Friday, 25 June 2010

A New Awakening...

Well, it’s almost upon us (the 26th June) – The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and The Cosmic Cross. Also at this time is a Grand Kite formed between Pluto/Moon, Sun/Mercury, Chiron/Neptune and Pallas Athene (who has just moved direct).

Traditionally astrologers see Cosmic (Grand) Crosses as challenging and foreboding. I tend to view them somewhat differently as I believe that with a whole host of squares and oppositions, there is a lot of friction (energy) created, giving each of us a great deal to work with. I believe that such Crosses are great opportunities to bring about change and movement in our lives.

The Grand Kite (basically a Grand Trine – Big Triangle (three planets in trine to one another – Mercury/Sun, Pallas Athene, Chiron/Neptune) with two of the corners forming sextiles to another planet (Pluto/Moon) forming a kite shape). It is interesting that the powerful conjunction with Neptune and Chiron are brought into the mix as this is a truly important pivotal shift of energies both within and without.

Try not to worry about the shapes and patterns; it matters not if you understand the mechanics, what matters more is the ability to be still and to simply ‘soak up’ the energies. The 26th June is a day to reflect, to contemplate and to ponder our lives, the paths we have travelled so far and the journey ahead. It is a time to sort the wheat from the chaff in our lives and to focus on our true priorities.

Interestingly with Pallas Athene moving direct on the 24th June, the Grand Kite takes a strong shift towards emotional and psychological harmony and balance. The Cosmic Cross seems more focused on spiritual, energetic and material balance.

So it seems clear that the 26th June is a turning point, and is likely to see a shift within each of us. This shift may not happen in an instant, but deep within each of us, a cog has clicked into perfect alignment with our souls, allowing us to transform our lives and to truly fulfil our potential.

This is not a time to rush blindly ahead, but a time to honour ourselves and our gifts, to honour one another and to honour the Earth (and all those who dwell on, above and within her). In many ways this is a time of Being, but a time of spiritual (energetic) doing – going with the flow of energies towards pastures new in our lives.

This is a time to listen, to be open to our intuition and to be guided forwards in life. Taking responsibility for our choices, finding strength and compassion through pain, allowing the cycle of life to flow and ebb are all important steps now.

In many ways this is a re-awakening, a time of re-birth as each of us start to see the world in a new light. We see possibilities where before we may only have seen obstacles or challenges, and we see hope where before we may only have seen despair.

This is the dawning of a new era where collectively we can bring about positive change. A time when each of us can hold our heads up high and be proud of who we are (warts and all!). It is time to be individual, to be free and to have the courage of our convictions to follow our dreams. This is not about taking risks, but it is about having faith and belief.

‘It is better to have lived one day as a tiger, than a thousand years as a sheep’. Tibetan Proverb

The days of each of us staying head down in the flock of humanity is leaving now, and it is time to honour our Selves. Tigers may be endangered species, they may be hunted down and mistreated, but there is no denying their beauty, strength and courage...

I hope you have an inspirational, enlightening and positive weekend.

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Summer Solstice 2010

The 21st June 2010 marks the Summer Solstice, and the beginning of a week of huge Cosmic shift. Also this week, we see Pallas Athene move direct, Mercury entering Cancer and the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Cosmic Cross.

For today though, it is time to celebrate the Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice (also known as the Longest Day) is marked at the moment that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer each year in the Northern hemisphere. The Sun is at its highest point in the sky and all of nature is full of energy and growth. It is a time of abundance and manifestation – a time where nature is flourishing and ripening.

The Summer Solstice marks a time to celebrate our personal achievements. It is a time to enjoy the fruits of our labours and to find the joy and abundance within. The Sun is the life giver to our Solar System, to Earth and to each of us. The Sun represents our life spark – that little piece of light within each of us that burns brightly giving our lives joy, meaning, focus and strength.

The light within each of us glows strongly at the Solstice. It is a time to honour the gift of life and also to offer the Earth healing as well.

There is a sense of transformation around this time, a sense that we are nearer the fruition of our goals and dreams, and that these achievements can continue to flourish in the bright sunlight.

We are in the midst of a somewhat intense and challenging chapter of spiritual awakening at this time, and in some ways the Solstice gives each of us a brief opportunity to pause, reflect and to celebrate life and the progress we have all made.

The Summer Solstice is a day for coming together with like-minded people; it is a time to celebrate and to dance together to celebrate the life giver of the solar system, and the life we have within.

Many celebrate the sunrise on Solstice morning, and give thanks for the life that the sun brings. So, try to take a little time to honour the Sun, to honour the life within and the life all around. Send some healing to the Earth (if you are unsure how to do this, simply visualise a huge bubble of healing light encompassing the Earth – the land, the seas and all those who dwell on, within or above her).

Solstice Blessings!

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Dreamer & The Healer

Neptune and Chiron are conjunct and are both now retrograde. I touched on this a while ago, but promised more...

Neptune is in late Aquarius, and Chiron is in early Pisces, and together they are taking each of us on something of a spiritual revolution. Neptune is the planet of mystery and intuition, and Chiron is the planet of healing and also of compassion found through suffering. This conjunction is highlighting the need to go within and to find our own personal and unique connection to God or The Divine.

As unique Beings, no two people are alike, and it is therefore important to find a way of connecting to The Divine in a way that nourishes us and works for us. Following the flock or the lead of others can help, but ultimately this is our time to find our own paths.

Each of us has had pain and suffering of some kind in our lives, clearly for some this has been much more acute and distressing than others, but honouring this trauma now will enable each of us to get right to the core of our Beings, to let go of the suffering and to transmute it into compassion and love. This compassion enables true healing, and inspires each of us to help others, animals, plants, trees, the earth, spirits etc etc.

There is a great sense of serenity and peace with this conjunction; a sense that when we go within, there is stillness and quiet. If we can allow ourselves to Be ‘at One’ with this serenity, then all aspects of life move into sharper focus, and we are far less affected by the stormy seas around us. In this space, we can find great strength, resolve and determination, and somehow life starts to look more manageable, more joyful and more peaceful.

Neptune and Chiron together give each of us the gift of tranquillity, and if we immerse ourselves within this (even for a few minutes a day to begin with), inspiration and creativity start to flow as we feel ‘at One’ with the Divine, with compassion and with love.

So, this is a place to dwell over the coming weeks in order to gain a sense of direction, purpose and vision. This is the place where true abundance manifests, where we connect to our inner source of power and wisdom to guide and protect us.

When we are truly ‘at One’ with this powerful force within, we can then begin to work with our pain in a different way – to use it for healing, helping and inspiring others. We can allow our inner serenity and compassion to flow freely (for it in an infinite supply) to bring more love, understanding and joy to the world....

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Rebel & The Wise One United

Jupiter and Uranus are now in perfect conjunction, both in Aries creating a great deal of energy and electricity. This union continues for many many weeks, dipping back into Pisces after both planets move retrograde next month, and then surging forwards again later in the year.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, success, abundance and expansion. Uranus is the free-thinker, the individual, innovative and rebellious. Combine these with the raw creative fire of Aries and it is clear to see why this is such a powerful conjunction!

Of course, Jupiter and Uranus form a vital piece of the T-Square (and Cosmic Crosses) this summer, it is a cornerstone of transformative power impacting all of us in quite profound ways.

The log jam of energy created by the T-Square needs an outlet, and expansive Jupiter combined with explosive Uranus (sometimes called the Lightning Strike!) seems to be that outlet.

This is a time of great personal insight, awareness and inspiration. It is a time to take back the reigns of our lives and re-focus our energies towards our dreams and goals. This is not a time for self-doubt or avoidance strategies if we are to move towards a greater sense of enrichment and abundance in our lives.

Now is the time to take responsibility for our choices, but to see this not as a burden, but as a joy. It is important that each of us become whole and complete, and honour our individuality and uniqueness. Each of us are free-spirits, and whilst life may place restraints on us, it is up to us to find our own little pieces of paradise in our lives where we can be free and joyful.

Living in the real world, it is clear to see that sometimes life can be cruel and we can become lost in hopelessness and despair. Yet Jupiter and Uranus are asking us to look beyond this, to the overflowing pool of love within, and to allow this love to heal, nurture and inspire us to reach for our dreams and to love ourselves.

As the planet of new horizons, Jupiter looks set to inspire each of us to face our fears and step into the unknown towards our dreams and goals. He is also the planet of positive thinking and wants us to believe that we can succeed. There is little room for doubt with Jupiter about. At the same time, Uranus likes the thrill of the unknown (he is represented by the Fool in the tarot, stepping into the abyss), he knows that it is only by pushing ourselves and having faith that we will grow and develop as human beings.

Uranus also has a strong connection to intuition and 6th sight, and so this is a summer to really pay attention to dreams, meditations and insights that come through. We are all sensitive intuitive beings, and by honouring this we can find tapping into that deep pool of love within easier and more rewarding.

In some ways it would be easy to assume that this conjunction is all about our inner worlds, and of course in many ways it is. Yet with fiery Aries as the driving force (before moving back into Pisces – more on that nearer the time!), it is also clear to see that this is a time of Doing as well as Being, it is a time of action and forwards movement in life.

Let the wisdom of Jupiter guide you though, for Aries and Uranus are somewhat impetuous and hot-headed. Rushing blindly ahead through impatience or through the sheer excitement of it all, may not serve us well in the long run, for this is a summer of major change, and it is important that we pause for long enough before we jump in feet first without considering the consequences.

This is not meant to stop each of us from stepping into the unknown though, but making that journey with adequate preparation, a compass, water and some basic survival skills makes far more sense than just rushing ahead unprepared and without due thought.

There is a strong sense that adventure beckons for many of us prepared to have faith and self-belief. It is time now to honour ourselves and our gifts, and to find joy in our uniqueness and beauty....

Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Wise One & The Adventurer

Jupiter enters Aries

Today (the 6th June), mighty Jupiter enters Aries. This is a powerful combination of energies which fire up Jupiter immeasurably.

Jupiter represents wisdom, abundance, success, expansion, good fortune and new horizons. Aries is the adventurer full of raw creative power, courage and ‘va-va voom’. Together there is a sense of each of us being fired up to take steps into the unknown, to have faith and to create abundance, joy, adventure and success in our lives.

For many, exploring new horizons is a fearful experience, and not something to relish; yet it is through these new horizons that we grow, develop and learn more about our Selves and our strengths (and weaknesses). With Aries chomping at the bit to push ahead, fear and caution will be hard to cling to, as Aries is the impatient, sometimes reckless force that acts first, thinks later. This does not always work out well, but over the coming weeks, there is a strong sense that each of us will have to find courage and strength within to step into the unknown if we are to truly find our ‘places’ in life and achieve our dreams.

This summer is a rocky path with so much cosmic activity around us, yet looking beyond the chaos, it is clear to see that we are each being asked to find stillness and to stand like buoys holding fast in stormy seas. Remaining in that stillness is the key to forwards movements in our lives, it is not about being passive, but rather more about not losing our heads when all about us appear to be losing theirs (thanks Mr Kipling, and not the one who makes exceedingly good cakes!).

Jupiter in Aries is an exciting opportunity for each of us to grow and expand, to become wiser and freer. Aries is the adventurer, taking risks and seeking thrills; yet with mighty Jupiter (O Wise One) in tow, the combination of wisdom and adventure, abundance and courage, it would be fair to say that the going looks good for those of us prepared to reach into the unknown and beyond.

Of course, life never carries with it any guarantees. Yet, this is a summer to grow, to achieve and to Be, and so it seems this need to explore unfamiliar terrain is a necessary part of this. Success achieved despite the challenges life throws in our direction seems somehow more rewarding and more fulfilling, as it shows us just how resourceful we truly are. So, this is not a time for doubting, but a time for wise action and forwards movement. This is a time for celebrating life...

Jupiter moves into conjunction with Uranus in the coming days, so more on this soon...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Healing The Trauma Within

Chiron Retrograde

Today (the 4th June), Chiron moves retrograde. This powerful little asteroid plays an important role in our lives, yet he is still overlooked by a great many astrologers.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and in myth was an immortal wounded by a poisoned arrow (when Hercules accidently scratched him with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the monster Hydra). Unable to die to end his suffering and unable to heal himself, he instead used his pain and suffering to help and heal others. Chiron therefore shows us our own ‘incurable’ wounds or traumas and the ways in which we can use these experiences to help others.

We are all victims of pain and suffering at some time in our lives (or even past lives), and it is hard to find meaning to this pain when we are trapped in suffering. Yet, it is possible for some to look beyond this pain in order to see ways in which to transform it into something more positive. Not everyone can do this, and some traumas can cause so much damage to the soul, that it is not until a future life time that this transformation can occur.

Many of us on a spiritual path are seeking ways to find such meaning though and this is enabling more and more souls to help and heal others. Whether or not someone achieves this though should be without judgement, for it is not for us to judge others who cannot (for whatever reason) move beyond their suffering, and of course sometimes fate does not allow for this to happen.

Back to Retrograde Chiron. Over the coming weeks, each of us will be shown the roots of our painful experiences to help us begin to understand our deepest motivations and the reasons behind the choices we make in life. Chiron wants us to realise that some of our hurts stem from our own attitudes and choices, and that there are times when we need to take responsibility for this. Chiron is not about blame, but he is about facing up to things, and sometimes self-honesty is one of the hardest things to do.

There is a strong sense that Chiron wants us now to acknowledge our pain, our trauma and our choices and to heal the roots of these within us. It may not be possible to cure these, but through healing we can begin to move beyond the pain towards more meaning and the ability to help and heal others.

Faith is key here, as it is our beliefs that see us through the pain, and help us to find ‘meaning’ to our suffering. Yet sometimes it can be hard not to ‘blame’ God for some of the suffering we either experience or witness. Life can be hard and life can be cruel, these are simple facts, but Chiron instils within us the capacity to find hope where previously we have only seen despair.

Chiron is the true force of compassion; he can take us beyond self-pity and beyond blame to a place where we can truly be at peace with our suffering. Compassion means ‘to feel with’ and this is the crux of healing - the ability to heal others and experience true compassion only comes through our personal experiences and pain. This is not to say that we have all experienced immeasurable pain in our lives, but we have all lived, we have all experienced life and it is through this, that compassion grows.

Retrograde Chiron now wants us to face our inner wounds, our inner damage and our life-changing experiences, in order to tap into the healing force within us where compassion flows. Chiron wants us to move beyond blame to a place of strength and power within.

Chiron is currently conjunct Neptune (also retrograde) and this combination takes the need to go within much deeper still. It is as though we are going through an intense phase of spiritual re-awakening in order to tap into the wisdom, compassion, love, joy and strength within. (More on this conjunction soon).

So, over the coming weeks Chiron looks set to push us towards more self-honesty, a close look at our own attitudes and beliefs as well as opening us up far more to the power of compassion that resides within us all...