Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Jupiter & The Fishes...

The mighty Jupiter moved into Pisces on the 18th. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, wisdom, success and abundance – so good news for Pisceans! Although Jupiter is generally good news for all of us, regardless of sign as he is such a benevolent force.

Jupiter is not in Pisces for long, he moves into Aries in June before dipping back into Pisces during his retrograde phase later in the year.

Jupiter in Pisces will enable each of us to feel more connected and in tune with the Divine and with one another. In addition, this inter-connectedness will start to build a more collective feel to humanity – unity rather than segregation. The fluidity of water (Pisces is a water sign!) knows no boundaries, and so the expansive nature of Jupiter looks set to pour out in all directions (let the good times roll!).

Jupiter in Pisces is likely to create an increase in compassion and empathy for those that suffer (for a variety of reasons, and not just humans either), and this seems to have come at the right time to inspire us to send aid and healing to devastated Haiti and other places around the world in need.

Love is a key theme for Jupiter in Pisces, and the flow of unconditional love will inspire each of us with hope and inspiration, joy and meaning. The pull towards healing work is likely to grow ever stronger, and for those of us on a spiritual path, our connection with the Divine is likely to get clearer and brighter.

Pisces in Jupiter is also a time where our imaginations and dreams come to life – somehow life seems more colourful and in sharper focus. It is as though we feel ‘closer’ to everything; try walking through nature to experience this. This looks set to provide each of us with a great deal of joy and nourishment – a sense that we are connected to ‘all there is’. This inter-connectedness will heighten as time passes, and will help to bring together people from many different walks of life.

Unity, Love, Compassion and Joy – a powerful blend indeed...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Onwards and Upwards...

On the 13th January 2010, Saturn moves retrograde. With Mars already retrograde, this combination of inwardly focused energies will push each of us towards finding our own strengths and powers, and having the courage of our convictions to use them!

Saturn is probably best known for being a hard task master and the traditionalist. He shows us that hard work, focus, dedication and duty can pay off, and through all of these, we can reap the rewards for what we have sown. It is the satisfaction of knowing that it was our own effort, sweat and toil that paid off as Saturn wants us to truly appreciate our own achievements.

Abundance and success handed to us on a silver platter is easy come, easy go – we might enjoy the lifestyle for a while, but deep down there is an emptiness; a sense that we did nothing to earn that success. And this is at the root of Retrograde Saturn – forging our own way through life and creating our own success.

This doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, for in essence Saturn is asking that each of us be the masters of our own destinies. He is looking for us to take back the power in our lives, and to have the courage of our convictions.

Taking responsibility for these actions and choices is also very Saturnian, and for so many of us, taking such responsibility is very hard. But until we truly own our choices, and accept responsibility rather than blaming others or feeling like a victim, we can never be truly empowered.

So, over the coming weeks Saturn will be that little voice inside our heads pushing us forwards, making us work hard towards our goals and giving us the determination to see things through to the end.

Alongside this is the need to have a positive inner dialogue – how many of us speak to ourselves negatively, berate ourselves for not being good enough or constantly put ourselves down? So, time to think positively, to be positive and to take control.

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Spending another day looking out over nature’s beautiful canvas, carpeted in pure white, I once again feel energised and enlivened. Snow has that effect on me. Before last year I had not seen much snow (apart from a few days when living in the Scottish Highlands) for a great many years.

It is all too easy to stress and moan that the roads are inaccessible and the country has come to a standstill, but does that stressing and moaning actually make a difference? I think not. It is hard to see people suffering, and no one would wish that, but at the same time the stress won’t actually achieve anything, other than more stress.

Someone once told me the story of two people who took a car journey (both as passengers with similar window views) through a mountain pass. On reaching the other side one said ‘wow that scenery was beautiful, from the lush green grass in the valley to the snow capped peaks, I feel blessed to have seen such a sight, I feel so alive and so exhilarated’, the second one said ‘I am so relieved that is over, those bumps in the road shock every bone in my body...’

I guess it’s all a matter of perception...