Thursday, 31 December 2009

Another Year Ends...

Although that of course depends on your beliefs, as for some the year ends at All Hallows eve, for others the Winter Solstice and of course there are those who celebrate the Lunar New Year - the Chinese New Year, the Korean New year, the Cambodian New year...

But millions of people acknowledge that today - the 31st December - is the end of the year, so I will work with that collective conscience today.

We end the year with a Full Moon in Cancer at 19.13 GMT . There will be a partial lunar eclipse then as well (hard to see, but visible from Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia). This is the second Full Moon in December, so it is a Blue Moon and far more intense and potent that usual.

Take some time tonight to reflect on the progress you have made in your life in 2009, and then think about the year ahead, your goals and dreams, and then declare your intent. See it happening, believe it and let go of doubt.

This Cancerian water Moon will illuminate all those things we hold dear in our lives, and will help us to reflect on what is truly important for each of us.

This Blue Moon will help us to finally let go of fear and to embrace hope as we move into the New Year.

Before I finish, I want to say a huge thank you for your support over the last year, it means a great deal to me.

I hope that each of you have a bright, blessed and joyful 2010.


Saturday, 26 December 2009

Mercury Does It Again...

Today, Mercury moves retrograde. This will be the fourth and final retrograde phase of Mercury in 2009 – and we end the year with this little planet spinning backwards creating all sorts of thoughts and ideas within each of us.

This year, Mercury has given each of us an opportunity to focus on our thoughts, and in particular to explore how we think. It is all too natural for most of us to think in terms of negatives - ‘I can’t’, ‘yeah, but’, ‘life is hard’, ‘nothing is easy’, ‘I am fat/skinny/poor’ etc.

The irony is that these thoughts of lack create more of the same in our lives. Like attracts like, so by thinking in a negative or restrictive way, creates that dynamic in our lives and keeps it there. So, in some ways this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, changing the thinking to something more positive is not always that easy. When life is hard, it can be hard to see above the parapet and even contemplate a thought process that can start to change the dynamic. Yet, until we start to think more creatively, it is often the case that we cannot change the dynamic.

So in some ways, we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Of course, there are many books and teachers around the world inspiring us to think positively, to affirm and to create the lives we dream of.

My own beliefs do not take me quite that far, as I prefer a little humility – so for me, I would not ask for a beach side house, a luxury car, or a million pounds in the bank (but if I got them, I would be ever so grateful!), but I would simply ask to be provided for, to have my needs met and to have room in my life to be creative and help people. I guess that comes down to personal choice though.

Retrograde phases of any planet internalises its energy; and by taking it within we can start to understand ourselves better. We have had the opportunity this year to be true to ourselves, and to start thinking in terms of abundance, joy, love and harmony.

Individually we can bring this into our own lives, but collectively we can make more of a global impact as well. The recession has forced many of us to look at our materialism and over-consumption, and also to why we need so much ‘stuff’ – for many the answer to this is simple, stuff fills the void. But we can fill the void with the simpler things in life, those things that are free and Universal in origin – love, joy etc.

Mercury wants us to find fulfilment from within – to think about our lives, the world, and the way in which we live. Mercury wants us to see that ‘having it all’, and keeping up with consumerist trends is really not that fulfilling. Buying a new TV just because it’s the latest version, even when the old one is perfectly functional does not give us lasting joy. That joy comes from within, and it is now up to each of us to find it, experience it and to spread the word.

Mercury Retrograde can cause chaos with communications, contracts and other administrative issues – but try not to get too wrapped up in these – try to see the bigger picture instead. In any challenge or obstacle, look for a positive. Find things to be grateful for everyday.

Mercury goes retrograde a lot, so we should all be used to the little games that he plays, yet at the same time we are often thrown into a state of disarray when things don’t go quite as planned. Calm down, and breathe deeply.

There is a strong need to be both pragmatic and philosophical over the next few weeks. Maybe, just maybe Mercury is being our best friend by causing well-timed delays to allow us a little more thinking time?

Try to see the positive. And by taking a more philosophical approach to obstacles and hiccups, hopefully we can each reach the end of this retrograde phase stronger than ever before…

Friday, 25 December 2009

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit...

...And no, I don’t mean the whiskey (that’s for Santa!).

I always like to take a little time out to write on Christmas morning. It is quiet energetically as so many people are either in bed, opening presents with the family, in spiritual contemplation, at Church, or drinking and partying (and not necessarily in that order...).

I like to take the time to meditate and send out healing to all those individuals who – for whatever reason – are alone, sad, in pain or in need of love. I also like to cross spiritual boundaries, and offer healing to those who do not celebrate Christmas.

For many people, Christmas is all about expensive presents, over-indulging and family arguments. For others, it is a truly religious day, a celebration. There are many though who will spend this day alone, without any contact with the outside world, without a conversation, without a friendly smile - some have no home, no family, and no place to go. For others, today is a day of work - for armed services, doctors, nurses, police, firemen, care workers etc - they will spend at least some of this day away from family and friends, away from the celebrations.

Christmas in the modern world is very commercialised and I wonder if the true meaning of Christmas even floats into many people’s consciousness. How many of us reach out to an elderly neighbour living alone? How many of us take some time to contact those we know to be alone or sad? How many of us say a prayer for those who are away from their families – the armed forces, the homeless etc.

I celebrate Christmas with my family, and each year that family gets bigger and bigger – as well as various random elderly neighbours who live alone coming along, we now also do a ‘meals on wheels’ Christmas dinner for an elderly chap who is almost blind. For me, this is what Christmas is about. I guess it just seems natural to reach out to others.

Of course, not everyone wants to be with others at Christmas, but to at least try makes such a difference. To see a smile on someone’s face and to know that you might have contributed (at least in part to that smile) is a wonderful Christmas present.

So, my wish as always:

All I want for Christmas is for everyone's hearts to be filled with love and joy, and this is my way of sending out healing thoughts to everyone, to acknowledge those who are often forgotten, and to ask that we all come together to celebrate the true Spirit of Christmas - love.

Monday, 21 December 2009

And The Wheel Turns...

Today is the winter solstice – midwinter – the shortest day and longest night. The winter solstice marks the return of the Sun and is a festival of rebirth. The winter solstice occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn.

Yule actually means wheel in Norwegian and ancient traditions believed that the wheel of the year briefly stops turning at the Solstice (translates as sun stands still). So this marks a time to stop, and look backwards in inner reflection and to look forwards to a new active season or phase. The Sun’s returning power brings increased daylight, growth and activity.

The outer Sarsen stones at Stonehenge and New Grange are both aligned for the winter solstice – it is a special and powerful day.

Today is the day for rebirth and new beginnings. Today gives us a chance to reaffirm what we are now ready to bring into our lives.

Although now is the time to conserve energy, we need to do this to prepare for the new burst of activity and life in the Spring. New ideas are now beginning to manifest, and during meditation we can bring through wisdom, knowledge and give birth to new visions.

We have the chance for deep inner reflection today as well as the opportunity to stir deep feelings and ambitions and to start bringing them to life. The Sun is our life spark, and like the Sun in the sky, we have reached a moment to pause and reflect before bursting forth again over the coming months.

Be open to dreams and meditations, it is time to trust our intuition and to let the power of our intent grow and build.

Today gives each of us the chance to tap into the magical energies and to listen to our deepest whisperings of what to expect over the coming year.

Today we honour the Sun and give thanks that the Sun is reborn. Today we honour our souls and give thanks than our life sparks are reborn and re-ignited. Now is the time to truly let go and embrace change.

We are now letting go of all those things that no longer serve us, and now is the time to let go and feel the power of the Universe, to be embraced in the arms of the Divine and to trust in this process. Now is the time to take a leap of faith into the darkness, into the unknown, to boldly go where we have never gone before. Now is the time to let our souls be reborn, to feel the joy and the power within, and to be open to the path ahead.

The power of intent grows stronger, and we need to believe in the changes that we seek in life. We need to believe that abundance, happiness and joy can be ours – for they already are. Keep this intent growing and building, there is no room for doubt, have faith.

Remember that each of us are Divine individuals with Divine gifts, and we should each embrace our potential and let the world see us shine. We are all shining lights, and today we honour the rebirth of the Sun both in the Sky and within us all.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Warrior Goes Within

Mars, the warrior moves direct on the 20th December. Mars is one of those planets that many people do not really know how to handle. This feisty, fiery warrior is often associated with war, anger, destruction, the ego, aggression and desire (or our animal instincts).

Of course, these are all traits which we can see in Mars, but it is important to see beyond the stereotype towards the Universal Warrior that Mars actually is. Mars stands up and defends those in need; he is the force of self-preservation and the freedom of Spirit.

Mars is not afraid to stand up for what he believes, and he stands proudly in his power and his Truth. Yes, Mars is connected to the expression of anger, but to the positive expression of anger – assertiveness, personal empowerment and the ability to say ‘No!. This can be particularly challenging for many of us, in particular women, due to the stereotypical notion that women should not show their strength in this way (although this is slowly fading, it does still exist).

Mars is not about randomly wielding that sword in anger, or throwing our power around without thought though, and this is where the confusion lies for a great many people. Mars is strong, powerful and a force to be reckoned with; and yes, he can be fearsome and destructive. But when used in a positive way, he can be incredibly creative, helping us to express ourselves and our individuality.

Mars gives us the ability to know what we want and to give us the strength and courage to do what is necessary to get it – it comes down to personal and moral choice as to whether we use honest or underhand means...but of course we should always bear in mind that karma judges all of our choices...

Whatever we desire from life, Mars ensures that we stand some chance of getting it. He is the fire in our bellies when dreams emerge; he is the creative force that allows us to move outside of the box and to take a chance.

Mars is currently in the fire sign of Leo, and fire represents creative power – the power of the imagination. Fire is the desire for life, and through our imagination, takes us to a world full of possibilities and potential.

Leo adds such extra rocket fuel to Mars’ fire now, and the effect of this red planet moving retrograde will allow each of us over the coming weeks to move within and to re-connect to the power that resides there.

In addition, this is a time for introspection and for re-evaluating our directions or paths in life. It is important to be clear about the path ahead, for when Mars moves direct in March, we can expect to be propelled forwards like a jet-propelled rocket. So we had each better be clear about where we are heading (and why), to avoid running around like headless chickens in a panic.

Now is the time to think about how we stand in our power and Truth, and how much of our power we give away to others (freely or otherwise). Balance is the key – remember we should always keep at least some for ourselves. This is not about being selfish, but without self-preservation we are unable to help anyone.

Mars wants us to explore our true identities and to free the power within. This surfaces in several ways: through the positive express of healthy and justifiable anger to release pain and anguish, and secondly to believe in ourselves and our gifts, and to have the courage of our convictions and reach for our dreams...

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Doing The Cosmic Boogie Woogie...

Strange heading I know, but it seemed to fit with the inherent madness in the air at the moment. There seem to be a few reasons for this.

Firstly, we are betwixt two Full Moons this month – the second one (a blue moon) is on New Year’s Eve with a Lunar Eclipse to spice things up. Whilst the eclipse is not likely to be a visual spectacular, its presence will most certainly be felt. This in-between time feels very emotional and overwhelming.

The Full Moon on the 31st is in Cancer, which explains the whirlpool of emotions and the feelings of vulnerability – a sense that our most deepest fears are surfacing now for each of us to see (and everyone else for that matter). I was once told about a dream where a woman was standing alone in a massive group of people and realising that whilst all around were fully clothed, she was stark naked!

This feels very much in-line with this lunar energy, as our innermost and deeply personal issues are coming in to our awareness. There is a point to this, and that is to enable us to finally let go of the fear, and embrace ourselves wholly and completely as we are. There is no room to hide anymore – we need to be upfront and open about ourselves – warts and all!

It is time to let go of shame, anger, guilt, grief and other constricting emotions – it is important to express and honour these, but it is unhealthy to cling onto them through fear or as a way of avoiding moving forwards.

Amongst the lunar emotional roller coaster, the Sacred Dance between Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter is as active as ever (hence the Cosmic Boogie Woogie!) and this is stirring up a great - almost overwhelming - sense of healing on a deep and quite profound level.

These three planets have been dancing around one another for most of this year, and this has brought up a great many issues for each of us to face and overcome. Yet on a deeper level, we end the year feeling closer to Spirit and more aware of both our personal and collective destinies. There has been a shift in awareness, and a great many of us are now more confident about our paths ahead.

There is a sense of hope and joy that the wheel of the year will soon turn again at the Winter Solstice, bringing more Light into all of our lives. Celebrate the Solstice, and honour the Sun and life giver. Honour that Light that shines within us all, and let it shine brightly.

Just before the Solstice, Mars moves retrograde and this will focus our attentions within, to find the strength and power that resides there. Mars wants us to stand on our own two feet, and to have the courage of our convictions, and to follow our dreams...

So, there is a lot going on! Remember though, that this is a time to be empowered, a time to have faith and confidence in our gifts and in our Selves, and, maybe most importantly, a time to have Faith and trust in the Divine...

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

November Horoscopes - Archive...


November is a month for clarity for Aries. There is a strong sense that you have been living in something of an emotional fog over recent weeks, and this has prevented you from being your usual dynamic, forthright self. In some ways, it has been hard for you to see even an outline of your path ahead, let alone find some key landmarks to guide you. Yet, at the same time, this mist has allowed you to spend some time focused within building a stronger and better relationship with yourself.

The good news is that this fog looks set to clear early in November, enabling you to see the path ahead with 20/20 vision. Don’t take this for granted though, as you need to keep your eye on the ball in order to get yourself fully back into the driving seat of your life once again.

There is a need to let go of past fears now, particularly in connection to your relationships with others. You need to start believing in yourself again, and letting go of the caution that has been holding you back. The key here is in loving yourself more, thereby allowing you to develop a clear and open dialogue with those close to you. Don’t throw caution to the wind, but have some belief that life can pan out in line with your hopes and dreams…


Recent weeks have seen you once again doubting your gifts and talents. You seem to feel that you haven’t ‘got what it takes’, yet there is no obvious source of these doubts. The harder you look, the more confused you have become. Well, it should come as no surprise, that the source of this confusion is you – yes, you are the only one who doubts your gifts and potential. Those close to you, have known for sometime that you are a shining light with so much to offer, but your deep fears of stepping into the unknown have led to self-negating thoughts which you need to let go of now.

November is your chance to prove to yourself that you absolutely do have what it takes. You are an amazing individual – no time for false modesty now, so just own it. It is you, you are it. No escaping that fact. So, instead of beating yourself up with thoughts that you are not good enough change your inner dialogue to something far more positive and dynamic. This is an important and pivotal time in your life, so don’t sit back and let it pass you by.

Also this month, there is a distinct possibility or even probability that someone close turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You may feel hurt or let down, but whatever you do, don’t let it get in your way.


You have been all too aware of the change and transformation occurring in your life over recent weeks and months. The trouble is that because you are naturally inquisitive and a deep thinker, you have spent a lot of time pondering the reasons for the change, rather than experiencing them! The result is that you might feel like a fish out of water for a while in November as this change starts to externalise and flow out into all areas of your life.

This is not something to panic about, but now you know that this is likely to happen, you can go with it rather than try to philosophise or rationalise it. There is a lesson in all of this, and that is to ‘do’ more and think a little less. You do have a tendency to allow your brain (logic) to override your feelings and emotions; but sometimes, you just have to be in the midst of feelings and emotions and experience them for what they are, just go with them and accept them. To stop and think about them gets in the way of the process…

On a vocational level, a new opportunity is likely to come your way from a very unexpected and somewhat unusual source. Try to keep an open mind, and remember to feel, as well as think, your way to a solution.


You have been feeling a strong sense of burden over recent weeks, a feeling that one area of your life in particular is weighing you down, and holding you back. There is almost a sense of you feeling hemmed in and trapped, and this has caused you to re-build your fortress and retreat back into the safe haven of your inner landscape. Of course, you need to keep yourself safe, but are things truly as difficult as you perceive them to be? Maybe you feel burdened by the effects of you steering clear of challenges, as you doubt your ability to handle them?

Maybe then, by standing your ground and keeping your head above the parapet, you might come to realise that you are in fact neither hemmed in or trapped, but just a stone’s throw away from turning this ‘burden’ into an opportunity of a lifetime? It is about perception – how you see your life this month holds the key to how you move forwards on your path ahead. See opportunity or challenge, the choice, as they say, is yours…

This is not meant to sound flippant, but it is meant to inspire and encourage you to step out of your safe little haven in order to realise that the world does not have to be as threatening as you fear it to be. Don’t you owe it to yourself to try?


You love nothing better than to be at the very epicentre of your world, to see those close to you in your orbit, never straying too far, but always present to see you shine. Those souls who live with Leo folk know that there is nothing malicious about this way of life; it is just a fact of being a Leo! However, over recent weeks you have started to feel that someone else has stepped in to pull away your loyal subjects into another orbit away from you. It is almost akin to someone pulling the rug out from beneath you, and whilst you are trying to resist it, you can’t help but feel betrayed.

However, stop for a moment and think about the situation rationally. This isn’t betrayal or disloyalty, or anything else sinister for that matter. You have failed to notice that you have withdrawn a little over recent weeks and this has focused your light within. This has been an important time for inner work and rejuvenation for nearly everyone, and so whilst you have been working on yourself, so have those around you. Their attention has not been stolen away, but simply re-directed during this important time of change. As November progresses, you will begin to feel back at the epicentre of your world again, and your fan club of patient and understanding loved ones and friends will be back to watch you shine once again!


You would be forgiven for thinking that you have inadvertently stepped into someone else’s shoes recently, as life has felt strange and somewhat unfamiliar. Be assured though, that this is your life, it’s just that you have been so busy lately, you have failed to notice some fairly major changes that have taken place. There is nothing to panic about, for it seems that the heavens are watching over you. However, you do need to ask yourself how it can be that you are so busy that you could have allowed one of the most important periods of change in your life to pass you by?

Maybe you need to re-think your life and path ahead this month, in order to give yourself time to enjoy your hard work, and to be able to enjoy the ride? It’s not all about the final destination you know. So try to re-structure your life to your advantage and see that there is more to life than work, work and work. You may be dedicated, but you owe it to yourself and to those close to you to completely let go from time to time. In addition, it is only in those ‘quieter’ moments that you can truly connect to yourself, your soul and your deeper needs – so spend some time listening to yourself. You might just surprise yourself by what you hear…


November is a pivotal month of change for Libra, and there is a strong sense of a major life change, one that will impact your life for many years to come – if not forever. This is not something to fear, but to embrace for you have been hovering at the edge of this life change for many many months, and now is your chance to either have faith and jump, or to stay paralysed in fear and walk away.

The key to seeing your way through this challenge is to listen to your instincts – this is often hard for Libra as the scales often swing up and down to the point of complete indecision, but go within and you will see that the terrain there is much calmer. Listen to your deeper self, and be guided by this – for you know what to do…

After this, everything else seems to pale into insignificance, but on a lighter note there is a strong sense of indulgence, pampering and emotional release as November progresses. It is a month to use your creativity to generate abundance – particularly of the financial kind. You will come to realise that the major life change mentioned earlier will open up a whole new chapter of your life – a chapter of love, life, joy and success; so as you can see, your decision to have faith or have fear is greatly significant…


The past few months have seen you working hard towards the achievement of your goals. Despite all your efforts, you can’t help but feel like you have not come as far as you had hoped and feel a little disappointed in yourself. However, we all know that you are usually your own worst critic, and bearing this in mind, it is all to clear to everyone around you just how much you have actually achieved. So rather than beating yourself up, take a moment to honestly take stock and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back.

There is a strong sense of change connected to your living or domestic situation. It is possible that a move is on the cards, but more likely is a change in the living dynamics in your home. You seem to be in need of some space of your own for quiet reflection and contemplation, a space to be creative and to develop your spirituality. You are gifted at thinking outside of the box to find solutions to problems, so even if creating that special space seems unachievable; you will find a way - you don’t often fail when you set your mind to things! This special place is something that you need and deserve to have – you need breathing space, otherwise you may start to feel hemmed in, and become moody as a result.


Compromise is not usually a word in the Sagittarian book of possibilities. You need space, freedom and independence in your life to thrive and grow, and restriction or compromise is akin to putting a cage around you to entrap you and stop you from flying. However, sometimes in order to achieve a particular dream, something else has to give a little. You may well be one of the lucky ones in life who can ‘have your cake and eat it’, but this is a general trend, not a rule!

So, November is a month to take a long, hard think about your life and your priorities, and to see what needs to bend slightly in order for your plans to come together. Try not to see this as negative or unfair, simply see it as the best possible way in which to take your life into the next dimension.

A little closer to home, you may feel like someone keeps moving into your personal space whether you want them to or not. Almost as though they don’t recognise the need to keep a respectable distance from others unless invited to get closer. You may need to re-establish your personal boundaries, but stand your ground and be clear about what’s acceptable, and what’s not. Keep it light though, otherwise things could get taken out of all proportion leading to a full scale battle of wills...


You seem to be the belle/beau of the ball in November, as everyone wants to be a part of your ‘inner sphere’ of friends. You are full of the social charms and graces, and as a result your sphere of friends is reaching out into un-chartered territory. This is not something to be fearful of, quite the opposite in fact as one of your new contacts looks set to open a doorway of opportunity for you that will have far reaching positive consequences in your life. The best advice is to keep an open mind.

Your perception of wealth and abundance has been on a rocky road over the past few months (years even). You are not one to be ostentatious, but at the same time you have a strong need to appear financially stable even when things are not quite so good in reality. However, it seems that your desire to keep up appearances will be matched by your bank balance this month if you play your cards right and think before you act when it comes to making any major decisions. At the same time, you will start to realise that there is more to life than appearances, and as long as you are happy it doesn’t matter if you drive a Bentley or a beaten up old banger. Designer clothes say nothing about a person’s true nature…


Your year of change and growth continues with Neptune moving direct in your sign on the 4th. This is the final part of the jigsaw coming together to help launch you into the next phase of your life. You have spent many months preparing yourself, clarifying your dreams and focusing your mind. It’s even possible that by now, you have taken the first few steps on your path ahead. November has the effect of someone finally switching on the light; all the pieces come together as you can see the whole. You will finally feel able to have the confidence and self-belief to follow your heart and your dreams towards pastures new…

It seems that luck and fortune are on your side, as you seem to be in just the right place at just the right time when exactly the right person or opportunity comes along. You may start to feel overwhelmed with choices, but don’t just sit back and hope that clarity will find you and, at that moment, the right opportunity will be sat at your feet; you need to explore and experiment, to test the water and find out what’s important and what’s not. This is the time to let go of both the inessential and the things that no longer serve you, so that you can focus your energies into achieving your dreams. Exciting times…


November is a month to leave the past behind you as you start to focus on the present, and the future. There is a strong sense recently, that you have found yourself stuck in the same old repeating patterns of self-sacrifice when it comes to your own dreams and needs, and whilst you are more aware of this, it is still so hard for you to say ‘No!’ and to assert your own wishes. This is not to say that you are lost and beyond help, far from it in fact as November sees you step out from the shadows of others and finally step into your own power.

It seems that a ‘new’ more confident you is emerging, and alongside this confidence is a well of potential and possibilities as you see your horizons expanding in all directions. There is a sense of excitement and adventure around you, as you start to believe that the world truly is your oyster, and it is only your own self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams…

Alongside all of this, your spiritual gifts seem to be growing ever stronger as you begin to realise just how special and unique your gifts are. Once you acknowledge this, you will begin to clearly see exactly how to help others and the planet. Always giving, but this time on your own terms.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'I am not a number, I am a free (wo)man!'

Thank you to the Prisoner for that quote...

Uranus moved direct on the 1st December. Uranus is the freedom seeking rebel fighting for individuality and Truth. Uranus is the lightning strike that breaks down barriers, and the innovator bringing new ideas and thought forms into use.

Uranus rules intuition and the 6th sense, and as we gradually become more and more aware and intuitive, we will become more interconnected with the Universal energies. So, Uranus reflects not only our innate human longing to know where we are going and why, but also our need to feel part of something bigger.

Uranus is the flash of inspiration that so often comes to us, and is the spark behind books, music, and new business ideas. In some ways we are not always conscious of these, but without them, we could not evolve or develop.

Uranus is always forward thinking, never looking back, this is why Uranus is the rebel and the revolutionary – forcing change, forcing new ideas and changing traditions.

Of course, many people find it so hard to freely express their Uranian nature, as to do so requires a great degree of detachment from taking a personal perspective. Instead we need to adopt a more collective or Universal perspective. This is quite alien to most people, and so many individuals prefer to keep their heads down and their individuality locked away. Even if we do manage to achieve a more ‘detached’ and individual approach to life then we get to see the whole picture, warts and all. Not everyone wants to even acknowledge that...!

In general though, Uranus always finds a way to seep into our lives, so ignoring this electric creative bundle of energy will serve little purpose. Change will occur – it might be hard, it might be challenging, but in order to grow and develop we need to embrace Uranus and the qualities that he brings.

Over the past few months each of us have been aware of the subtle changes going on within, which has been connected to us being more aware of our true Selves. This is down to Uranus, and he wants us to be unique, special and individual – because we are. When we can truly be our Selves, we can embrace the other Uranian qualities and allow our gifts and potential to truly flow.

On moving Direct, Uranus wants each of us to let our true colour and individuality shine. It is important to acknowledge our gifts and Truth, and to not be afraid to step out from the shadows for all to see.

Of course, freedom of speech and expression is not exclusively available around the world. In the West we often take for granted the ability to express our Truth, but there are many souls around the world (and some in the West) where such freedom is still not possible. But Uranus is the freedom fighter and will continue to fight for justice, free speech and freedom of expression.

Remember that in many ways Uranus is the planet of infinite possibilities, one person can create a chain reaction of change, one person can set in motion a new thought or idea that can literally send shock waves of new thought or changed behaviour around the world. It is only be embracing Uranus that these flashes of genius and insight can flow...

So for those of us who can be free, feel blessed for this and grab your individuality with both hands. It is time to take that leap of faith...

Friday, 27 November 2009

Who Pressed Pause?

Whilst writing the horoscopes for the month ahead, it occurred to me that after a long phase of life being in ‘fast forward’, someone had kindly pressed the pause button, followed by the ‘slow play’ button, and life is now moving in slow motion – every action seems to take forever...

The planets have really given us all a lot of work to do this year, they have made us face our true Selves, made us deal with our anger and pain, made us face responsibility, made us own our power and made us pretty damn exhausted.

Of course, from a ‘higher’ perspective we know that all of this work has been necessary in order to progress along ‘the path’, but on a practical level it has been frustrating and draining.

Over the coming weeks, Uranus moves direct ‘encouraging’ us to express ourselves freely and openly, and not to be held back by the limiting beliefs or prejudices of others. Mars then moves retrograde and this will ’encourage’ each of us to truly stand in our power and acknowledge our strengths and potential.

I use the word ‘encourage’ lightly, as these days the planets seem to enforce such changes whether we want them to or not. It is all part of the path towards enlightenment, a raised consciousness or ascension.

I fondly look towards the end of 2009, ending with a Cancerian Full Moon, and lunar eclipse. It looks set to give us one last chance to fondly look back at the trials and tribulations of 2009, and then leave them there.

Moving forwards is about carrying less baggage on all levels, and letting go of the inessential. This is not callous or cold, but necessary if we are to travel lightly enough to reach our final destination.

So, whilst the pause and ‘slow-play’ buttons might seem frustrating at the moment, be thankful for them and get some rest, for it looks like we will be moving into 2010 clinging onto the back of a rocket aiming onwards and upwards...

...and remember the saying ‘reach for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the stars’...

Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's Hello From Me...

Been a bit quiet lately – been dealing with the dreaded flu...

We are in a strange phase at the moment – a sense that it is time to let go of the inessential and a sense that a new chapter is just around the corner – but this is a challenging time, and many of us are struggling to keep focused and clear minded about the next step. Many of us (myself included) are being given one challenge after another.It is as though we know we need to trust that things are moving forwards, but at the same time there is not – as yet- anything concrete to cling onto in this new way of being. So, a kind of transition phase...

The Sacred Dance between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron has created great change within us, yet this process is yet to be completed. At the same time, we will see the effects of a few other planets including Uranus moving direct, and Mars and Mercury both moving retrograde.
It seems that in the run up to the end of the year, we are facing yet more change, growth and letting go. I sense two key themes emerging:

• Acknowledging the power within.

• Embracing our individuality and not being afraid to be true to our selves.

I will go into both of these more over the coming weeks, but for now I just wanted to touch base, and let you know that I am still on terra firmer, stargazing as always...

Brightest Blessings,


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Neptune Direct

Today (4th November), the last of the celestial trio in the Sacred Dance moves direct. Neptune is the most subtle and mysterious energy of the three and his effects may not seem very obvious to even the most sensitive souls amongst us.

Neptune has spent the last few months taking each of us on an inner journey, and this journey has been to the heights and depths within. Emotionally this has been challenging to say the least, but this has not just been a frivolous exercise as Neptune has been asking each of us to let go of those issues within that are holding us back.

In addition, he has asked us to honour our own unique connections to the Divine and to have trust and faith. This has not been easy through a time of turmoil, anger and uncertainty around every corner. Yet Neptune’s goal was to enable us to see that whatever might be happening in the physical world, within we have the power to stay calm and serene. How much we allow exterior forces to impact our inner world is up to us…

Of course, the reality of that is far easier to theorise about than to achieve. It is hard not to be affected by the turmoil, restriction and change all around us. But, the more we can focus on that peace within, the less this turmoil can eat away at our own beings.

As the last of this sacred trio to move direct, his subtle influence gently ‘pushes’ us towards taking some new steps in the world. Neptune wants each of us to go forth on our paths ahead safe in the knowledge that the Divine is with us, guiding us, and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is time to believe in our own abilities to conquer fear and to stand in our Truths. This might sound a little clich├ęd, but we all know it to be true.

Neptune is the planet of the ethereal, and this fits in well with my blog the other week about Living Magically – seeing the magic in everyday life, and not being wedged firmly in the mundane.

So, take some time today to go within and to bathe in the stillness there. Try and do this everyday from now on, and see how it helps you to stand firm in the world and to carry on with your work with more ease, joy and contentment…

Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Souls Day (El dia de los muertos)

Following on from the Pagan celebration of All Hallows Eve...

Many ancient and indigenous cultures throughout the world have honoured and worked with their ancestors for millennia. From the Native Americans to tribal Africans to pagan and Nordic cultures, the ancestors were just as important as the living. Try visiting ancient stone burial mounds – you can sense the voices from the past.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated on the 1st November at this time in Mexico – here, an altar is made for the ancestors – this is highly decorated with flowers (bright marigolds), photos and offerings such as tobacco, food and drink.

Requiem masses are said on the Feast of All Souls (1st Nov) asking for ancestors souls to be delivered from the ‘trials of purgatory’ asking for cleansing that will help them move on to heaven – or the Light. A procession then takes place from the church to the cemetery where fresh flowers and candles are laid as gifts.

In modern society, Constellation work and the Orders of Love are psychological techniques that allow an individual to facilitate deep healing within their family line.

Science (such as epigenetics) is starting to reveal evidence that the experiences of our forefathers have been passed down to us. For example, it is believed that the affect of war on the adrenal system can be passed down creating an effect on our endocrine system, affecting digestion, hormones and metabolism.

In many cultures the Shaman, medicine man or equivalent could step between the worlds and contact the dead to bring forth knowledge and healing. They believed that the ancestors held the knowledge that was the key to the present and future, and their wisdom was deeply honoured.

In Shamanic practice today, and in my own work, we look beyond the individual when seeking the resolution of problems and issues. We see an individual as part of an ancestral line, of those who are alive now, those who have died and those who have yet to be born. All of these individuals are inextricably linked in a soul group that expand through the eons of time. Many issues that first presented themselves long ago in the family bloodline, cascade down through the generations with an often discreet, yet profound impact.

When one individual in the ancestral line decides that they want to clear some of the issues or patterns from the past, they are actually able to facilitate this healing throughout the bloodline – for generations past, present and future.

Today is a great day for honouring your own ancestors and to send healing into the ancestral line to cure repeating or destructive patterns, and to gain wisdom from those who trod the earth before us. Make an offering to those who have passed – even planting some spring bulbs into the earth as a gift to the physical process of death and rebirth.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

All Hallow's Eve

This is just one of many names for the 31st October – Hallowe’en, All Souls Night and Samhain to name but a few. This is a festival of remembrance and a feast to celebrate the dead. It marks the end of the year in the Celtic Calender.

There is nothing macabre about celebrating the dead, it is about honouring those who lived before. On this day the veils between the two worlds is very thin, making it an important time to communicate with our ancestors and also for divination.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this comes at a time of darkness, the nights are drawing in as we move towards the shortest day in December. Darkness was important to our ancestors, just as important as Light. They honoured the cycle of life – the seeds underground lying dormant in order to be reborn in the spring time.

All Hallows is celebrated around the world, and for many it has become the Christian celebration of All Souls Day (see tomorrow’s blog).

Hallowe’en is often known as a night of chaos and mischief – hence the modern day trend of ‘trick or treating’. Elementals, faeries, goblins and other cheeky mischief makers enter our world and only those in disguise could achieve this. Of course with so many people now in fancy dress, this has become much easier…!

Hallowe’en is a time to (safely) light bonfires and to come together in celebration. Yet it is also a time to nurture our inner worlds and to prepare for the slumber of the winter – a time of hibernation and transformation. This is a time to let go of the old in preparation for the new to be reborn.

Try meditating for guidance and direction at this powerful and highly energised time. Keep yourself energetically protected from those mischief makers, who also come in human form…!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Chiron Goes Direct...

On the 31st October, one of the trio entwined in the Sacred Dance – Chiron – moves direct. Chiron is the planet of the wounded healer, and he helps each of us to seek strength from within, to learn from our experiences, to take positives from negatives and to find our healing gifts.

Whilst in retrograde, Chiron has been helping each of us to focus on those ‘wounds’ or experiences in life which seem to have happened for a ‘reason’. It is often those experiences (and sadly they are usually traumatic) where we can find the true source of our inner strength.

So we have each had some time to ponder our hurts and to find the deeper meaning for them. Of course, sometimes there seems to be no reason or rhyme when things happen, but at a deep level the fact that we have come out the other side is our gift.

Moving direct, Chiron wants us now to start using our strength and experience to help others. He wants us to make a difference, and to show that pain can be transmuted into love, however hard and traumatic that pain maybe.

This is not to negate our experiences or to de-value them somehow, but it is to acknowledge that we all experienced pain in our lives and it is how we choose to use that pain that makes a difference. Use it to help others (like a recovering drug addict might choose to help another addict, a rape victim may choose to counsel another rape victim etc) and in some ways it gives a ‘higher meaning’ to the experience. It is about taking control and not being a victim - this goes way beyond revenge or justice though, as it is about own our paths. I guess at some level it is also trusting in the Law of Karma, and that at some time the Universe will seek justice (balance) for acts of aggression or rage…

It seems no surprise that Chiron moves direct on All Hallow’s Eve or All Souls Night – this is the time where the veil between the worlds is thin, and it is a time to honour those who have passed before us. It is a time to connect to the wisdom of our ancestors, to heal repeating patterns and to transform our beliefs.

This is a day to honour our experiences and to re-connect to the power and strength that lies within. It is a day to rise up from the ashes and be re-born. This is a day of transformation, a day of celebration and the start of a new chapter in all of our lives. Honour Chiron within you and try meditating for a while with the wounded healer in order to understand how you can access healing from the pain within…

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Saturn In Libra

This week (29th October) sees Saturn moving into the sign of balance – Libra. The last time Saturn was in Libra was in the early 1980’s and how things have changed since the days of shoulder pads, the miner’s strike, leg warmers, big hair, who shot JR, Lady Di and that wedding, the Rubiks Cube, the launch of personal computers and the Nuclear Threat.

Saturn often has a bad reputation; he is the planet that so many people dread. He was of course described as the Greater Malefic – the Big Baddie, which reflected his reputation as a planet of restriction, hard work and a lack of joy. I prefer to call him Old Grumble Bum as I see him more akin to a cantankerous old man, somewhat set in his ways but when you look beneath the grumpy exterior there is actually a great deal of wisdom there.

The fact that Saturn is so feared has actually created the problem in the first place - fear creates fear. Yet if we see the good in Saturn, he works with us helping us to achieve our hard-earned goals. Treat him without any respect (and Old Grumble Bum is a term of endearment – which in my connection with him works very well!) and he will not support or guide.

So, whilst many Librans may be dreading the arrival of Saturn into their midst, this particular Libran is actually quite looking forwards to it. It is a time to roll up the sleeves and get some work done, and it is time to stop procrastinating and get on with things.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, which enables this powerful planet to filter through in a balanced way. And balance is the key over the coming months – achieving balance in all areas of our lives.

The challenge is to make some decisions and to move forwards with confidence. Live in fear and they will build up creating obstacles. So, it is time to face our fears head on and to believe in our ability to succeed. Yes, the work may be hard and a little relentless at times, but keep the end goal in sight.

Saturn in Libra is closely related to the drive towards perfection, this can be hard to overcome as the reality is that perfection is hard, if not impossible, to achieve all of the time. So, there is a need to relax the tick box a little and to take a slightly more realistic and pragmatic view of things. Try not to see those little imperfections as failures, and they are not a reason for those close to reject or berate.

Saturn is the traditionalist, and so it is likely that we will witness a resurgence of some traditional values over the coming months – this is maybe no bad thing, as long as the traditions do not involve controlling or denigrating others. Tradition can be about community, helping one another and other positive things – not all traditions are bad.

What also seems clear is that clearer definitions of right and wrong will once again start to re-establish themselves as individuals start to speak up for their rights and the rights of others. The division of humanity by culture, religion, colour, wealth and gender are likely to see a great shift as the collective starts to draw closer towards union and harmony. The ‘blame culture’ in which we live will start to shift towards individual accountability and responsibility once again, that is taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions.

Saturn is likely to challenge each of us on many levels making us question our belief systems, our paths in life, our relationships and our choices. Yet, without this we are unlikely to grow, develop and evolve…

Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Sacred Dance....

The celestial dance between Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron continues as each of these planets move direct. Jupiter has already made the move, and Chiron and Neptune will follow over the next couple of weeks.

I take this opportunity to reflect upon some of the words that have come to me as this Dance has continued:

‘These planets seem to be paving the way for a transformational and joyous time. They will release a huge surge of transformational energy out into the cosmos for each of us to bathe in.

This is truly a special time, and we would all be wise to go within to clarify our goals and dreams, to visualise them and to believe that they will come to pass.

Both collectively and individually, we are changing and shifting. There is a sense that our inner guide books are being re-written and we have been blessed with some new directions connected to creating a positive and bright reality, not only for ourselves but for everyone.

We have long forgotten just how powerful our minds are, and if we choose to focus on the lack and darkness around us at this time, then this will grow. If we can turn any negatives into positives, and make a difference, then we will see a global shift in attitude towards harmonious living.

We each have a mission at this time, and this mission is to do the very best we can, not to underestimate ourselves, not to undersell ourselves or our potential, and to believe that anything is possible.

With the Light comes Dark, with the Love comes Sorrow, with the Positivity comes Negativity. We will start to see the ‘bigger picture’ of life and fully realise that to have balance and harmony, we must experience the two polarities.

Neptune is very wise and helps us to love unconditionally. He is the light of inspiration, the celestial musician, the keeper of Cosmic Truths. Chiron helps us to connect to our inner strength and ability to turn negatives into positives. Jupiter can help us to see the true abundance that we all have on some level, and he acts as a conduit between the inner and outer landscape of our lives.

This recent retrograde phase of Neptune will enable anyone who truly believes, to be inspired and guided by Sacred Truth. This will be enhanced by retrograde Chiron who will allow each of us to find our inner strength and re-connect to our ‘incurable wounds’ in order to see just how we can help others and the world.

By the time these planets start moving direct again, each of us will have transformed at quite a deep level and be ready to step back on the path again with love in our hearts, joy in our souls and confident that we are being guided towards our destiny…

Jupiter can help us to tune in to our inner resources of strength, self-belief and dreams to see just how much abundance we have. The more we can focus on this, the richer we become emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, and the more content we can become with our lives.

We are now being challenged to go within, to let go of our fears, to find our inner strength, to listen to Spirit and to follow our destiny. Not much to ask then!

It is time to be centred, to tap into that vast inner well of love, compassion and strength and to stand hand in hand with one another. It is time to not be afraid to let the world see the core of who we are, to face our fears, our inadequacies and to realise that we are all here for a reason. That reason is becoming clearer, and it will soon be time to step into the unknown, into infinity and beyond to realise our full potential. There is a choice though, the alternative is to stay put, to not take that risk, to avoid jumping into the spiritual watery depths of the unknown feet first.

That decision is yours, and yours alone’.

Reading back over these words, it certainly seems clear that the celestial dance has had a clear and definite impact on not only my life but on the lives of just about everyone else I know.

More on this soon…

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Living Magically...

I have recently seen the best and worst in human behaviour. I have been well and truly lodged in the mundane. I have felt saddened that we seem to live in such a judgemental world – the media guides opinions and prejudices, and individuals seem so entrenched in keeping up appearances and following the masses, that free thinking and individual colour is disappearing.

I choose to see the good in people, as I believe that good thoughts feed good things. Negative beliefs, feed the negative.

The recent shift of Jupiter to a forward flowing energy has created a need to find meaning in my life, and it seems to have left me wanting to live magically once again. I have been wedged in the mundane for so long, that the magic and joy around me has been passing me by.

I have always seen auras, yet this past few days since I decided to ‘live magically’, I can see the auras and energy of everything around me. I have noticed just how many people take the energy of others, some give it freely of course, but how much is returned? Energy is power, and it feeds the desire for more power. It is addictive, and this is why people crave it so much, and sadly if it’s not freely forthcoming there are many who are happy to simply take it.

As both Chiron and Neptune prepare to move direct in the Sacred Dance, there is a sense that we each need to make a choice. That choice is connected to how we choose to live.

Personally, I choose to see the magic, to be at one with the Divine and to live a more contemplative, joyful and fulfilling life. Of course I want to reach out and ‘make a difference’ but I want to do this from a state of joy, not pain.

Many of us are standing at the crossroads now – it is hard to know which path to take – there might be signs or indications as to the ‘better’ path, but to be sure for your own peace of mind, try pausing for a moment, soften your focus and let the light guide you.

Be in nature, see the energy around you and feel it within you. Transmute this into joy and love, and trust your instincts.

Remember there is no right or wrong path – just be content with the path you choose. Live life to the fullest, embrace your true potential and don’t be afraid to try something different. Life is for living after all. As the next few weeks unfold, the need to choose will get stronger – and remember that it is possible to live magically in the real world, it is simply a question of intent.

Carpe diem!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Infinity and beyond...

Jupiter finally moves direct this week (on the 13th), and this mighty planet will have quite an impact on all of us! You may recall that he is one of a trio of planets that have been dancing around one another this year in Aquarius (the others being Chiron and Neptune). I have called this the Sacred Dance for many reasons.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, and for the past few months his energy has been internalised allowing each of us to explore the abundance within and to re-focus on our paths ahead. There is also a sense of spiritual re-awakening at the same time, and as Chiron and then Neptune move direct over the coming weeks, there will be a huge shift within so many of us. Akin to seeing the world with new eyes – our perspectives will change and shift, and we will let go of doubts and fears as we embrace the path of the warrior within to make our lives matter (on whatever level that might be).

The past couple of weeks have been stressful for many reasons – almost as though there is a pressure pot slowly building up inside and getting ready to burst out with lots of vim and vigour once Jupiter moves direct. This may sound unpleasant, but the pressure is connected to anticipation and excitement about exploring pastures new. We have been through a strange lull before a very beautiful and expansive storm that will allow those of us who are brave enough to leap into the unknown, to truly have faith and to stride forth with strength in our hearts and love in our eyes.

Jupiter is the big daddy of the Solar System, he is the spark within each of us that encourages us to explore, expand and embrace the new. He is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, and helps us to create abundance in our lives (although we must be specific about this, as abundance comes in many different packages, maybe joy would be a better word?).

As Jupiter moves direct, try sitting quietly for a short while and write down an affirmation (positive statement, written in the present tense) to say out loud every day between now and when Neptune moves direct in November. Say it loud, say it proud, and most of all, believe it. It could be as simple as ‘I love myself’, but try to make the effort to affirm how you want to move forwards in life and how you want your life to be – whilst you can’t always choose the outcome, you can choose the ‘filter’.

So, good luck and to ‘infinity and beyond!’…

Over the coming weeks, I will write more on the Sacred Dance as the energies start to flow out and across the world once again.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cosmic Babbling...

Being on the verge of a life-changing, life-altering decision it’s hard to not over-read the messages of the planets. These celestial ‘know-it-all’s’ know not only what is, but also what’s been and what’s coming as well.

Writing the Planet Whisperer Blog I often think of my own life situations and how it fits me at the moment, which I guess is the point. But after advising everyone not to shoot the messenger (see previous entry), I began to analyse this in context with the afore-mentioned life-altering decision. It worried me!

I started to wonder if I wouldn’t hear the news I was hoping for, and if I didn’t then I would probably be devastated, but I couldn’t be cross, because I couldn’t shoot the messenger. After those few breath defying seconds, I calmed down and started to think rationally once again.

After all, things happen for a reason, and whether or not they happen as we hope or expect, then we have to see the bigger picture behind this.

Of course, babbling, jabbering and prattling about cosmic events on this blog does not make me an oracle, I am not gifted with a full picture of how things will be. I see trends and pictures of how things might be, but there are so many variables that at the end of the day, anything is still possible.

I then started to think about NIMBY (not in my back yard), and just how prone we all are to these feelings whether it comes to nuclear power stations, waste disposal or the influence of a mischievous little planet. We are happy to share wisdom and hand out advice, but when it comes to our own mountains to climb, we do not want to hear that it might not be as easy as we hope.

I like to see myself as an observer, but I also need to remember that I am a participant as well! So, I guess the lesson is that whilst I observe and comment on cosmic events, I need to remember that they influence me just as much as the next person…!

P.S. – I got the new I was hoping for!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Re-Focusing The Messenger...

Well, it only seems like yesterday when little Mercury went retrograde, but today the messenger of the celestial Gods and Goddesses moves direct once again.

Retro Mercury often creates communications chaos, hiccups with paperwork, missing letters (postal strikes maybe!), and general niggly little problems with day-to-day administration. Yet, this time around there is a strong sense that whilst all of this was experienced, there was a deeper meaning to the chaos.

Mercury helped us to look at situations a little more pragmatically – sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us and need a celestial helping hand to make us stop and think.

There is an adage ‘don’t shoot the messenger’ which seems to be attributed to both William Shakespeare and the Greek writer Sophocles…

Thinking about this rationally, it is not poor Mercury’s fault that things go awry, perhaps if we work with this little whiz-bang of a planet, and see him as a friend rather than akin to coyote or pan (the troublemaker), then we can start to overcome the hiccups and welcome Mercury retrograde as a time to check and double check our decisions and actions just to be sure that we are still doing the things that we want to be doing.

Now Mercury is moving direct, we need to be sure about the things that are important and the things that are not. We need to keep a clear head for the paths forwards, and to trust that when things don’t go according to plan, there is usually a very good reason. And whilst we might not be aware of it at the time, and feel justified in ranting and cursing, when we look back we can often see the deeper meaning and significance of what happened.

Mercury moves back into Libra on the 10th October, and on his journey he gives Saturn a good kick up the posterior before he also moves into Libra at the end of October (more on that soon). This seems to be to remind each of us that we need to be accountable and responsible for the decisions we make in life, to take a position of strength and not to think that being in ‘victim’ mode will actually do us any good in the long run.

So, I guess the message is:


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Time of Balance...(well, we can all dream!)

Well today is the autumn equinox – the time when the Sun enters Libra. At the equinox day and night are of equal length representing balance. Mind you, I could do with about twice the length of night at the moment, as no amount seems to be enough to get some rest…

There is a strong sense of restlessness around and a feeling of trepidation as to the reason for this. Whilst we are aware of the increased intensity of the energies about and within us, at the same time we feel unable to channel it into anything specific or particularly useful – it is just building up and causing stress.

It is therefore a confusing time; a time where struggling to gain clarity and direction will only lead to more tiredness and confusion. It seems to be a time to go with the flow for a while, to find the Taoist path of least resistance. This is not about giving up or walking away from dreams, it is about surviving and keeping one’s head above water whilst all about us seem to be struggling against the current.

With retrograde Mercury still pushing buttons and Pluto now in full swing once again, it is no surprise that there is an air of confusion. At the same time, over the coming few weeks we will see Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter move direct. This is when the seas will start to calm and clarity will find a path ahead.

So, for now try to keep the faith that all will be well, and that – for now at least – take a deep breathe, stop fighting the current and believe that balance and harmony will be restored once again...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Do not believe in anything...

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.
Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations.
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

(Siddhartha Gautama)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Having spoken to many fellow travellers on the ‘path’ recently, I can’t help but notice a trend. This trend is connected to pulling away from the new age arena, and instead focusing on re-integrating into society. This re-integration seems part of a grand plan to weave threads of healing/raised awareness into everyday life in order to raise the collective consciousness.

Whilst many people are retreating from ‘normal’ society, there seems to be an equal number moving very definitely in the other direction. There is almost a sense of knowing that segregation of ‘new-age’ types makes them/us distinct and separate from the rest of society. Of course, one could argue that we are different, but then again isn’t everyone unique?

This trend seems to be connected to re-integrating so-called Lightworkers into various threads of modern day living in order to be living breathing spiritual beings in an everyday world. Whilst many of us may like to dream about spending our days tucked away from society meditating, healing and connecting with Spirit, there is a need to bring this to the masses, to the world.

It seems to be time to roll up one’s sleeves and get stuck in, to put our money where our mouths are and to truly start to make a difference.

Now Pluto has moved direct, it is a time of intense energy bursting forth bringing about change on a great many levels within each of us. It is time to let go of all those things that no longer serve us so that we can be free and unhindered to get on with the work at hand. We need to be guided by our higher Selves, and trust our intuition.

It does seem that this is a two-way flow as many people step onto the path of spiritual enlightenment and awareness, yet souls more travelled on the path are stepping back into the mainstream now to reach more people and to spread the light into all areas of life.

What a paradoxical world we live in…

Friday, 11 September 2009

Pluto Direct...

Pluto finally moves direct today – over the past few months this remote little powerhouse has been wreaking havoc in our lives, making us face our own inner demons, helping us to let go of those things (thoughts, patterns, attitudes, ideas, people and situations) that no longer serve us, and to resolve those issues that have remained unresolved within us for some time.

Whilst in retrograde, the energy ray of Pluto becomes more intense and concentrated, and his focus is turned within – shining a light on our inner worlds. Pluto cannot be ignored, he always finds a way for each of us to take notice and he will continue to chip away at our resistance until we start to take notice and act.

Pluto can seem cold and harsh, yet unless we let go in our lives, we cannot embrace the new. Without endings there cannot be beginnings. Of course the irony is that resistance to change is futile – it tends to happen whether we want it to or not, so to embrace it and work with it makes more sense as it places us in a position of empowerment. To resist and retreat leaves us the victim, powerless and without a voice.

So, this past few months have given each of us an opportunity to go deeply within to face those things about us that we don’t like, we ignore or that we find to painful to access. Pluto has helped us to see that unless we face our true selves, we cannot move forwards. Pluto has helped each of us to take hold of our inner strength, and to embrace the inevitable changes that we have all faced.

The past few months have been challenging, particularly in view of the effect of the other planets in retrograde (Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus). At times I have personally felt like my head is going to spin off (in true Exorcist fashion) as the sheer pressure and force of the release process has been hard to handle at times. I have felt overwhelmed much of the time, and under-whelmed the rest of the time. I have longed to simply feel whelmed!

The effect of retrograde Pluto has helped each of us to go within and to connect to the true core of who we are. Pluto has helped us to be aware of our true calling, and our true power.

Pluto is the catalyst, he may be challenging, but he is absolutely necessary. He cannot be ignored, and this retrograde phase has been testament to that – has anyone actually managed to avoid the intensity? I haven’t come across anyone…

Now Pluto is moving direct, his energies will burst out back into the external world giving each of us a chance to explore ways in which we can express our true natures in the world in which we live.

Those of us who have faced out fears will now start to feel stronger and stronger, and for those who stayed in ostrich state? Well, Pluto won’t give up, that’s almost guaranteed, he will continue to chip away until each of us reaches our true core and have become baggage free. Pluto wants each of us to be free, to stand in our power and to fulfil our true potential.

So expect a surge of energy over the next few weeks once Pluto gets back into the swing of things again. And as the other planets start moving direct over the coming weeks, more and more awareness and clarity is likely to come forth.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


It might have slipped your attention that tomorrow is the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year of the new millennium. There are lots of ideas floating around as to the significance of this date, but I can’t help but get the 999-dial emergency out of my mind…

This is a chaotic time, a time of unpredictability and uncertainty. It is a time where confusion reigns as each of us struggles to forge our way ahead. This is a time for letting go of those things that no longer serve us and for embracing our potential and gifts.

There is little time for doubt or cogitation as the world is moving at a rapid pace. This is where the 999 (emergency) comes in for me – the need for focus, dedication and to fight for what is right.

It is a time for personal enlightenment so I recommend pausing for a moment at 9 minutes past 9am on the 9th – try meditating and seeking some personal insight and guidance. You will be pleased you tried.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Mercury Goes Retrograde

The master of communications goes retrograde today. This flighty little planet will have quite an impact on those of us trying to get our lives organised – expect letters to go astray, miscommunications and misunderstandings when it comes to contracts, financial and legal dealings.

Check, double check and triple check when you need to, and be sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Leave no stone unturned if you want to avoid any irritations or delays.

Mercury goes retrograde a lot – four times this year, so we should all be used to the little games that he plays, yet at the same time we are often thrown into a state of disarray when things don’t go quite as planned.

There is a strong need to be both pragmatic and philosophical over the next few weeks. Maybe, just maybe Mercury is being our best friend by causing well-timed delays to allow us a little more thinking time?

It is all too easy to get caught up in the usual feelings that it is best to keep one’s head down whilst Mercury is retrograde, but with Pluto soon moving direct, it is clear that keeping one’s head down is not really an option – it is time to stand up and be counted now.

So by taking a more philosophical approach to obstacles and hiccups, hopefully we can each reach the end of this month stronger than ever before…

Mercury will be retrograde from the 7th to the 28th September

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

August Horoscopes

Here are last month's horoscopes - the current month can be found on The Planet Whisperer website.


You have been working very hard over recent weeks, and August is the month to slow down a little to consolidate your situation. It is a time to go with the flow a little more and to take some time out to escape from the daily drudgery of life. Do take heed of the need to go with the tide, for if you struggle against the current, you will end up tired, frustrated and in the same place you started.

You certainly seem to be driven when it comes to your work ideals, and whilst this is very admirable, this seems to be at the expense of your family and home life. Balance is key this month, so, take the hint, spend some quality time with those close to you, and have some fun - this month is all about you taking it easier and spending more time with those that matter most.

You are naturally a ‘go-getter’, so taking some time out might be against your better judgement, but once you realise that taking your foot off the accelerator actually allows you to do more, not less, you will start to relax and enjoy the ride much more. Remember the theme of bringing balance to your life, keep this in mind and you shouldn’t stray too far off course.


You are usually the one on hand to give out guidance, support and understanding to others, yet this month you are likely to be in need of a listening ear as you start to explore some new and exciting possibilities in your life. Most will be keen to offer help and support, but do be careful not to allow yourself to be swayed off track by the good (and sometimes not so good) intentions of those you confide in. Trust your intuition, and stand your ground.

August brings with it some hard work and big decisions, but neither of these are likely to come as too much of a shock. Just remember to pace yourself, and take your time. Even at the best of times, you don’t like to be rushed into things, so don’t bend to the pressure of those close – once again trust your intuition.

You are prone to self-doubt when it comes to your gifts and abilities, yet your experiences in life place you in pole position to help others. At a deep level, this type of work calls you, but your self-doubting often gets in the way as you feel that you are simply not good enough. So, now is the time to STOP doubting and start believing, you know you can do it, there is no room for false modesty now!


Get ready for the ride in August, life reaches a turning point and you will be faced with some very big decisions about your future. This may sound a little ominous, but in fact, the trend is overwhelmingly positive. Try to embrace this change to make the transition much easier – at some level you have been aware of the subtle undercurrents of transformation that have been bubbling under the surface over recent months, but you have been unable to pinpoint exactly what was involved, until now that is, when the bubbles will start to break through to the surface and start to flow in one, very positive, direction.

This may feel quite frenetic and chaotic, but try not to be swept along with the current, as you would benefit from keeping a cool head to handle making quick decisions and acting decisively when opportunity comes knocking. There is not much room for procrastination and naval gazing in August!

You are naturally quite a people person, and love nothing better than interacting with others. However, you would benefit from becoming more aware of your effect on those close to you as you have been quite demanding lately. This is not a selfish thing, as in many ways it’s quite subconscious – but now you are aware of it, hopefully you can achieve a greater sense of balance in your interactions.


The good news is that August looks set to be a month of relative tranquillity and calm. The pressure you have been under recently starts to ease, and you feel able to take a big deep breath and relax. In fact, the further you can step back from your life, the clearer the overall picture will become. Seeing your life from a whole new perspective will allow you to make some tweaks and adjustments to your plans in order to clear the path ahead for some time to come.

One thing that is important for you this month is a need to stay true to your Self. Sometimes your fear of feeling vulnerable pushes you towards bending yourself out of shape to accommodate the needs and wishes of others. This might be sustainable in the short term, but over time you are likely to end up feeling resentful and frustrated. So, try to stop playing a role or being the person that others want you to be, and start being yourself.

Listening is a vital trait to master this month, as you need to listen carefully to what others are saying. Assumptions and misconceptions are likely to get you into a whole heap of trouble. So listen to the words, and don’t hear bits and pieces and then draw your own conclusions. You have been warned…


August brings with it a need for more flexibility in your life and in your attitudes. You are a natural leader, and sometimes your need for order and control can overstep the mark. You might always think that you know best, but when it comes to the lives and decisions of others, you need to let them play a role and make some choices of their own, however much you might not agree with them. You need to accept change and honour the choices that others make – this is not about you walking away or giving up, but simply slackening the reigns a little.

There is a strong sense of change around you at the moment and this seems to involve a major decision about your life path. Remember to trust your intuition about what will and won’t work in your life, and also remember to let things develop naturally and at their own pace. Trying to force things at this stage could end up backfiring on you in a big way. So, cultivate the art of patience and you will reduce your stress levels greatly.

These two key lessons of patience and tolerance will allow you to develop much stronger bonds with those close to you. You will begin to see the disadvantages of ruling with an iron fist, and start to relax and enjoy the process of life once again.


August looks set to be another busy month for Virgoans. You are certainly in demand, and at times you are likely to feel that you are being pulled in a multitude of different directions at the same time. Remember though, that as much as you might want to do it all, sometimes you have to prioritise and set more realistic targets for yourself. You need to avoid getting caught up in the stress and chaos of other people’s demands and needs, otherwise you are likely to end up feeling overwhelmed. So, stay true to yourself and your needs, use your organisational skills and reset the pace to something much more manageable. It might take some effort, but you will be pleased you made the effort.

Your Ruler Mercury whizzes into your sign on the 2nd and whizzes out again on the 25th, this has a galvanising effect on your mind as your ability to think quickly with great clarity is honed to new levels. This will come in very useful as the month progresses as you are likely to have a big decision to make…

You are quite an intellectual at heart, and love to have meaningful conversations with those close. However, you are becoming aware of a gap between where you are and where you want to be – try to resolve this before a crevice appears…


‘Be Prepared’ is your motto for August. The reason might not be clear yet, but there is a need to be highly organised in August, as you are likely to find that the pace of life increases considerably. In addition, you might discover an opportunity to get away from it all on your own little adventure, and so be ready for possible far-flung travel and a journey into the unknown. This may not mean tropical shores, but it could mean a new adventure with your work or with your life plans.

One thing’s for sure though, and that is you will be in just the right place at the right time. You will be heard, your ideas will take shape, and you will receive all the necessary guidance and support you might need with relatively little effort on your part.

August seems to be a major turning point in your life. Decisions have been made and the path ahead looks bright, rosy and clear. You are in the driving seat of your life now, and your appointment with destiny looks set to be an amazing opportunity to take your life into a whole new dimension. Don’t spoil things with self-doubting or indecision, stick to the plan (you know that one that has been churning and turning around your mind for months) and enjoy the ride!


Indecision and self-doubting are not usually your trademark traits, but you have been dithering and cogitating rather a lot lately, particularly in connection to your career and life goals. This is because you have been carrying a lot of responsibility and you have not felt able to be your normally much more free-spirited self. You have felt a little trapped or claustrophobic and this has started to overwhelm you.

The good news is that your free spirit will start to re-emerge over the coming weeks, as your creativity will allow you to think outside of the box in order for you to find a positive solution to reducing the pressure and responsibility you have been carrying. It is not that you want to shirk the responsibility, but you know that unless the pressure is taken off you at least a little, then you are likely to walk away completely. So, speak up if you can, and trust your instincts.

This more decisive – ‘all or nothing’ - you will also appear in your relationships as you start to re-discover your wants and needs in your interactions. You are not one to settle for second best, to put up with game playing (unless you are the player!) or to avoid speaking your mind, so grab the bull by the horns and take some control once again.


August is a month of consolidation for you - it is time to finally bring together the many different strings of your bow to decide which ones are truly important to your future and which ones are more of a distraction than anything else. You may be surprised at the result, but do try to let go of those things that no longer serve you so you can move forwards in a positive and uplifting way.

It is important to stay true to your Self this month, as you will need to develop a more health/Self conscious approach to your life. That is, looking after your own well-being and destiny, and finding your own unique philosophy that feeds your expansive spirit, your inquisitive mind and your creative aspirations.

August is a month of far-reaching positive developments in your life, but you need to be more in control if you are to make the most of these. You may seem to drift through life by the seat of your pants, grabbing opportunities and getting by on luck, but the reality is that this requires huge amounts of energy. Have you considered that you are likely to achieve just as much by slowing things down a little, doing some research, spending some time planning and then channelling your energy in better ways? Food for thought...


You have been feeling somewhat confused when it comes to your future and how you want to spend the rest of your life. It may be true that there are some elements of your life that are bringing you a huge amount of joy and contentment, but there is a bit of a vacuum when it comes to your ambitions. August brings you an opportunity to take a big long look at yourself and your life, to see exactly what you dream of doing.

Dreams are not something you often focus on, for you are too practical and realistic for fantasy. But take some time to consider the possibility that one of your dreams is no longer fantasy - it is within your grasp…

Now is the time to start developing at least one of the ideas that has been floating around in your head for a while now. You need to stop thinking and start doing in order to develop the idea into something workable and achievable. August is not a month to sell yourself short or to underestimate your abilities, so give yourself a much-needed kick up the posterior to fire up your creative and practical abilities once again. Trust that help and support will come when you need it, and avoid getting stuck in the details. Keep your goal in focus, and go for it!


You have been enjoying the ride this year as your horizons have expanded and your belief in yourself and your abilities has soared. This looks set to continue, but underneath there is a need for you to find a little stability now. It is almost like you need to develop some roots again, as you are starting to feel a little ungrounded and unsettled. Once you can establish this again in your life, then you will feel able to reach out in the world once again and continue the ride of a lifetime.

You would be forgiven for thinking that you are invincible as everything has been falling into place for you, but don’t get complacent otherwise you might start to overstretch yourself and push your abilities a little out of your comfort zone. This carries a risk that you will come unstuck and come crashing back down to earth, undoing much of your hard work this year. So keep it real, keep your dreams in focus and you look set to make good progress over the coming weeks.

So, developing roots and realism are your two key areas to develop this month. Try not to think of these as mundane and boring, and certainly don’t see them as anchors holding you back. Instead see them as bridges to a whole new world of opportunity and contentment.


Life has been something of an uphill struggle for you lately, as you have struggled to find clarity about your goals and path ahead. This is mainly down to a distinct lack of energy due to you giving so much of yourself to helping others. This is admirable, but you have depleted your own reserves as a result. August brings you a chance to re-charge your batteries and to take some much-needed time out to get your own life back into focus. You are unlikely to ever stop giving and helping others, but August is a month to prioritise your own needs and dreams, and to enrich your own life once again.

Try to take things a day at a time, and remember to listen to your deeper, intuitive Self for guidance on a regular basis. Whilst on the surface, your life might feel chaotic, if you stop and look within, you will see that the waters are much calmer and more peaceful that you might think. So, when the seas get stormy or choppy around you, know that within you is a pool of tranquillity and peace. This is your special place for retreat, re-charge and reflection; and it is here that you can access your intuition and great sense of instinct to guide you forwards, one step at a time.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Digestion & Discretion...

Maybe the hardest lesson to learn at the moment is that whilst we all have friends and mentors to guide and support us on our journeys in life, it is time to realise that the journey each of us takes through life is unique. By all means listen to the words of others, but don’t be spoon-fed – we need to find out for ourselves, listen to our intuition and be guided by our higher Self. Like any student – regurgitating someone else’s words is empty and without meaning. The only true way to learn is to digest and form our own conclusions.

In this world of new-age spirituality, new ‘gurus’ are emerging all the time – new books and ‘channellings’, new mentors and people to lead the way. This has been the case throughout time, yet there is a risk that ego can become entangled in the mix and the root-cause of the ‘messages’ are lost.

It is hard to resist the power and joy that comes from being hero-worshipped or having a league of followers, yet only the true enlightened souls know that this misses the point. By all means, hand out advice, show new ideas or techniques, but then let them go – let them find their own ways.

We are human, and ego is part of the human condition. It is hard to avoid, but on the spiritual path it can become disillusioning or even dangerous.

It is similar with the many ‘new’ forms of healing emerging – my belief is maybe too simple for many, but I believe that healing is healing, and that Spirit is Spirit. It matters not how we choose to heal, but the reasons why we do it. If the intention is right, then the healing energy will flow. It is not necessary to keep up with the latest trends and learn every new technique and idea out there – after all these are simply the ideas of someone else who stepped back and listened to their intuition. So, why not find your own way?

The message seems clear: if we all step back and listen to our intuition and allow ourselves to be guided by the Divine energy that flows within us all, we will be shown the way. Our soul path is a personal journey; it is not about keeping up with trends, fitting in, or boosting our ego through hero worship. It is purely about our relationship with the Divine. At the end of the day, what else is there?

Over the coming weeks, the planets will start to show each of us the way forwards - we need to be ready to listen...

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


It seems that the somewhat relentless flow of personal challenges are reaching a peak now, which is great news for many of us who are almost buckling under the pressure.

This has been a testing time, and it seems that by being gently ‘forced’ to cut out the inessential in our lives is paying off. Life is beginning to seem lighter now and more in focus. It’s not even that a sense of clarity has emerged; as for many of us the path ahead still seems vague and undefined (akin to someone trying to get a picture into focus – there are odd glimpses, but full 20/20 clarity has yet to be achieved).

What has become clear though, is a need to live consciously – a need to be truly alive and aware of ourselves and our nature. It is all too easy to get bogged down by life and the mundane, and when this routine gets ingrained, it can be hard to see anything other than the banal. It can be hard to see the myriad of rainbow colours, when we see the world in black and white.

Yet, this past few weeks has seen an increasing need to face life issues head on, to deal with the seemingly mundane in order to let go of the baggage which we all carry. Sometimes, it is easier to keep our heads buried in the sand in order to avoid the reality, which we have to face.

There is a growing sense of emotional tension both within and around us as each of us start to assert our true Selves out into the world. This may shock and surprise those close, but it seems that the time for bending ourselves out of shape has come to an end. It is a time to be true to our Selves – to be free from the baggage that holds us back and keeps us ‘in line’ with what’s expected of us.

It is time to travel lighter through life, and whilst this may involve embracing some harsh truths about others, and our Selves, it seems to be a necessary part of the journey.

What this past few weeks has clarified is a sense that by letting go of the inessential, we are able to put all of our heart and soul into achieving our dreams and finding the stillness within.

The external chaos is starting to have less and less effect on each of us, as we find inner clarity and guidance. This is not to say that the external world should be ignored, but we are all mirrors and our inner world reflects our state of being or reality into our outer worlds. The world is what we make it after all…

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Fringe Benefits of Failure...

'Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure, but the world is quite eager to give you a set of criteria if you let it...The fears my parents had had for me, and that I had had for myself, had both come to pass, and by every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew…Now, I am not going to stand here and tell you that failure is fun. That period of my life was a dark one… I had no idea how far the tunnel extended, and for a long time, any light at the end of it was a hope rather than a reality.

So why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena I believed I truly belonged. I was set free, because my greatest fear had already been realised, and I was still alive… And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default...

The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more to me than any qualification I ever earned’.

Extract from a speech by JK Rowling - The Fringe Benefits of Failure.