challenging path of going within and truly finding ourselves.

As the weeks continue, the more inner time we can find, the more inspired and uplifted we will begin to feel making this summer truly one of contentment and joy. However, if we remain at the physical level, being pushed and pulled by external events we will feel discontented, lost and confused, so finding inner time is vital to make the most of this incredible cosmic climate.

As the energy of the T-Square between Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto intensifies, the clearer our own paths will become. Whilst we will each be challenged to affirm what is truly important to us, and we will each need the courage to let go of all those things that no longer serve us. There is a sense that those of us brave enough to charge head first into this log-jam of cosmic energies will emerge as shining lights, inspired, creative, with clarity and vision.

It seems clear that resistance to these cosmic events is somewhat futile; most of us want to evolve and become more enlightened and conscious. This is a time of awakening and a time for each of us to re-write our stories, to find our creativity and to simply be ourselves (not who we think we should be, ought to be, or want to be).

This is a time for stripping back all the clutter to the bare bones, to stand as naked souls under the heavens without the trappings of modern life, without the clutter in the mind and without the expectations and pressures to ‘conform’. This time is likely to leave a tremendously deep and long lasting impression on each of us...

To be Continued...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

'Everyday is a gift, thats why they call it the present'.

Mercury Direct

Mercury goes direct today a great relief after his recent shenanigans.

Expect communications, legal and financial matters to start running more smoothly from today.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 1

In Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea...

This phrase has always historically meant being stuck between two dangerous or extremely challenging choices. However, over the coming weeks it seems that this phrase will begin to take on a whole new meaning...

The Cosmos is building up to a summer of intensity and indecision, it seems that this is already affecting many of us with the hung parliament in the UK – this could end up being the best thing ever leading to political reform and a stronger country or it could end up being disastrous and a fast boat to financial and economic ruin.

Politics aside, there is already a strong feeling of inner tension and indecision; many of us feel stuck and unsure which way to turn. There is a sense of chaos for some and unearthly stillness for others, yet for all of us there is a feeling of the unknown and a great uncertainty about the path ahead.

Over the coming weeks, Uranus and Jupiter move into perfect conjunction in Aries, they oppose Saturn in Virgo, and all three of these planets square Pluto in Capricorn. This formation is known as a T-Square, and is usually seen by astrologers as challenging and difficult. Adding to this in early August, the Moon moves in to form a Cosmic Cross with these planets; and Saturn is joined by both Mars and Venus. So, lots of celestial activity.

In some ways the T-Square is akin to a log jam, pushing all of this energy into a tight little space intensifying and energising it immensely. The result is a sense within each of us of a need to break through the log jam to pastures new and this is where the difficult choice begins. It is hard not to feel thwarted, frustrated and confused about the many different directions opening up before us, and at the same time many of us are trying to integrate all of our gifts and dreams into something new and more fulfilling.

The challenge during these heavy seas is to stay centred and to avoid being pushed and pulled by external forces. However, within each of us is a sense of urgency, a need to make decisions and to act, so in some ways time is of the essence, but at the same time, getting this right is imperative so acting too early or without sufficient contemplation could be disastrous.

During this upheaval old patterns will once again start to re-surface as we are finally given the opportunity to break free from our pasts to fully embrace the present (and future). This is never easy, but it is necessary for us to grow and evolve as the free spirits that we are.

It seems clear that there is a strong need to find much time for reflection and contemplation over the coming weeks, we each need to tap into the stillness within and to dwell there to find clarity and the strength to wait until the time is right to act. Some may find this inner retreat so delightful that they never want to leave making the decisions to come ever harder. Yet it seems that we do all have a choice to stay in our inner worlds in retreat and contemplation or to use all of our gifts and strengths to step forwards to make a difference.

One theme that has emerged over the past year is connected to personal choices and personal responsibility. Saturn has been the root cause of this as he wants each of us to fully own our choices and be responsible for our actions. It goes deeper than this though as we each need to surrender to our true feelings in order to honour ourselves and our soul’s purpose. It is only when we are in this space that we can be at One with our true natures and to know our next steps.

So the choice of the devil and the deep blue sea, seems to be down to a choice between staying blissfully ignorant to the inner call and continuing to plod on or going deeply within to the well of strength and peace that resides there, tapping into the collective consciousness (the ocean or deep blue sea), surrendering to our true Selves and finally finding ourselves...

To be continued...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Letting Go

'Just as the bird has to find the courage to let go of the branch in order to fly, so we also must let go of our branches if we are to know the exhilaration of soaring to the highest potential of our life.

The branches we hold to are our inner attachments - our beliefs, ideas and memories. And then there are the outer attachments - people, possessions, positions and privileges are a few. But as long as we hold on to them we will live in fear (of letting go and loss) and we will never be free. And just watch those birds, by letting go of one branch they are able to spend the rest of their life alighting on a million other branches, and they enjoy the view from each.

Are you flying and soaring in your life, or are you stuck on one branch, cursing others as they fly past. Go on, try it ...let go!'


Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's Time for Change

Now I am not using this slogan in allegiance to any particular political party with the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the UK, but it’s interesting how this phrase has caught on as everyone feels that it most certainly is time for change – not necessarily politically, but socially, morally, spiritually and emotionally.

The winds of change have been gathering momentum for some weeks now, there has been much resistance to the idea of going more with the flow of life (an example would be the recent volcanic ash from Iceland that grounded flights across Europe; was there really a choice but to go with the flow, waiting for airspace to re-open?).

Mercury has been retrograde this past couple of weeks (since the 18th) and he will remain there until the 11th, and he is continuing to be something of a mischief maker when it comes to plans, communications and legal matters. This is also a case of ‘going with the flow’ until the cosmic climate changes.

The combination of Pluto and Ceres joining Mercury, Saturn and Pallas Athene all in retrograde is highlighting a great deal of inner work and reflection. This is a time for taking responsibility for our choices, honouring the wholeness within, nurturing ourselves, having the courage of our convictions and at the same time not allowing Mercury to create any confusion, misgivings or misunderstandings.

Over the coming weeks, there are more celestial events which will continue to build on this theme of change. Of course, much of this is connected to the change within, but it is only with inner change that true outer change can happen. So, at the moment we need to ‘go with the flow’ and whilst this is confusing and unsettling for a great many people, it is simply preparing us for the next wave of cosmic events...

...I will go into more detail over the coming weeks, but Neptune will also move retrograde, whilst Uranus followed by Jupiter are moving into the feisty Aries. They are moving towards a very powerful conjunction, and this is truly the start of something big...