Monday, 18 June 2012

Mountains and Molehills

There can be no denying that this is a time of great shift and change; from the tiniest atom to the most majestic mountain, everything is shifting, moving and evolving. Of course, this has been the way since the dawn of time, but things seem to have intensified and quickened now.

As each of us continues to embrace change, like the drifting continents and the growing mountains, we are evolving and expanding both within and without. In many ways this suggests a slow and gradual process, but when looked at in the terms of Universal time, this is but the blink of an eye, and in this particular blink of an eye we are changing beyond recognition!

Life presents challenges to face and mountains to climb, but as we continue to move mountains we can see that we are creating our very own snow capped mountain range with its own beauty and majesty. In other words, our efforts are reaping benefits, and whilst it feels like a long and drawn-out process, things are changing. 

As we now take another step forward on the path ahead, there is a feeling of hope and optimism rising up and welcoming us like the rays of a new dawn. The waves of change are not always easy waves to ride, and there are times when we may feel like the ebbs are pulling us off-course or worse, but with strength and focus, we realise that we can move beyond the eddies, to the stillness and peace of the mountains.

Of course, even the mountains move and shift, for nothing ever stays the same, but in the relative stillness of the mountain air we can collect our thoughts, re-focus and begin to gain a truer sense of Self. As we gaze at the magnificence of our very own inner Himalayas, we can celebrate at the monumental journey that we have made to Self. Whilst this journey is on-going, this doesn’t mean that we cannot take a while to breathe in the mountain air and be thankful for all that we have. 

As we pause to gaze at the awe-inspiring site of the mountains, we can see the many inner walls that we have broken down, the rivers that we have re-directed and the dams that we have allowed to run free in the process. With each passing day we have taken a step closer towards Self and a breath nearer bliss. The sight of the mountains is a sign that we have reached a milestone within, for we have opened up to the power of our intention and the Truth of our existence. 

It is important to realise that we have not been sitting powerlessly on the sidelines of life waiting for this to happen though; we need to acknowledge our own role in the process, for it is through our own grit and determination that we now find ourselves in a different world. 

The key to expanding the beauty and strength of the world within, to the world without, is to nurture, nourish and tend on every level of our Beings. It is time to let go of self-judgment, negative thinking, fears and lack and to step beyond feeling frozen in a paralysis between head and heart. 

Opening up a clear and honest dialogue within is the first step for we need to reclaim the responsibility for how we think, feel and manifest. Whilst we may not be able to control every aspect of what happens in life, we do have control over how we react, and this is where we need to focus our intentions now. 

We then need to let go of feelings of guilt, anger or shame in connection to the realisation that we have allowed ourselves to become consumed by negative feelings and lack; we are human, and sometimes we need to travel along a certain path to realise that another path is the ‘right’ one for us. Blame and shame, fear and lack all come from the same place, and they feed a cycle of restriction; the time has now come to break this cycle and change it to one of growth and expansion. The time has come to no longer see molehills as mountains, but to see them for what they truly are. Truth is not always an easy path to embrace, but it is the only true path to Self. 

How we think and feel is the force that shapes and moves the mountains within; when we connect to the true breathtaking magnificence of this energy, we feel awakened; refreshed and renewed, and it is this energy that we need to embrace now. The more we open ourselves up to be awakened, the more consciously we live in the present moment and the more we can embrace bliss in every possible way.
It is time to stand on those mountains and welcome a new day; one filled with hope, optimism, love and divinity...

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Stepping Into The Mist

The journey within takes a powerful step forward over the coming days and weeks as the power of the sea starts to weave its magic and its mists in a mystical and slightly nebulous way. It is hard to find words to describe the indescribable, for these mists are beyond words and everyday comprehension; they are unknowable and mysterious, indefinable and without form. 

When we venture inward to the landscapes within, it is rare to see mists and water, waves and the gentle undulating rhythm of the soul. Yet, here we find ourselves, in somewhat unfamiliar territory as our inner worlds turn into a misty sea garden of hidden depths and magic. This may feel almost alien, but it is a part of our inner world just as much as the inner gardens, rolling hills and waterfalls that we so often see. We rarely venture into this misty landscape for its indescribable mysteries feel a little uncomfortable, for they are indefinable and beyond comprehension. As humans we like to understand!

In this magical sea garden, we are being given an opportunity to be at one with the ebb and the flow of the Universal tide, and we are being given a rare insight into the true depths of our souls. Whilst we are all unique, we are also all a part of the Whole, and it is water that unites and unifies. 

As we stand on the precipice of change and shift in all areas of consciousness, it now seems important to open up and become One with all aspects of Self. Exploring unchartered terrain within is a huge part of this process, for we need to know our Selves if we are to find peace, love and bliss within. No more hidden corners or locked doors; no more hiding from the mists..

As we weave the threads and ribbons of the sacred web of life, we realise that this mysterious inner sea garden is our connection to Self, for it is through the unknowable that we find Truth and clarity, knowledge and peace. This isn’t about some quest or special attunement, but it is about opening up to the wonders already within waiting to be set free. 

The landscape within is rich and fertile, and the sea garden shifts and changes with the ebb and flow of the tides. As we continue to awaken, our consciousness expands in a similar way: always changing, always shifting, never remaining the same. It may be all too easy to feel like a piece of driftwood being shaped and twisted by the sea, but we are not powerless, and we need to gently remind ourselves of this. 

This is a time to look beyond the physical world in order to connect to something much bigger; it is time to feel at One with the Universe. When we open up our hearts, minds and souls to this One-ness we overflow with love, inspiration and bliss; for in this space nothing else exists. 

We are now being guided to be at peace with the mists and hidden depths within, for they are not something to fear (fear creates a constricting force). It is time to realise that we cannot be One by clinging to the Light and fearing the Dark, for they are part of the same Whole; it is time to find unity within. Once we open up to this concept, everything shifts and changes, for life simply isn’t the same anymore; things that once seemed so important melt away as love and bliss become the central cogs inspiring, empowering and changing. 

It has been said before that each of us has the Universe within us, but as humans we can lose connection to the full power of this as we can feel disconnected, alone and lost. Yet, once we find peace and unity in the mists within, we realise that these states of existence are created by fear and lack. Once we truly embrace the symbiosis of Self, then we become illuminated and enlightened, inspired and Whole. 

As we go through deep and profound change, we may still have times when we feel lost, but we need to see this as an opportunity to pause and reflect. If we feel lost, then maybe we haven’t yet found the ‘right’ path; trust this feeling as a sign to go within and open up to the Universe to show us the way. This takes faith, courage and belief, but these are all part of the process of synergy occurring on every level of existence now. 

So, as we continue to awaken and see the delights in the misty world within, we now have an opportunity to sink through the confusion and gain clarity unlike clarity ever experienced before. The mists are not here to confuse or disorientate, nor are they here to hide Truth, the mists are here to gently carry us deeper inwards to a place that is neither knowable or describable; it just is.
Through the mists, we need to listen out for our unique ‘note’ and allow ourselves to be drawn to its source. Once we open up to this and find our ‘note’ we finally touch our true essence and bring heaven on earth to life...

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Power of Love

As we continue our grand and mysterious tale of cosmic twists and turns, this epic looks set to turn into an adventure of legend as the unconscious continues to become conscious, and sleepwalkers stir and awaken seeking meaning and purpose, love and unity. Each of us is a Divine spark, and we are stepping forth into the full blazing glory of love of the most incredible kind. 

As Venus dances across the Sun, we are being asked to fully open up our hearts, minds and souls to love in the truest sense of the word. Love is a word often used but it is the true power of love that is important now; when we feel the energy of love, the word becomes so much more, as we realise that love is an amazing and inspirational force. 

Love is often dismissed as ‘fluffy’ or ‘over-rated’, for in the ‘real-world’ love cannot solve problems or put food on the table, but this misses the point! Love is not about paying bills or fixing life’s problems; love is a state of being, and when in this state, everything changes. Love is not something to ‘get’ or ‘attain’, love just is. It is when we open ourselves up to the full power of this realisation that we step beyond limitations and connect with the expansive and infinite essence of the Universe that is within each and every one of us. 

Whilst being human can make life complicated, love brings us back to the simplicity and to the joy that is present in the magnificence of life. As we prepare to open up our hearts and souls to the full and incredible force that is love, we connect with the synergy of Self as hearts, minds and souls become One. 

Love begins and ends within; if we cannot truly love ourselves, then how can we love another? If we do not love our lives, then how can we love life? These are basic and fundamental building blocks in the Universe, and whilst they are simple, they should not be overlooked.  

As we connect to the outpouring of love on all levels of our consciousness, we take a bold step forward, for we move beyond fear, lack and doubt to a place of openness, One-ness and wholeness. Love transcends barriers and it breaks down walls, both within and without, and the time has come to find unity, both within our Selves and with one another, to create a new chapter of hope, love and harmony. 

With a true sense of love in our hearts, this outpouring of love flows freely within enabling us to be the very best that we can be; for we are Whole. We can then unify and send this flow inwards, outwards, earthwards and skywards and watch it ripple out touching the hearts and souls of so many.
This may sound a little ‘gushy’, but Venus is opening up our hearts to the full power of love. There are many thoughts about the impact of the Venus Transit, and these words are simple in comparison, but life is simple, we no longer need to complicate it. 

It is now time to live whole-heartedly and consciously, awakened and inspired in the present moment; it is time to be love and to live love. We are now ready to open up to nirvana both within and without, for there is room for all of us to live under the pink leaves of the lotus flower...