Friday, 22 October 2010

The Art of Looking Down

Speaking with a wise old friend about the trials, tribulations and challenges if life, he said that his spiritual teacher once told him:

‘If you don’t learn to look down, you can’t fall’.

I pondered on these words for a while and realised that looking down is really about having doubts or ‘wobbles’ about our choices and decisions. For those who truly believe and keep their focus high, even if they fall, they simply bounce back up again. Of course, never looking down can make us unrealistic and ungrounded, but this goes beyond the physical to something far more spiritual and esoteric...

It seems though that the art of ‘looking down’ comes with having to face obstacles and challenges in life. Of course, once we have learnt to ‘look down’, it is hard to forget about doing it all of the time – we cannot ‘unlearn’ it after all. Yet, there must be a way to transform our lives and to find that ‘platform’?

When we are struggling in life, it is hard to take off, to fly, without a platform. With a platform, we can take a running leap and fly high. Success attracts success, and so flying becomes easier. However, when we are stuck knee deep in mud, taking off becomes harder and harder, and we lose hope, faith and the belief in ourselves. So we need an opportunity to present itself to help hook us out of the mud, to dry us off and to give us a launch pad.

Of course, this creates something of a quandary, for it is up to each of us as individuals to make opportunities happen and to believe in ourselves and our paths enough to make our dreams a reality. Yet how can we do this when stuck knee deep in the quagmire of life? Surely we cannot expect someone to come and rescue us? The answer to that last question is both yes and no, for the rescuer has to be ourselves.

So, the key comes through the power of intent. When we truly have faith and believe that life can change; and that our lives can be brilliant, we start to call those qualities to us. It is not a quick process, and for most, it will not happen overnight, and for some it may never happen. But to have faith and believe is to acknowledge that we can grow, evolve and develop as individuals. To have faith is also to acknowledge that we continue to have hopes and dreams, and to have faith also confirms that we are not content to stay stuck in the mud, but we all have the need to fly...

Thanks to Chris!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Inspired Thoughts

Now is the time to learn to fly. Life is not simply about finding a way through the unknown (the void); it is not about getting to the other side unscathed and in one piece. It is about jumping into the unknown feet first, without hesitation; knowing that if we believe, we can ‘fly’; and we can do anything.

Life in many ways is about service to a higher power – helping, healing and inspiring. Yet we must not forget that we are all One – therefore serving the higher power is also serving ourselves. We must therefore honour ourselves and each other.

We are all One with the Universe; and with this knowledge, comes the realisation that anything IS possible. The rules are simple: intend it, believe it and it will be so. There is no room for doubt. The power of intent is a wonderful thing.

This is not about greed, power or the material, yet intent is often used for these. This is about the inner world and the abundance that we all have within.

The feelings of oneness and of losing the Self through surrendering into the sea of consciousness, helps each of us to become whole. From this wholeness comes stillness, from the stillness comes joy.

So, contentment and joy come from within that stillness, and when we are truly content in the moment, feelings of lack and longing dissipate; and instead feelings of true wealth flood through. It is in those moments that we can feel truly inspired, motivated and empowered. In these moments, we feel connected to our paths of destiny, and the path ahead is clear and well lit.

The lesson is simple. Keep life simple. Keep beliefs simple. Let go of baggage on all levels – travel lightly. Keep intentions clear, trust your intuition and stay true to your Self.

A new day has dawned, and a new awareness is emerging…

Monday, 11 October 2010

Love Thyself

On the 8th October, Venus moved into retrograde in Scorpio, and will remain this way until the 18th November. In retrograde, Venus (the Light of Beauty) moves her focus to within, and her qualities become internalised. Venus is best known for her beauty, and therefore whilst in retrograde, it is always time to go within to honour our own beauty.

Venus’s celestial dance around the Sun weaves threads of learning, insight, self-discovery and challenges. How many of us, look in the mirror and pay ourselves compliments? It is easier to denigrate, to discount our beauty. There is a famous saying that beauty is only skin deep, well physical beauty maybe, but beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. After all who defines what true physical beauty is, the catwalk size zero models, or the glowing earth mother with lumps, bumps and stretch marks?

The key with Venus Retrograde is to see beyond the stereotypes, and to see the things about ourselves that are truly beautiful. Going deeper, we can look into our souls (the eyes are the windows to the soul after all), and see the beauty within. We need to truly love ourselves - every single bit from the cellulite to the grey hairs.

It all comes down to how we think – we need to think positively in order to create positives in our lives. Like attracts like, so any negative thoughts we have only create more negativity. It is of course hard to love excess weight, scars, stretch marks and other signs of wear and tear that our bodies experience, but even if we take small steps towards accepting ourselves, and changing our own inner dialogue to something much more nurturing and loving, then we are likely to see changes in the world around us as well.

Many of us take steps to address those aspects of ourselves that we struggle with from plastic surgery, to weight loss surgery and extreme dieting. My own journey has made me realise that regardless of what choices I make to feel happier about my body; until I truly learnt to love myself (regardless of appearance etc), I would never truly feel happy; and there would always be something else that I needed to ‘tweak’ or address. Whilst this does not mean that I disagree with surgery (for that would make me a hypocrite!), it does mean that it needs to happen for the right reasons. No amount of surgery can help us to love ourselves more...

So, truly loving ourselves is a profoundly important step on the path to honouring the beauty within...

We are in a time of accelerated spiritual growth and learning, of stepping into a higher consciousness. It is a time for Cosmic Truths, a time to Dance with the Universe in harmony, as one. It stands to reason then, that until we can be nice to ourselves, how can we truly step onto this path and embrace one another without judgement or ego. It is a challenging time, but it is also a time to finally step out of the shadows and shine…

Remember how important it is to have faith in ourselves and our dreams, and to have the courage to journey into the unknown without guarantees. This is the key to embracing life. A lack of faith in ourselves or in life means that we only cling on to what we know rather than open the doors to the possibilities of what might be. Very often in life our greatest failure is in aiming too low, so we need to work with Venus to love ourselves, to be open to the idea that we truly are a special, gifted, beautiful, talented individual – because we are!

So remember, love yourself, love your soul, and love everything about who you are. Weave a web of love within you and around you – you owe it to yourself after all…

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Today is the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the new millennium.

Surfing the internet, today is a day for global prayers, a day for ‘recording the human experience’, a day for ‘doing’, a day for reducing global carbon emissions, a day for celebration and a day for a new wave of DNA programming to begin. So, it seems to be a day to suit all, and on the whole a day with a very positive focus indeed.

Many are celebrating today as a deeply significant day of cosmic shift and movement towards a new vibration or level of awareness. Many group meditations and ‘reprogramming’ workshops are occurring, as individuals feel the need to mark this day. I am, of course, open to this possibility (although I believe that if we are being reprogrammed, we will be just by being open to the process). But for me, with the sun shining and the energy high, today is a day for celebrating all that I have in life.

My life may not be perfect, but I have all I need. So for me, today is simple, it is a day for celebrating life, love and abundance. It is also a day for praying for these things for others too...



Friday, 8 October 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Thanks so much to all of you who have emailed me to check I am ok! Rest assured, I am ok, simply very busy juggling moving home with a few other big things in my life. The good news is that I am back to writing, so watch this space over the next couple of days...