Sunday, 25 December 2011

Consciousness Rising

Last night I went on a journey. I moved beyond myself, beyond lifetimes, beyond time, beyond space and beyond words. I became pure energy and pure consciousness. I felt no restriction, and instead I felt infinite possibility; I became infinite possibility.

In this space I moved beyond day or night, light or dark, joy or sadness. It felt blissful but empty at the same time; but this felt perfect and right. In this space I felt like the Universe was within me and part of me; and I was part of it at the same time.

As I travelled beyond consciousness, beyond language and beyond comprehension I realised that every moment is endless, for there are no limits. The only limits we face are the ones that we put there.

The need to embrace Truth and to follow Destiny seemed so important for these are the keys to becoming whole, and becoming One with all there is. Of course, we are already whole and One, but few of us ever realise this.

Becoming pure energy moved me beyond the human mind and beyond the restrictions of being in physical form. It made me think about what truly makes my heart sing and it was amazing to feel awoken and connected.

As energy, the myriad of colours weaved up and down my ‘body’, I felt peaceful, energised and tranquil at the same time. The energy flow was like a river constantly moving and the currents shifting created a beautiful dance; a cosmic and celestial dance, which was amazing and incredible, beautiful and vibrant.

As I returned to physical form, life has somehow moved into sharper focus; every colour is now more vibrant and everything seems more alive and energised. Perhaps this is purely my perception, but perhaps not.


Cosmically and Universally there is so much occurring (the Solstice on the 22nd, the New Moon on the 24th, Jupiter moving Direct on the 25th as well as a myriad of other ‘shifts’ happening on many different levels of awareness). The ebb and flow of the planets and the Universe seems to have taken on a new momentum as each of us continues forward towards self-discovery, enlightenment and bliss.

Life carries its fair share of challenges, but it seems that the more we realise the vastness of our potential and the true nature of the power of our intent, then we can begin to handle such challenges and build a new Heaven on Earth.

This shift begins from the inside, out. In some ways it is passive, for it involves a change in perspective. But, at the same time, it is also hugely energetic and full of potential, for once we have fully surrendered to our own magnificence, then we can begin to use our gifts to transform on every level.

There has been some long dark nights of the soul; nights so long that it seemed the dawn would never come. But the dawn has come, and we need to keep on keeping on with faith in our hearts and the power of intent driving us forward. Obviously, much has been learnt in the process, and with each passing day we become more evolved and more inspired to make the most of every single moment in order to live the best life possible.


It is immense to feel the power of who you truly are. Pause for a moment to connect to this; feel your power, feel your Self awakening fully and living consciously. Remember to live your Truth, to surrender to your own magnificence, to love your Self and to embrace every moment as fully and as consciously as possible. You are an energetic, vibrating, incredible Being; feel the power within and without. You are your own Creator, and your life is in your hands now.

The time has come to fully awaken to your natural state of Being; you are amazing and wonderful – feel this now, believe it!

The time has come to fully use the power of your intent to create Heaven on Earth; to transform the world from the inside, out. This power, this gift, is within each and every one of us, and it seems that once we let go of the restrictions and the shackles of doubt, fear and uncertainty, then Heaven on Earth is not only possible, but it has already arrived...

Friday, 16 December 2011

An Angel in Hobnailed Boots

Ever get the feeling that you are running on a treadmill, stuck in one place, and no matter how hard or fast you run, you never get any further forward? There have been quite a few moments like this over the past few weeks and months, and their intensity seems to be increasing!

It seems that the reason for this is connected to our growing awareness of their presence, and this in itself makes them more marked and profound! Yet, this does not have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for we can shift our perspectives in order to look beyond the challenge in order to see the opportunity that such moments in life present us. Whilst it can be hard to see even a glimpse of opportunity through the frustration, if we can begin to see that each challenge is, in itself, making us stronger, then this is a start!

When life feels challenging, every day can feel daunting, and it can be hard to breathe. When life throws us head first into chaos and challenges, it is only natural to want to understand these and to ensure that they never happen again. We may choose to withdraw from life a little, but our life force withers at the same time. Or we can stand firm, like a flower in the storm, gently bending and flexing with the wind.

Deep within each and every one of us is infinite potential; we are Divine sparks. Once we awaken from limited thought, restricting beliefs and from seeing external attachments as goals in themselves, then everything becomes possible. Even those down’s move into clearer perspective, because after each ‘down’ comes an ‘up’, and we can choose to get lost in the grief of losing the up or we can surrender to the flow and ride it like a rollercoaster. How we perceive the down’s is the key to riding the storm and bending like that flower, rather than resisting and snapping like a brittle twig.

Ever since we came into consciousness, we have been shaping and moulding our lives and our paths. Perhaps subconsciously, perhaps deliberately, but we have been using our power nonetheless. Making a step towards being fully conscious of all of this is significant now, for this is the path towards not only inner unification but global unification as well. As we begin to awaken, we realise that we place ourselves on the treadmill of life; perhaps through fear or convenience, perhaps through boredom or a desperate need to cling to something familiar. Whatever the reason, it is time to own that choice and to either accept it or to step onto a path that is open-ended and unfamiliar.

We each have our sources of guidance in life; some connect to angels, some to guides or companions, and some to other Beings. Some of us simply follow our own in-built guidance systems and trust the flow. Whatever our inspiration, it seems that the time has come to ‘toughen up’ in order to take some important and significant steps forwards in life. It is time to ask our angels to put on their hobnailed boots, to roll up their sleeves and to give each of us a well-meaning virtual nudge in the ribs to keep us focused and motivated to step off the treadmill once and for all!

Our guides and inspiration are not passive, meek and mild; they are magnificent and powerful, and we need to realise that they are a part of us, making us magnificent and powerful! So, put on your hobnailed boots and get ready for the ride...

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Embrace The Magic

Today is a special day. It is special because there is a total Lunar Eclipse, and it is special because Uranus moves direct in Aries today. Eclipses usually herald change, and today is no exception! Uranus is the truth seeker, the freedom fighter and the individual. He inspires each of us to be unique and free on all levels of our Being.

Uranus direct in Aries inspires us to have the courage of our convictions, to let go of fear, and to boldly go where we have never gone before! We have been swiftly moving to this moment over the past weeks, months and years, and it seems that the time has now come to let go of self-doubts and to realise our full potential. This feels like a magical and illuminating moment; a time of shift within and without, and a time of awakening.

Of course we have a choice. We can remain as we are, with a safe and familiar path, reassured that we are within our ‘comfort zones’ in life, or we can take a risk and step into unknown territory and follow our dreams. Reality tempers this in many ways, but only because our perceptions and beliefs are limiting in themselves; our thoughts do shape our lives, after all. If we believe that we can follow our dreams and still thrive on all levels in life, then surely we stand a better chance of making this work than if we remain frozen in uncertainty and fear? Changing the dynamic can make such a difference...

Of course, having bills to pay, food to buy etc. is a guiding force for so many of us, for that is life! Yet, Uranus takes us beyond the mundane and the practical into a world of personal power, personal belief and personal intention. He helps us to realise that we are the ones who place ourselves in limiting patterns by our thoughts and beliefs, and he wants us to break free from this in order to live vibrantly and magically; energetically and fully.

Uranus wants us to hear our hearts singly loudly; he wants us to shatter outdated and outmoded illusions in order to create a new reality. He wants us to let go of everything that holds us back or prevents us from being and living our Truth. We are our own Creators, and Uranus wants us to fully embrace the power and immensity of this now.

In many ways, Uranus is the planet of infinite possibilities; one person can create a chain reaction of change (a thought, an idea or an action) that can literally send shock waves of new thought or changed behaviour around the world. Uranus is the archetypal Butterfly Effect. It is time to see change both within and without; the earth is changing, humanity is changing and it is only by embracing Uranus that these flashes of genius and insight can flow bringing about a whole new world...

Uranus is also the lightning strike that breaks down barriers; he inspires us to become more intuitive and more connected with the Universe. Uranus reflects our innate human longing to know where we are going and why, but also our need to feel part of something bigger. In some ways we need to surrender to the flow and the power of the Universe in order to allow ourselves to feel truly connected; not easy though, for the head and the mind like to rationalise and ponder, but this goes beyond thoughts and ideas, and it goes beyond words and language, for this is a place of feeling and being.

Change begins within, and we now need to break down the barriers and blocks within in order to shift our consciousness to a new, enriching and nourishing level. Feel the power of this moment and this shift; feel it (truly feel it and be it) and the first step has been taken...

So, it seems that today is a day to step into the magic, to feel the wonder, to reclaim our power and to declare our intentions to the Universe. All in 24 little hours!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


There can be no denying that 2011 has been a year of contrast on just about every level of existence! Of course, there are still a few weeks to go and it seems that the cosmic twists and turns are likely to continue, and possibly even intensify now.

In some ways we have been on a journey within and without this year; we have sought out new depths within as our outer worlds have shifted and transformed. Whilst processes are ongoing, it seems clear that our perspectives are the key to how we embrace and manage such ebbs, flows and maelstroms.

When we look in the mirror, we may see the same face staring back at us, but look closer, look into the eyes, there is something different there. Whilst it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what shifts we have gone through during the last few months, it cannot be denied that we somehow feel different. Of course, being human, we want to understand this shift and we want to be able to rationalise things, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible. Sometimes, it is more important to embrace a new state of being rather than spend time looking back trying to make sense of it all. Being present in the current moment and living this new state of consciousness is where we need to be.

Whilst the changes may, on the surface, seem small and perhaps even insignificant, it is only when we look deeply within that we realise that we are no longer the same people that we were just a few months ago. We have stepped through a doorway in consciousness, and realised that, as divine sparks, we are awakening more and more to the infinity of possibility and potential that lies within. How we think, feel, act, meditate, and be, are all so important now for we need to live as consciously as possible now in order to embrace our magnificence.

Being magnificent is not ego based nor is it arrogance; it is a shift in consciousness to realising that we are all One. We are the Universe, the Universe is us. We are entwined and interconnected with all there is...

This is a time to remember. To remember that we are not isolated fragments in a fractured world, but integral parts of the whole. To remember that we shape our world through our thoughts, actions and beliefs, therefore everything we do has an implication. To remember that there are endless possibilities to explore, and as pioneering adventurers, we need to have the courage to step into the unknown. And to remember that we are usually the one that places limits on our own lives through fear or doubt, so the time to set ourselves free has finally arrived.

We are awoken. Time now to bask in the glorious sunshine of a new dawn...