Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blackbird Has Spoken

This morning was heralded by Blackbird; the song was beautiful, rich and vibrant and it made today a glorious day. Even before the day truly began, blackbird brought beauty and joy to the moment. How often do we truly stop and connect to the beauty all around and within us on a regular basis? How often do we pause and wonder at the magnificence of nature and the universe?

Life is one of those things that keeps happening, there are always things to do, places to go and people to meet, and yet, if we become too locked up in such a cycle, we lose the point of life, for life then becomes mechanical, hard and devoid of the magic all around. Of course, when there are bills to pay, places to go, people to meet and things to do, it can be hard to find a moment to breathe, let alone to take some time out to reconnect to the glory of life. Yet, unless we do this, we lose sight of our essence and our divinity, and we lose our connection to all there is.

It is being a part of the wondrous and magnificent Whole that gives our lives meaning and purpose, for it is being a part of the Whole that gives us power, inspiration and hope. Being a part of the Whole helps us to manifest our dreams and to create a powerful intent to build Heaven on Earth. Of course, Heaven on Earth is already within us and around us, but until we feel the full glory and power of being a part of this, then how can we taste it, feel it and live it?

It seems that vision, clarity and self-knowing are some of the strongest themes surfacing during this somewhat confusing and energetic time; as we watch the daffodils bloom, hear the birds singing and feel the sun warming the earth, we have a chance now to celebrate the ascent into Spring. We are awakening, and whilst we may be surrounded by sleepwalkers who never hear the blackbird or see the flowers, we can make a personal choice to pause, reflect and connect.

We can choose to grow, expand and evolve, or we can choose to remain isolated, cut-off and disconnected. The choice to grow and evolve is not an easy path, for it means that we need to open up to the vibrant and rich tapestry that life has to offer in order to re-connect to the true essence of life in order to feel Whole. To grow and evolve means not keeping one’s head down, sleepwalking through life.

In my latest newsletter, I used this quote:

‘Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens’. Carl Jung

We do limit ourselves by the extent of our vision. When it is contained, small and restricted, how can we become more? Yet when it is colourful, free and energetic, it feels infinite and we can feel like life is expanding and blossoming. Our visions do define us, so why do we limit them? Human nature, realism, and conditioning are all a factor, but when we go beneath them to our core, we let all of these go as the magic, power and energy are as strong as ever.

It seems clear that the more we connect to the Whole and to ourselves, the closer we step towards Heaven on Earth, for life moves from shades of grey to magnificent colour. Each of us has a choice as we journey through life, and it seems that by simply being open to there being ‘more to life’, that we can expand our visions, awaken fully and live a rich, vibrant and blissful life.

Begin by giving thanks for all that we have including the small things; and the energy begins to shift. This is a powerful time to create change and to embrace a brand new way of living and being.

As I thanked blackbird for the morning welcome, I felt the energy rising up within me like the sap rising, and I knew that my intention for today was a good one. Even if my day does present challenges, it is how I face them that matters...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Raging At The Moon

Not the Moon’s fault, of course, but all of this pent up emotion has to go somewhere! The whirlwind of emotions that seem to be encircling and consuming each of us at the current time feels overwhelming; suffocating almost. Some days, the intensity is so profound that we can feel bereft one moment and euphoric the next, and living with such extremes can make life feel exhausting.

To complicate matters further, much of the emotion we are experiencing comes from the collective: humanity, animals, plants, trees, the Earth, the Universe. Of course, plenty of it is our own, but when it’s mingled with the intoxicating maelstrom of other emotions, it can be hard to make out the wood for the trees, or even the bark for the tree.

Life seems to tick along, day by day, by day, and whilst there is an overwhelming sense of change and shift, the emotional intensity can keep us locked in doubt, fear, pain and grief. For the more intuitive and sensitive amongst us, these emotions can feel so profound that they ‘stop life’; in so much as it is hard to move anywhere whilst buckling under the pressure of such extremes.

At such times, we can feel like we are standing outside of the window in the cold and the rain, watching the warm fire, laughter and fun within. We can feel isolated and alone, disconnected and cut off; and it can feel like we are watching everyone else live their lives whilst we sit, watch and try not to buckle any further under the pressure. Trying to surrender to the Universal flow is perhaps all we can do, but when the emotions feel so profound, it can be hard to catch a breath in order to exhale, relax and step back in order to do this.
We can become so consumed by the burden that we lose sight of our Self, our life and hope. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This light comes in the form of an inner knowing; when we look beneath the chaos, we connect to the stillness within, for beneath the surface chaos, eddies and suffocating intensity, there is stillness and silence. It might be hard to find, as the frenetic and fast paced changes and shifts seem to be throwing all the pieces of life up into the air with no idea of where they may land, but it is there.

As the process of awakening continues, many are seeking out new avenues of understanding and many are seeking out new ways of living and being. From spiritual quests to new forms of healing, many are seeking ‘answers’ in order to make peace with the intensity. It is human to seek out a ‘cure’; to understand. As humans, we do not like feeling like a pawn in a Universal game of chess...

Yet, in some ways such ‘distractions’ take us further away from the intensity instead of helping us to find peace with it. Unless we can face it and surrender through it, we cannot embrace the fullness of our true essence.

Whilst we may hate feeling overwhelmed, isolated and disconnected, this is a vital and hugely important process to experience, for it is through this experience that we can begin to become true friends with ourselves, and we can begin to realise that all of the ‘comfort’ we seek out in the world can already be found within.

Going within is so important now, for it is through this inner silence where the answers come; for the answers lie within. It is only when we realise that the Journey to Self both begins, and ends, within, that we can begin to gain a true sense of Self.

It can be hard not to seek out external fixes and sticking plasters in life, and whilst these may give temporary relief, the cracks and wounds still exist. It is only when we realise that we have the power to heal, transform and empower ourselves that we can begin to heal and awaken at a deep and profound level.

So here we are, stuck in a kind of no-man’s land between where we were and where we want to be. We may be feeling battle worn, but this no-man’s land is not a vacuum, for we have a choice as to how we walk through this valley of our lives. We can ignore the scenery and become focused solely on the final destination, or we can seek out distractions to keep us occupied and to help us to find ‘the answer’. Yet there is another way, for we can choose to ride the wave forward with an openness in our hearts as we take in the full, amazing and breathtaking scenery all around. It is not an easy path, it can feel overwhelming and intoxicating, confusing and intense, but it seems that the true path to Self is directly through the maelstrom to the peace that lies beyond.

Life is changing, there can be no denying that, but we don’t have to sit on the sidelines and wait for the changes to complete before we breathe in the new air, nor do we have to busy ourselves with ‘things to do, places to go, people to meet’; we can begin right now, in this very moment.

It is important to remember that every single moment aligns with the next one on the journey through life, and as we connect to the power and stillness within, life becomes clearer, brighter and lighter. Whilst we may not have all the answers, once we can truly feel the amazing and tantalising bliss that living fully, consciously and awakened in the present moment holds, we can move beyond the chaos and the intensity to the tranquillity, and begin to create our very own Heaven on Earth.

As we continue to awaken and to experience such profound emotional and energetic shift; we can find solace in knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel is the light of awakening; of a new dawn. Whilst this may feel like a long dark night of the soul, the soul is stirring and coming fully into alignment.

So, as we face the maelstrom with a little more peace in our hearts and faith in the flow, we can know that the more we go within, the more we will become, for the answers lie within; they always have.

We can then look at the Moon with love, and know that she is there to illuminate those dark places within; to help us heal and awaken. As the rage passes and we move into that space of exhausted emptiness and renewed hope, we begin to feel a true sense of love, connectedness and bliss never experienced before. We finally have the space within to feel love, be love and live love; for Heaven on Earth is here...