Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A Time of Balance...(well, we can all dream!)

Well today is the autumn equinox – the time when the Sun enters Libra. At the equinox day and night are of equal length representing balance. Mind you, I could do with about twice the length of night at the moment, as no amount seems to be enough to get some rest…

There is a strong sense of restlessness around and a feeling of trepidation as to the reason for this. Whilst we are aware of the increased intensity of the energies about and within us, at the same time we feel unable to channel it into anything specific or particularly useful – it is just building up and causing stress.

It is therefore a confusing time; a time where struggling to gain clarity and direction will only lead to more tiredness and confusion. It seems to be a time to go with the flow for a while, to find the Taoist path of least resistance. This is not about giving up or walking away from dreams, it is about surviving and keeping one’s head above water whilst all about us seem to be struggling against the current.

With retrograde Mercury still pushing buttons and Pluto now in full swing once again, it is no surprise that there is an air of confusion. At the same time, over the coming few weeks we will see Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter move direct. This is when the seas will start to calm and clarity will find a path ahead.

So, for now try to keep the faith that all will be well, and that – for now at least – take a deep breathe, stop fighting the current and believe that balance and harmony will be restored once again...