Sunday, 25 December 2011

Consciousness Rising

Last night I went on a journey. I moved beyond myself, beyond lifetimes, beyond time, beyond space and beyond words. I became pure energy and pure consciousness. I felt no restriction, and instead I felt infinite possibility; I became infinite possibility.

In this space I moved beyond day or night, light or dark, joy or sadness. It felt blissful but empty at the same time; but this felt perfect and right. In this space I felt like the Universe was within me and part of me; and I was part of it at the same time.

As I travelled beyond consciousness, beyond language and beyond comprehension I realised that every moment is endless, for there are no limits. The only limits we face are the ones that we put there.

The need to embrace Truth and to follow Destiny seemed so important for these are the keys to becoming whole, and becoming One with all there is. Of course, we are already whole and One, but few of us ever realise this.

Becoming pure energy moved me beyond the human mind and beyond the restrictions of being in physical form. It made me think about what truly makes my heart sing and it was amazing to feel awoken and connected.

As energy, the myriad of colours weaved up and down my ‘body’, I felt peaceful, energised and tranquil at the same time. The energy flow was like a river constantly moving and the currents shifting created a beautiful dance; a cosmic and celestial dance, which was amazing and incredible, beautiful and vibrant.

As I returned to physical form, life has somehow moved into sharper focus; every colour is now more vibrant and everything seems more alive and energised. Perhaps this is purely my perception, but perhaps not.


Cosmically and Universally there is so much occurring (the Solstice on the 22nd, the New Moon on the 24th, Jupiter moving Direct on the 25th as well as a myriad of other ‘shifts’ happening on many different levels of awareness). The ebb and flow of the planets and the Universe seems to have taken on a new momentum as each of us continues forward towards self-discovery, enlightenment and bliss.

Life carries its fair share of challenges, but it seems that the more we realise the vastness of our potential and the true nature of the power of our intent, then we can begin to handle such challenges and build a new Heaven on Earth.

This shift begins from the inside, out. In some ways it is passive, for it involves a change in perspective. But, at the same time, it is also hugely energetic and full of potential, for once we have fully surrendered to our own magnificence, then we can begin to use our gifts to transform on every level.

There has been some long dark nights of the soul; nights so long that it seemed the dawn would never come. But the dawn has come, and we need to keep on keeping on with faith in our hearts and the power of intent driving us forward. Obviously, much has been learnt in the process, and with each passing day we become more evolved and more inspired to make the most of every single moment in order to live the best life possible.


It is immense to feel the power of who you truly are. Pause for a moment to connect to this; feel your power, feel your Self awakening fully and living consciously. Remember to live your Truth, to surrender to your own magnificence, to love your Self and to embrace every moment as fully and as consciously as possible. You are an energetic, vibrating, incredible Being; feel the power within and without. You are your own Creator, and your life is in your hands now.

The time has come to fully awaken to your natural state of Being; you are amazing and wonderful – feel this now, believe it!

The time has come to fully use the power of your intent to create Heaven on Earth; to transform the world from the inside, out. This power, this gift, is within each and every one of us, and it seems that once we let go of the restrictions and the shackles of doubt, fear and uncertainty, then Heaven on Earth is not only possible, but it has already arrived...

Friday, 16 December 2011

An Angel in Hobnailed Boots

Ever get the feeling that you are running on a treadmill, stuck in one place, and no matter how hard or fast you run, you never get any further forward? There have been quite a few moments like this over the past few weeks and months, and their intensity seems to be increasing!

It seems that the reason for this is connected to our growing awareness of their presence, and this in itself makes them more marked and profound! Yet, this does not have to be a self-fulfilling prophecy for we can shift our perspectives in order to look beyond the challenge in order to see the opportunity that such moments in life present us. Whilst it can be hard to see even a glimpse of opportunity through the frustration, if we can begin to see that each challenge is, in itself, making us stronger, then this is a start!

When life feels challenging, every day can feel daunting, and it can be hard to breathe. When life throws us head first into chaos and challenges, it is only natural to want to understand these and to ensure that they never happen again. We may choose to withdraw from life a little, but our life force withers at the same time. Or we can stand firm, like a flower in the storm, gently bending and flexing with the wind.

Deep within each and every one of us is infinite potential; we are Divine sparks. Once we awaken from limited thought, restricting beliefs and from seeing external attachments as goals in themselves, then everything becomes possible. Even those down’s move into clearer perspective, because after each ‘down’ comes an ‘up’, and we can choose to get lost in the grief of losing the up or we can surrender to the flow and ride it like a rollercoaster. How we perceive the down’s is the key to riding the storm and bending like that flower, rather than resisting and snapping like a brittle twig.

Ever since we came into consciousness, we have been shaping and moulding our lives and our paths. Perhaps subconsciously, perhaps deliberately, but we have been using our power nonetheless. Making a step towards being fully conscious of all of this is significant now, for this is the path towards not only inner unification but global unification as well. As we begin to awaken, we realise that we place ourselves on the treadmill of life; perhaps through fear or convenience, perhaps through boredom or a desperate need to cling to something familiar. Whatever the reason, it is time to own that choice and to either accept it or to step onto a path that is open-ended and unfamiliar.

We each have our sources of guidance in life; some connect to angels, some to guides or companions, and some to other Beings. Some of us simply follow our own in-built guidance systems and trust the flow. Whatever our inspiration, it seems that the time has come to ‘toughen up’ in order to take some important and significant steps forwards in life. It is time to ask our angels to put on their hobnailed boots, to roll up their sleeves and to give each of us a well-meaning virtual nudge in the ribs to keep us focused and motivated to step off the treadmill once and for all!

Our guides and inspiration are not passive, meek and mild; they are magnificent and powerful, and we need to realise that they are a part of us, making us magnificent and powerful! So, put on your hobnailed boots and get ready for the ride...

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Embrace The Magic

Today is a special day. It is special because there is a total Lunar Eclipse, and it is special because Uranus moves direct in Aries today. Eclipses usually herald change, and today is no exception! Uranus is the truth seeker, the freedom fighter and the individual. He inspires each of us to be unique and free on all levels of our Being.

Uranus direct in Aries inspires us to have the courage of our convictions, to let go of fear, and to boldly go where we have never gone before! We have been swiftly moving to this moment over the past weeks, months and years, and it seems that the time has now come to let go of self-doubts and to realise our full potential. This feels like a magical and illuminating moment; a time of shift within and without, and a time of awakening.

Of course we have a choice. We can remain as we are, with a safe and familiar path, reassured that we are within our ‘comfort zones’ in life, or we can take a risk and step into unknown territory and follow our dreams. Reality tempers this in many ways, but only because our perceptions and beliefs are limiting in themselves; our thoughts do shape our lives, after all. If we believe that we can follow our dreams and still thrive on all levels in life, then surely we stand a better chance of making this work than if we remain frozen in uncertainty and fear? Changing the dynamic can make such a difference...

Of course, having bills to pay, food to buy etc. is a guiding force for so many of us, for that is life! Yet, Uranus takes us beyond the mundane and the practical into a world of personal power, personal belief and personal intention. He helps us to realise that we are the ones who place ourselves in limiting patterns by our thoughts and beliefs, and he wants us to break free from this in order to live vibrantly and magically; energetically and fully.

Uranus wants us to hear our hearts singly loudly; he wants us to shatter outdated and outmoded illusions in order to create a new reality. He wants us to let go of everything that holds us back or prevents us from being and living our Truth. We are our own Creators, and Uranus wants us to fully embrace the power and immensity of this now.

In many ways, Uranus is the planet of infinite possibilities; one person can create a chain reaction of change (a thought, an idea or an action) that can literally send shock waves of new thought or changed behaviour around the world. Uranus is the archetypal Butterfly Effect. It is time to see change both within and without; the earth is changing, humanity is changing and it is only by embracing Uranus that these flashes of genius and insight can flow bringing about a whole new world...

Uranus is also the lightning strike that breaks down barriers; he inspires us to become more intuitive and more connected with the Universe. Uranus reflects our innate human longing to know where we are going and why, but also our need to feel part of something bigger. In some ways we need to surrender to the flow and the power of the Universe in order to allow ourselves to feel truly connected; not easy though, for the head and the mind like to rationalise and ponder, but this goes beyond thoughts and ideas, and it goes beyond words and language, for this is a place of feeling and being.

Change begins within, and we now need to break down the barriers and blocks within in order to shift our consciousness to a new, enriching and nourishing level. Feel the power of this moment and this shift; feel it (truly feel it and be it) and the first step has been taken...

So, it seems that today is a day to step into the magic, to feel the wonder, to reclaim our power and to declare our intentions to the Universe. All in 24 little hours!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


There can be no denying that 2011 has been a year of contrast on just about every level of existence! Of course, there are still a few weeks to go and it seems that the cosmic twists and turns are likely to continue, and possibly even intensify now.

In some ways we have been on a journey within and without this year; we have sought out new depths within as our outer worlds have shifted and transformed. Whilst processes are ongoing, it seems clear that our perspectives are the key to how we embrace and manage such ebbs, flows and maelstroms.

When we look in the mirror, we may see the same face staring back at us, but look closer, look into the eyes, there is something different there. Whilst it may be hard to pinpoint exactly what shifts we have gone through during the last few months, it cannot be denied that we somehow feel different. Of course, being human, we want to understand this shift and we want to be able to rationalise things, but sometimes, this just isn’t possible. Sometimes, it is more important to embrace a new state of being rather than spend time looking back trying to make sense of it all. Being present in the current moment and living this new state of consciousness is where we need to be.

Whilst the changes may, on the surface, seem small and perhaps even insignificant, it is only when we look deeply within that we realise that we are no longer the same people that we were just a few months ago. We have stepped through a doorway in consciousness, and realised that, as divine sparks, we are awakening more and more to the infinity of possibility and potential that lies within. How we think, feel, act, meditate, and be, are all so important now for we need to live as consciously as possible now in order to embrace our magnificence.

Being magnificent is not ego based nor is it arrogance; it is a shift in consciousness to realising that we are all One. We are the Universe, the Universe is us. We are entwined and interconnected with all there is...

This is a time to remember. To remember that we are not isolated fragments in a fractured world, but integral parts of the whole. To remember that we shape our world through our thoughts, actions and beliefs, therefore everything we do has an implication. To remember that there are endless possibilities to explore, and as pioneering adventurers, we need to have the courage to step into the unknown. And to remember that we are usually the one that places limits on our own lives through fear or doubt, so the time to set ourselves free has finally arrived.

We are awoken. Time now to bask in the glorious sunshine of a new dawn...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Saving The Best ‘til Last

This quote was in my diary for this week, and it has really made me think.

‘They say such nice things about people at their funerals that it makes me sad to realise that I’m going to miss mine by just a few days’. Garrison Keillor, American Writer

We often speak of the wonderfulness of people when they die, but how often do we tell them this when they are alive? Indeed, how often do we tell ourselves how wonderful we are?

A funeral is a celebration of life, but do we have to wait until we die to celebrate our magnificence or our brilliance? We are all incredible Beings, and the sooner we realise this, the sooner we can embrace our full potential and live the life that we were born to live.

These are tumultuous times physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and energetically. We are in a state of flux and change, and it can be hard to know whether we are coming, going or have got stuck somewhere in between.

We do have a choice though, we can resist and turn our backs on change, trying to fight it with every last breath; or we can embrace it and use it to transform and evolve. After a storm, it is the plants and trees that have bent with the wind that remain standing. Those that stand rigid, are often the ones lost. This is itself is a lesson of nature, but if we use this analogy and take it deeper within ourselves, it is important to know that it is possible to stand firm but in a fluid and giving way, rather than a tense and fear driven way.

Sometimes we have to surrender to the ebb and flow of life; this is not about being powerless and drifting along with the currents of life (although we all do that), but this is about resisting less and becoming more flexible and fluid.

Life is essentially what we make of it. The aim is not to arrive at the end of life in a pristine condition having lived a perfect life, for it is the scars and war wounds that make us individuals and give us character. We rarely know when to expect the end of life, but surely the aim is to make the most of each and every day, to live a life well lived, to enjoy each breath and to live as consciously as possible? Life then truly becomes a living celebration and is not held back until we pass!

The time to celebrate is now; the time to embrace life is now. Life is not a rehearsal, it is but a speck of time or the blink of an eye in Universal terms; but it is important none the less. We can make it significant, well-lived, rich and meaningful or we can simply keep our heads down waiting and hoping for something better to come along. It is clear that in order to become inspired and empowered, we need to realise that we need to take control and to live fully and consciously in the present moment, to grab life with both hands and to celebrate each success when it happens.

So, when was the last time that you gave yourself a pat on the back and said well done? When was the last time you honoured yourself and realised just how special you truly are?

We each have a choice, we can wait to be remembered as magnificent, or we can become a living representation of it now! The same can be said for those around us; it is time now to celebrate not denigrate, to honour not disrespect.

Say it now! Believe it, feel it and know that you are a truly special, wonderful individual! Now you can pay this forwards...

Friday, 11 November 2011

The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the 21st century. How often can we have a moment like this is our lifetimes?!

There is a great deal of focus and energy being placed on this moment in time; a great deal of hope and expectation. What does it represent? What does it mean? There are lots of theories and ideas bubbling around the globe, from portals opening to a shift in DNA. In essence though, perhaps the most significant focus of this day is to simply bring together like minded souls who collectively share a vision of hope, healing, love and evolution.

The more people that come together and unify, the more we can truly understand the nature of all of the cosmic shifts, twists and turns that we have witnessed and will continue to witness. Unity is one-ness, the Uni-verse is one-ness and the more we connect to, and live, this one-ness, the more we realise just how magnificent we truly are.

The nature of being human sees us define ourselves by the sum of our past; what happened before shapes us, moulds us and makes us whom we are today. We look back to spiritual knowledge and to the wisdom of the past to give the present (and the future) meaning and purpose; we seek a full awakening from our seemingly long dark nights of the soul.

Yet, can the past truly shape and define us? Have we not reached a point in our evolution where we need to define ourselves by the present moment? Can we always find an answer from the past? In some ways, of course we can, but if we are truly evolving now surely we need to stop looking backwards and start looking forwards!

In essence, it seems to be a time to stop seeking meaning from the outside world and to go within in order to find the answers and solutions to our lives. We may not have ‘all the answers’, but no one has, not on this earth. Yet, if we are to grow and evolve, isn’t a part of that making ‘mistakes’ and learning from them? Like a baby finding its feet; it will fall and bump, but after each fall comes not only a determination to try again but an evolving learning process to make the next attempt a step closer to its goal.

We are being re-born now, and it is time to have trust and faith in our own abilities to learn and to find our own ways forwards. This is not about isolation, but it is defining ourselves from within not without. Groups are a powerful way to manifest change and transformation, healing and love, but in order to find Truth, we need to go within our Selves and not define ourselves through the collective. is a special moment, perhaps mainly because we decide it will be. This may sound twee or a little light-hearted, but it is not. At the end of the day, it is our intent that is the most important gift that we have. Intent and personal power are our guiding lights and are the forces in our lives that can transform, destroy and create. Imagine what we can do personally and collectively if we believe that we can. If we can make special, then we can do anything!

Portals may open and our DNA may change, but perhaps the most significant things we can embrace is unity, self-awareness and the power of intent, for once we have these, then life can be truly wonderful...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Magnificence Rising

The time has come to stop procrastinating, and to start doing! Thinking about life is NOT the same as living it. Life is not a rehearsal, it is the real deal! We may like to think that we are preparing ourselves for the ultimate Nirvana and enlightenment, and this may be true, but what matters most is the present moment. In this moment we are neither controlled by the past or the future, we are in the now and this is where we need to consciously remain if we are to live more mindfully.

Planning for some future that may or may not happen, or waiting for that perfect moment or opportunity to come up and tap you on the shoulder is a good way to fritter away energy and focus. It is disempowering and disenchanting at the very least.

If you take a moment, stop and spend some time pondering the following:

If today were your last day on Earth, would you want to be doing what you are doing now? Would you be happy that you have lived your life to the full? Would you feel that you have made the most of every second to live in bliss? Have you lived the best life that you can live? Have you at least stepped towards your dreams? Have you played it safe or taken a chance on happiness? Have you listened to your heart and given it the freedom to sing? Have you honoured your Self?

So many questions, but where are the answers? The fact is of course, that we can all sit and think about these questions, but there comes a time when thinking simply is not enough anymore. Thinking or even feeling can give us clarity and vision, but it cannot drive us forward; we have to do that ourselves.

Making a choice or a decision can be so hard. Our heads and our hearts are so often in conflict. Our hearts may call us toward one path or dream but our heads are more concerned with paying the bills, surviving and getting through each day. Yet, surely too much head stuff can clutter and overwhelm the heart and can prove just as disruptive as no thinking at all! Balance is the name of the game.

Easy peasy then. If only!

How do we move through the fear and the worry in order to connect with what truly makes our hearts sing? How can we move from a place of fear to a place of knowing, wisdom and confidence?

It seems to boil down to attitude and belief.

Firstly, is the belief that ‘I am worth it’, an intent so strong when we truly believe it, that it oozes from our auras and from every cell of our Being. This is a belief that never waivers; it is a knowing, a power.

Secondly is the belief that ‘I have the power’. Another intent; a simple one, but one that creates freedom and opportunity. it empowers, enlightens and inspires us to realise the magnificence of who we are.

Thirdly is the belief that ‘my thoughts shape my life’, this is more of a realisation, but an important one, for once we realise that we have the power to shape and transform our lives simply by through our attitude, things get considerably more interesting! This is not about getting lost in thought though, it is about having a clear focus and vision, and having clear and well-defined thoughts. We need to know ourselves and we need clarity; for if we do not know ourselves, our dreams or our goals, then how are we to manifest them?!

Finally is the belief that ‘I am wonderful, I am magnificent’. Somewhat harder to say with belief or conviction, but why? We are all magnificent and incredible, and it is time to celebrate that.

Drifting along in life, scrimping and scraping is a choice. We can see money, prosperity and wealth as something ‘always out of our reach’ or we can realise our own value and begin to transform our lives from the inside out. Through knowing that we are worth it, that we do have the power and by accepting that our thoughts do shape our lives, we can begin to take back the controls and re-connect to our Selves.

It is time to cut out the worry and the fear, for these attract more of the same. It is time now to celebrate what we do have, and to know that with belief and determination, we can make every day magnificent and blissful. We can look in the mirror and not feel empty, hollow or lacking; we can look in the mirror and know that we are living and have lived the best life possible.

Life is not about reaching the end destination in pristine condition, unscathed, and without scars. Out of suffering, strength emerges, and whilst many of us have suffered and struggled, it is important to realise that this is a part of life and we can either feel like a victim or accept what’s done is done, the past is in the past. What matters now is the present!

It is time to celebrate these scars, to know that this is what makes us incredible. We are the sum of all of our components, warts and all, and it is time to embrace our Selves fully, openly, honestly and with love.

Khalil Gibran: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” (thanks Amanda!)

So, no more sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen, instead we need to have the courage and self-belief to step into the unknown, to let go of our fears and doubts, to believe and to realise that we have the power to make things happen. Life carries no guarantees, there is no ‘money back’ guarantee if things fall short of our hopes or expectations. We can suffer from buyers remorse or we can get up, dust ourselves off and get back on the horse once again.

Perhaps the most important thing to embrace is clarity. Without clarity we move along in a blur, in a haze of confusion and discombobulation. Yet clarity is quite hard to clarify, for we are human, and our hearts and our heads often have different agendas. Heart often strives for dreams and joy, the head seeks security and practicality.

The way to win this inner battle is to encourage the heart and the head to make peace, and to work together. Battles are exhausting, and what purpose do they serve other than to throw up more questions and turmoil? If we can get our heads and our hearts working together, then we can finally begin to de-clutter our lives, to focus and to embrace that all elusive clarity!

The key to life seems to be connected to inner harmony, if we are to re-awaken our souls’ full potential we need to step into the tranquillity within. This pool of tranquillity is where wisdom, belief, intent and abundance all reside. We now need to shift our perspective and realisation that this tranquillity is already within us and around us, we just have to use it now.

Take a breath and clear your mind. Connect to the power within you, let go of the clutter and allow your true purpose to be revealed. It is time for your heart to sing now; loudly and vibrantly from the roof tops with mirth, joy and bliss...

Monday, 31 October 2011

Angels & GPS’s

There is a strange and somewhat mysterious energy all around us at the moment, even the light during the day has changed, and the dark during the night seems altered. Everyone seems affected by this energy; even those not usually open to spiritual or ‘higher’ energies.

There is a bubbling undercurrent of anticipation and expectation, but nothing is bursting forth with a notice to say ‘here’s the answer, here’s the solution’. No faeries or light beings are popping up with words of wisdom or guidance.

It is as though we are now standing on the brink of change, at the edge of a precipice wondering whether to cling on for dear life to what we know or whether to let go, to have faith and to trust that all will be well. Neither sounds particularly enticing, after all, what lies on the other side of that precipice? Soft fluffy clouds? Sharp jagged rocks? Hmmmm

We want answers, and we want guidance. In an ideal world, we would be born with a guide book for life in our hands, telling us what to do, when, how etc. Yet we are not. We are born unique and individual souls, and we have to find our own way in life. Of course, there is support from those around us, but at the end of the day, our journey is our own; we walk alone through time, through space and through life.

So, here we find ourselves, on a precipice wondering what on earth to do next. This strange energy is undeniably strong suggesting change is imminent, but still we wait. What are we waiting for? Are we hoping that an angel might pop down with a GPS, map and guide book to tell us what to do next? We may have some wait...

It seems that we have reached one of those times in life where we have to make a choice. We can cling to what we know or we can take a leap of faith into the unknown. Standing still doesn’t seem an option anymore and we need to make a choice. We can never know what lies around the next corner, and we cannot guarantee soft fluffy clouds if we take a leap of faith, but it seems clear that we need to have more belief in ourselves and our gifts, and to know that sometimes we just have to follow our intuition or gut instinct (of course, this intuitive light bulb moment may come in the form of an angel with a GPS, but maybe not for most of us!).

There is no right or wrong decision, the important thing is to make a decision and to accept it. ‘What if’s’ and ‘if only’s’ waste energy and focus, so it is time to re-empower ourselves, to own our choices and to take back the controls.

We can choose to sit and wait for this somewhat mysterious energy to intensify, or we can sit and wait for it to go away, but where’s the learning in that? It is time to realise that we are not powerless, directionless souls just drifting through life waiting for a ‘sign’. Instead we are strong, courageous, amazing, wonderful and incredible souls with choices to make and dreams to fulfil.

These are times of change. Intense, profound and lasting change...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sweet Soul Music

We are all part of the Universe, we make up the whole. We are all energy, and as energy beings we are infinite (for science tells us that energy can be neither created nor destroyed).

We know this, this is not news, but how many of us truly know this? How many of us have really thought this through? We are infinite, we are the Universe, we are One. Wow...

It can be easy to become lost travelling down the myriad of different pathways through life, we can lose sight of our gifts, dreams and our Selves, and so it is not surprising that we can forget Truth.

Yet, whilst we are One, each of us has own our ‘note’ in the orchestra of life, each of us has our own part to play in the Whole. When we are in touch with our cores, we allow our note to play sweetly, vibrantly and joyfully, but when we are out of touch, this note can become discordant and out of tune.

When we listen to the wonderful orchestra of the Universe, humans are but tiny specks of the Whole, animals are also specks, and the Earth is another speck. Yet these ‘specks’ are no less significant than anything else. Yet there is discordance and imbalance; we all know that the Earth and all those who dwell on her are out of kilter. We feel the pain and suffering all around, yet what can we do?

It seems that the most positive thing we can do is to go within, to re-tune our ‘notes’ and to play our music as sweetly and joyfully as possible. When we are in tune, we know ourselves, we live in Truth, we embrace our full potential and our hearts sing. Re-tuning our notes is contagious, it spreads, for as one person starts to sing sweetly, others follow suit.

Once we are in tune with ourselves, we can help to re-tune the Whole; from humanity to animals to the Earth, and we can make the Uni-Verse whole again.

So, it is time to reconnect to our ‘notes’, to our true sense of Self and to embrace our infinite potential as enlightened, spiritual souls...

Friday, 14 October 2011

Time to Dance

‘You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star’ Friedrich Nietzsche

This phrase seems so apt for the current time, for it brings a sense of meaning and purpose to the chaos and discombobulation! And, after all, who wouldn’t want to be a dancing star?!

Without going into an academic or philosophical discussion as to Nietzsche’s thoughts behind this quote, my own understanding of the words is more of a feeling than a thought. Just read the words and feel the meaning...

Chaos in the soul is unsettling, but it is a vital part of our personal and spiritual evolution. Without chaos, there is no change, and without change, we cannot grow. Chaos can be frightening, but it can also be a friend. For it is through the chaos, that we find Truth and our sense of Self.

Following a spiritual path in life is never easy, as stuff happens; life happens and frustratingly gets in the way of dedicated spiritual practice, reflection and contemplation! It can be so hard to lead a spiritual life in the ‘dog-eat-dog’ 21st century. Yet, is it really that hard? Is it not possible to move through the mundane and remain connected to what lies beyond? Chaos is part of what we find in that space, but peace, tranquillity and stillness can be found in abundance as well. It is when we rest in tranquillity that we can begin to ride the chaos and so embrace the change that is happening whether we want it to or not.

We all have chaos within us and around us; that is part of life. Our perception of that chaos is where we have a choice. We can choose to feel powerless and alone, or we can choose to have courage, self belief and strength and realise that we absolutely do have what it takes to find happiness and joy. Perception is such a strong filter in our lives; our families, peers, society, culture, beliefs etc all cloud or shade our perception considerably. It is only when we have the courage to look beyond what’s ‘expected’ of us, to connect to the Truth, that we can begin to see just how much clouding we have collected over the years.

Like the proverbial onion, it is time to peel back the layers of conditioning one by one so that we can connect to our true priorities in life. Chaos steps in here once again though, as we have to be prepared to move into the chaos with love and compassion in order to be at one with it, and to realise that it is our biggest aide and strength in life. From the chaos, life itself was created. From the chaos comes creativity, spirituality, joy and bliss.

So, it is time to accept that chaos is not going to leave us be, and to instead embrace chaos as the powerful transformational and life enriching energy that it is. It is time to be that dancing star...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Light is Light

Or is it?

Truth, yes, that old chestnut again! We seem to be on a mission at the current time, a mission towards Truth, meaning, purpose, mindfulness and conscious living. There is a power behind this, driving us forwards to make changes to our lives on every level of our Being. This is hard work, it is frightening and it is exciting but it feels necessary.

We all have perceptions and conceptions about what is right and what is wrong, and we all have beliefs about what lies ahead...both in life and beyond.

When we think about Light, we think about love, healing, peace. Many of us only choose to think about the Light for the Dark is not a welcoming place. Yet, surely we cannot have one without the other. Surely Dark goes with Light, like Day goes with Night, like Masculine goes with Feminine? One flows into the other creating balance, creating unity, creating wholeness.

The Light illuminates the Dark, not to eradicate it but to make us more aware of it. The Dark softens the Light, not to scare us, but to help us to see the full cycle, the full picture.

As our perspectives continue to shift, to widen and deepen, our whole outlook on life is changing. Whether we accept it or not, things are changing, we are changing, everything is changing. This is evolution, the natural progression of things. However, it certainly seems to be the case that this evolution is getting quicker...

As we become increasingly aware of the bigger picture we look set to realise that Darkness is as important as Light. We need both, we need balance. Perhaps it is a fear of the Dark that pushes so many of us to cling to the Light, or perhaps it is simply a feeling that to create positive change in the world that we need more Light? However, what if it is that fear of the Darkness creating these challenges in the world, should we not then face that Darkness head on rather than take the more indirect approach of flooding it with Light?

This is a lofty debate, and not quite the purpose of these musings!

As we continue to awaken and connect to our True selves and embrace destiny with a passion, our whole outlook on life shifts. Our understanding and beliefs shift as we move beyond obstacles, beyond fear and beyond over-thinking. As we stop underestimating our abilities and our gifts, and we embrace the fullness of our individuality, we realise that the Darkness is an integral part of who we are. We all have a shadow side, there is no shame in that, but it is acknowledging this that is the key. This is not about embracing some dark force, but it is realising that we are made up of a myriad of different things.

Once we fully embrace the wholeness of our Beings, we do move beyond the Light, and we see Light differently, for it becomes something new. Light is Light undoubtedly, but it is also something else, something new, something wonderful...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Truth Is Breaking Through

Truth. What is it? Where is it? Is it fact, is it belief, or is it some higher value? Is truth different for each individual or is it a shared value?

For many of us travelling along spiritual pathways, the search for truth is an important facet of these. Standing in Truth, speaking Truth, being Truth...

Life has been throwing out more than its fair share of challenges recently, and many of us are feeling exhausted, tired and worn out at the process. Of course, when we stay centred and connected to the tranquillity within, we can ride these storms, but for many of us, we don’t always manage to achieve this heightened state of bliss, we are only human, after all! Yes, practice does make perfect, but for now many would be forgiven for feeling like they have been through the wash and back again!

This energetic battering creates a kind of fatigue, quite an epic and indescribable fatigue that is almost beyond words. So when someone then says ‘stand in your Truth’, it can be hard to even begin to know where to begin. Indeed for some, the effort to even think about this, let alone to do it, is simply too much!

Yet, think about it, embrace it and live it we must. It is an important step along the pathway of personal and spiritual evolution. First though, we need to understand it! This is what the dictionary has to say:

1. The true or actual state of a matter.
2. Conformity with fact or reality.
3. A verified or indisputable fact.
4. The state or character of being true.
5. Actuality or actual existence.

Truth therefore sounds quite rigid, well defined. Yet, when many of us think of truth it feels very removed from this! Perhaps then we therefore need to re-define truth to understand it, to feel it?

Although, the ‘state of character of being true’ seems like a workable definition. It is very personal and it is a state of Being.

As we look beyond the storms of life and into the shattered pieces of glass that remain, we can see a true reflection beginning to emerge. A uniquely personal reflection that is true for us as individuals. Trying to conform to others people’s Truths is admirable and perhaps understandable, but it is our Truth that really matters. We can see shards of broken glass or we can see a myriad of smaller mirrors each one giving us an opportunity to see a different perspective. Life creates storms in order for us to see more...

Thursday, 8 September 2011

I am Infinite Potential

This is a time for connecting to the power and intention behind our thoughts, beliefs and affirmations. The ways in which we think are becoming increasingly important as we realise that we do shape our own lives. Our thoughts and beliefs play a huge role in creating our realities, as does the energy or power behind those thoughts and beliefs.

However, what exactly does this mean, what does it imply? For a great many of us, we know the power of thought, we know that self-degradation, self-criticism, self-judgement is not terribly healthy, but how many of us are still guilty of doing it (hands up!). This is part of being human, perhaps it comes from the desire to be better and to do more or perhaps it comes from simply not feeling good enough?

Even when we do start to make changes about how we think, we might create some affirmations or positive statements such as ‘I love myself’, ‘I honour myself’, ‘I cherish myself’. Yet, it is all too easy to speak empty words, how many of us truly feel these words, feel their power and their energy?

We are going through a time of rapid change of every level of our Beings, and it is all too easy to get lost in the currents, to lose sight of ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs, our paths. At the same time, we can struggle against the currents, pushing towards goals or dreams which may, as yet, still be beyond our reach. Yet it is so hard to stand firm, to stay put like a buoy on a stormy sea. And who is to say that being a buoy is the right thing to do? Perhaps we should surrender completely to the flow and allow the currents to take us to where they want us to be...

When we look deeper though, the chaos and turbulence begins to melt away. When we explore our inner landscapes, we can see a tranquil pool, peaceful and still. We can choose to move beyond the chaos and confusion to this tranquillity. It takes effort and practice, but it is possible.

It seems that we currently have a choice to battle it out on the surface, dealing with the myriad of challenges being thrown around and struggling to stay afloat or we connect to our core’s and allow the tranquillity to give us strength and guidance. We still have those challenges to face but from that more peaceful place, we can gain clarity, vision, strength and wisdom and act from the heart, from the truest place and not be pushed into action through fear, panic or outside pressure.

Whilst connecting within, the power of our thoughts and beliefs becomes even clearer. We can begin to see exactly how we shape our lives, how our thoughts either enhance or erode. Once mindful of this, we can change them!!

This is a time now to not only re-shape our thoughts and our lives, but to re-connect to the power within. It is a time to feel the power, energy and intention of our beliefs and to know that when we truly believe, we can create positive change. Life happens, s**t happens, but this is what makes us human, isn’t it? Although, if we can keep on keeping on despite ‘stuff happening’, then that is what makes us truly human, surely? That good old fighting spirit, that determination and grit to overcome adversity...

Back now to the power, energy and intent of our thoughts and it seems clear that each of us needs to re-focus and re-shape our thoughts, to focus on our true priorities, to have faith and belief and to trust our ability to handle whatever life throws our way. It is time to believe that stepping into the unknown is a choice that we can either embrace or deny, but we do need to acknowledge that choice, make it and embrace it. Finally, it seems clear that we need to feel the power of a brand new intention...

...I am infinite potential.

Works for me.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tigers & Sheep

Today mighty Jupiter moves retrograde in Taurus. Jupiter the planet of wisdom, knowledge, abundance, belief, new beginnings...

...sounds exciting, liberating and it feels like a welcome relief!

There can be no denying that the past few weeks and months have been hard going. Walking through treacle would be an understatement; brains like custard would perhaps be a little closer! The feeling of lethargy, exhaustion and struggle so many of us seem to be facing on so many different levels is undeniably strong.

The biggest question perhaps is why. Why are we going through the mill at the moment? What cosmic force is at play that is pushing each of us so very hard? In many ways we already know the answer, we know that it is simply the right time to be facing our demons and clearing out our inner closets. It is the right time to be digging deep to the resources that lie within to realise the power of our intentions, beliefs and gifts.

When the going gets tough, many a tough soul would get going! Yet this does not seem to be an option for many on the spiritual path. The path towards re-awakening is a challenging one, with every step forwards we become a little more aware, a little more awake, and a little more conscious. We cannot undo this, we cannot forget what we have seen, felt or experienced. We cannot simply take a step back and return to how things used to be. Therefore as we become more and more awake, everything becomes more and more real, more and more heartfelt.

For many of us, this has been a time of great worry or concern connected to our physical well-being, a time of worry about a lack of resources and a time of some fairly major health challenges! It can become all too easy to focus on the challenges and on the lack, on those things we perhaps can’t have, don’t have or once had and lost. Yet focusing on lack attracts more lack (the rule of attraction!), so we need to be thankful for those things that we do have, however small or seemingly meaningless.

It is time now to explore our full potential and to realise just how much we do have in life. It is time to celebrate the abundance in our lives and to feel blessed by this. Despite surface appearances, this is a time of great change leading towards deep enrichment and the attainment of joy; therefore we need to focus on the positive to create an ever growing flow of positivity and abundance in our lives.

We need to tune into and focus on our inner resources of strength and self-belief in order to bring our dreams alive and to see just how much abundance we have. The more we can focus on this, the richer we become emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically, and the more content we can be in life. The more we can feel the power and the intention here, the more we can connect with it, giving it more power and more presence in our lives.

There can be no denying that this is a time to go within, to tend to our inner landscapes, to go into those dark spaces within in order to face and let go of our fears. It is time now to find our inner strength, to connect to our higher selves and to truly follow destiny.

The key to all of this comes in the way of balance. It is a time to be truly centred, and from that space we can tap into that vast inner well of love, compassion and strength. We have now reached a crossroads, a turning point, and each of us has a choice. That choice is between stepping onto the path less travelled, the one that calls to us on a deep level, the one that truly takes us into unknown territory.

The other choice is to stay exactly as we are, to ignore those inner calls and to stand firm on the spot. There can be no judgement as to which choice is made, neither is an easy option, neither is ‘wrong’. It does seem clear though that we need to make this choice now and stop procrastinating! Once that choice is made we can then re-focus our energies in one clear direction...

This is a time to face our fears and inadequacies, it is a time to not be afraid to let the world see the core of who we are, and it is a time to realise that we are all here for a reason. Not everyone is a spiritual warrior or pioneer, there are many gatekeepers, watchers and others amongst us all with different roles to play. Being a spiritual warrior sounds cool, but it is perhaps the hardest path, the loneliest, the most challenging.

Stepping into the unknown is in many ways the only true way of growing, it helps us to embrace our full potential and encourages us to take giant leaps forwards. However, the unknown is scary, and we need to have faith and self-belief to trust that we will be taken care of. There are, sadly no guarantees, but when in a place of trust and Truth, we can face challenges easier and we can see solutions from a clearer perspective. When in a place of trust and Truth we can go with the flow allowing each of us to make the most of the opportunities that life presents us.

There is a strong sense that now is the time to truly connect to whatever makes our hearts sing. It is time to move beyond fear, beyond doubt and beyond confusion to a place of knowing and inner belief. In theory, this sounds amazing, but in practice it can be somewhat harder to take on board and apply to reality! Life happens, stuff happens and we can easily lose clarity and find ourselves lost in the mists of confusion and discombobulation.

If we panic that we are lost, we can completely lose our way and become disorientated, yet if we can take a deep breath and use our intuition to guide us forwards, we can find our way back once again. Our inner landscape truly is the key; it is that place where we can connect with our cores and truly feel a part of the Universal whole.

Ok, so after all of this, we may still end up falling flat on our faces, but just the act of trying shows that we have evolved and we have declared to the Universe that we are no longer happy to be a sheep, but we are definitely tigers in the making...

Monday, 29 August 2011

The New Moon

New Moon is in Virgo on 29th at 04.04 BST (03.04 GMT).

The New Moon in earthy Virgo suggests a time to get organised as we begin to clearly see the path ahead. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and to get stuck in, it is important not to get too carried away though, for we will need our strength to stay focused and still at the same time. This is a great time to begin a new regime for well-being, as well as time to take care of number one! We need to continue to let go of that emotional clutter and baggage, for we need to let in the Light, joy and compassion...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Aquarius on 13th at 19.57 BST (18.57 GMT)

This Aquarian Full Moon is a perfect time to get organised in order to make some important changes to our lives (the more organised we can be, the easier it becomes to see beyond the ‘clutter’ in our lives). We need to think with clarity and vision, and be clear about our goals and dreams. This is also a good time to make any new affirmations about the path ahead. As we continue to let the light of the Moon feed our souls, we can expect more inner doors to be opened and unlocked as venture deeper and deeper within to find peace, nourishment and direction.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Moving Through The Mist

It seems important to connect with Neptune at this time. On the 5th August, he moved into Aquarius whilst retrograde and he will stay there until 2012.

Neptune is a subtle but incredibly powerful planet; he weaves us together through the collective consciousness and all of those unseen forces that we are growing increasingly aware of. In many ways this is the time of Neptune, we are opening ourselves up more and more to his sacred dance that unifies through the interconnectedness of the energy all around us.

I wrote a while ago that ‘Neptune is that subtle thread that connects us all through a beautiful cosmic dance of energies that swirl and flow within and around each of us connecting us to the Universe and making us One’.

As we continue to go through inner shift after inner shift, we are beginning to gain a sense of perspective as to what is actually happening! Yet at the same time, we are moving more towards that space beyond the light where nothing is happening at the same time.

As human beings, we need to understand and comprehend, we want answers and solutions. This is how we have evolved and developed. Yet we are moving to a place beyond this, where we step onto the flow of consciousness and allow ourselves to trust the process of life.

This may sound a little vague, but when we feel these words, we can feel their intent, their purpose. We are in a time of intent, of power, of purpose and it is time to realise just how powerful we are individually and collectively.

There is a strong theme of compassion with Neptune, and as the weeks progress, we are likely to start ‘feeling’ much more. It is as though we are being asked to disengage our brains slightly to allow our intuition or our instincts to guide us far more. How many of us get ‘feelings’ about stuff but ignore them for a more logical solution? Thought so!

Neptune wants us to look beyond the physical towards our inner landscapes. Yes, we need to tend those landscapes regularly to keep them weed free and beautiful, but this is much more that a bit of weeding! It is time to plant seeds, to tend crops and to nurture our gardens to create something truly beautiful. What we create within, we can then start to create without.

If our inner world is weed ridden, overgrown, neglected and forlorn, how can we ever have the space to manifest our dreams or rest in stillness? We do need to take responsibility for our inner worlds (who else can?), and we need to take out even a little time each day to nurture this important part of our Beings. This is not about spending months or years in solitude contemplating (although there is nothing wrong with that!), but for most of us in the world this is neither practical nor possible.

In a way, Neptune is showing us a kind of ‘inner philosophy for the modern soul’, he is showing us that we can live in a consumer driven, material society without becoming a sheep or a slave to it. This is not about rebellion though, it is about resting in the stillness within and allowing our inner world to nurture and nourish us.

So many souls have found themselves seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives, seeking a meaningful spirituality that connects them to the Universe. Many have lost their way, but many are still keeping on keeping on, and it is important not to let go of the intention to evolve and grow as sentient beings.

Neptune wants us to live more simply, more joyfully and more blissfully. Abundance is not just about wealth of the material kind, and Neptune wants us to appreciate this now. It is time to enjoy the riches within for they will shape our lives and expectations without.

Does having the biggest house, the best TV or the fastest car really matter in the scheme of things? For some it does, and that is ok, but for those of us who know this not to be important in our lives, we need to explore the richness within to feel truly abundant and overflowing with love, inspiration, creativity and bliss.

We now need to seek the peace and solace within and connect to the stillness, love and bliss that reside there. It is time to bathe in that light of inspiration and to feel whole and complete from within. Once we reach a stage of inner completion, our whole perspective on life shifts, our intentions change and the power of our thoughts truly begin to re-shape our lives from the inside out.

Neptune can cause confusion; his mists can tie us up in knots and leave us feeling lost. Yet, if we can move beyond that fear and trust, we know that we are always connected and we can guide ourselves from within. Once we are tuned into the stillness within, we are open to receive the guidance of our higher selves and of the Universe.

It is time now to have faith, to trust and to believe. It is also time to let go of doubt and fear and allow the Universe to guide us.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Like The Phoenix Rising...

August looks set to be a month of deeper and deeper introspection as retrograde Neptune moves back into Aquarius, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo (and then back into Leo), retrograde Ceres enters Pisces and Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus at the end of the month. Top this off with Pluto, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Chiron, Pluto and Uranus all retrograde all month, it is clear to see why there is such a strong focus within.

However, inner work does not have to mean stifling, heavy, tiresome drudgery, it can be liberating, empowering and illuminating; and this is the focus now. It is time for each of us to move beyond the light and beyond the darkness to a place of inner knowing. This is a place where we are not afraid to honour every aspect of our Beings, and a place where we can surrender more and more to the abundance of the Universe.

How we think is really important now, for our thoughts shape our lives. Retrograde Mercury will ensure that we do consider our thoughts and he will inspire us to start thinking is more life affirming and life enhancing ways. It is a choice though, and we can choose to stay as we are, but it seems like a wasted opportunity if we do not at least explore this brave new world that we are being shown now...

So, with all of this inner focus, it seems clear that we might be feeling a little overwhelmed with life at the moment! Yet, at the same time, through the heaviness, if we can connect to this place of inner knowing, we will realise that there is nothing to fear, nothing to feel overwhelmed by. Whilst many of us may be facing some of our biggest challenges at the current time, these challenges are bringing to the surface strength, resolve, focus, faith and belief. Of course, these have always been there, but it is often in those times of need that we dig deeply within to seek out solutions and answers.

We can choose to feel dis-empowered or we can become empowered, inspired and enlightened. It seems right to quote Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’.

This may sound a tad over-dramatic, but we are going through a shedding process now, like a snake and its skin, we are letting go of our old selves in order to be re-born...

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The New Moon

New Moon is on the 30th July in Leo at 18.39 GMT (19.39 BST)

July’s second New Moon is fired up by Leo bringing a sense of renewal into our lives. New ideas and plans will begin to flow, and we will start to see more creative ways of using our time and energy. Leo is colourful and dramatic, so we need to be sure that we don’t get too carried along in the action, but by keeping our feet on the ground, there is no reason why we still cannot reach for the stars. This second New Moon acts as catalyst for an incredibly intense, profound and powerful summer; a time of re-awakening and re-discovery...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A True Harvest

Ceres moves retrograde today, the 26th July. This dwarf planet, so often overlooked by astrologers, is a little powerhouse playing such a pivotal and profound role in our lives. Ceres is the Earth Mother; she is the nurturer, Goddess of the harvest.

Ceres represents self-worth and self-esteem, and she connects us to some deep and profound emotions such as loss, separation, grief, dependency, attachment etc. Ceres helps us to nourish and nurture ourselves on all levels.

Moving retrograde, Ceres takes her focus deep within, she wants us to think about the ways in which we take care of ourselves. Do we feed ourselves nourishing food? Do we shower ourselves with loving thoughts? Do we take care of our needs as a priority in our lives? The most likely answer is no. Of course, we all have duties and responsibilities, and these often take us away from focusing on ourselves and more towards the needs of others. This is part of being human, but at the same time, don’t we owe it to ourselves to honour and respect our own needs, our own souls?

Once again, it seems that balance is the key here; by ensuring that we give ourselves time and focus as well as giving of ourselves to others, we can create more harmony in our lives.

Yet Ceres retrograde goes deeper than this!

During this time of intense planetary focus on our inner landscapes, Ceres is asking us to go within, to stand naked and vulnerable, baring our souls. She wants us to stop hiding our fears and our pain, and instead honour them so we can set them free. It is through honouring these powerful, rich and sometimes painful emotions that we connect to our true strength. And it is through this connection, that we realise the power within. Like the beautiful, calm, tranquil and peaceful mountain; deep beneath the surface is a glowing, energised and highly active volcano waiting to burst into life.

Appearances can be deceptive, yet how many of us work so hard at putting on the ‘right’ appearance? How many of us try to be that mountain, and allow the pressure to build up within?

The Earth Mother is beautiful, but she can destroy as easily as she creates. Of course, we cannot have one without the other, but it seems that so many of us struggle to accept this fundamental cycle of life. Instead of clinging onto that highly polished veneer, Ceres is asking each of us to stand in our Truth, to be whole and complete within ourselves, on all levels.

It is ok to be a beautiful volcano! When we stop trying to beat back our Truth, we realise that we do not have to fear our painful emotions. We can reach a point where every emotion leads us towards a richer, more fulfilled way of life. This is not about dwelling on pain, or wallowing in difficult emotions, this is simply about accepting that we have them in the first place.

Ceres wants us to embrace the full and rich tapestry of life, she wants us to celebrate the true harvest of life on every level of our Beings...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Moving Beyond the Light

As the heavens continue to push, poke and prod us from all angles, it seems that our perspectives are beginning to widen and shift. Life simply doesn’t look the same anymore, no matter how hard we try to squint, bend our heads or strain.

Whether it was a conscious decision or not, it seems that we have stepped onto a new path in life. That path is more mindful, more awake and more alive. As we continue to awaken, we can expect to see a huge shift in our priorities over the weeks and months ahead. Those things that have always seemed so important; just aren’t anymore.

This is not about shunning the 21st century and living in solitude halfway up a mountain (although that would definitely suit some!), but this is about realising that money, status, the square footage of our homes and the ‘street cred’ of our cars really is not that important in the scheme of things. Ok, we need money to survive, we need shelter, transport etc, but what we need above all else is a feeling that we belong, feeling that we are part of the Whole. We need meaning, we need purpose, we need unity in the truest sense of the word.

As we move ever closer towards that connection now, it seems that the greed and materialism all around us starts to ebb away from our field of vision, it is as though we are shifting into some kind of parallel dimension where we still live side by side, but our view of the world is so different to the view of many of our neighbours. We are becoming less and less sucked into the material and physical desires of so many of our peers.

It seems that we are realising that true riches come from within. It is within each and every one of us that love, compassion, unity and bliss resides. We may have touched one or all of these in our lives, but now we are being asked to immerse ourselves in them, to bask in the pure joy.

And, what about back in the real world you may ask, well, we are approaching a bridge now, a bridge that links the inner with the outer, the day with the night. This bridge is within, it is without, it is everywhere but it is nowhere too. This bridge is a huge shift in consciousness as we continue to evolve and awaken as sentient Beings.

If we choose to step through this special doorway (and there is a choice, for we can choose to remain part of the flock keeping our heads down and just getting on with the business of life), we are choosing to step into the unknown. This new territory looks set to be a place where we move beyond duality, beyond the spectrum. This new terrain is a place where day is night and night is day, where dark is light and light is dark. This is a place where we move beyond our present understanding and realise that everything is truly part of the Whole.

When we connect with this understanding, and then feel it, we begin to realise that anything and everything is possible in life. We have the power to change the energy of our lives through our intent, through our beliefs and through our thoughts. When we truly realise that life is not all about balancing the extremes of the polarities all around us but it is about seeing them as one in the first place, everything takes on new meaning and purpose.

We move beyond the obstacles that we all create in our lives through fear, over-thinking and underestimating our abilities. We move beyond that crippling indecisive paralysis that prevents us from following our dreams, and we move beyond the light.

Beyond the Light is balance, harmony and pure bliss. Beyond the Light we can make sense of life as we can intuit, create and know what to do. And beyond the Light, we can begin to stand in our Truth, reclaim our power and reclaim our true sense of Self.

This is a huge leap forwards in our evolution, and yet it is long overdue. We have lived in a world divided by polarities for eons, and now we have a chance to live in true Unity on all levels, in all ways. This is a very special time indeed...

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is in Capricorn on the 15th July at 06.39 GMT (07.39BST)

Full Moons can create great unrest in many sensitive or intuitive souls; it is as though the light from the Moon shines within and unlocks a myriad of different doors and windows to the soul. This can cause sleepless nights, restlessness and sometimes confusion and disorientation. July’s Full Moon is no exception as we continue to awaken and stir from within. We are undergoing major change and transformation now, and the Moon will stir up feelings, thoughts and emotions that we need to honour, face and release. This is a time to connect to the power within and honour this deeply reflective time to get life back into perspective once again, and so allow the light of the Moon to feed our souls.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Uranus moves retrograde in Aries today (10th July), and tomorrow Ceres enters Aries.

Dear Uranus, the rebel, the truth seeker, the innovator, the free spirit. Uranus is that voice within that encourages and inspires us to honour our individuality and to be truly free. Uranus is truth and he is freedom; and when retrograde, Uranus asks that each of us explores the Light of Consciousness within.

We all carry within us Light and Dark, these polar opposites representing Yin and Yang, Day and Night, Life and Death. The Light of Consciousness is Truth; it is our willingness to face Truth in our lives, and it is our ability to embrace freedom. Many of us still believe that we are afraid of the Dark and so cling to the Light as friend and protector. Yet, it seems that the true fear is of the Light, for it is the Light that illuminates our souls and shows the fullness of our Beings. The Light helps us to receive and to face Truth, and it is only by being ready to receive this truth that we can truly evolve and grow as sentient Beings.

Truth and Light are not about judgment, nor are they about fear. They are about opening up our eyes to see what’s already there. Truth is a state of Knowing. Once we illuminate Truth, fear vanishes. Yet fear is not bad, it is part of being human. It all comes down to balance...

We all carry Dark, we all carry Light. The perfect balance between the two is bliss. We simply cannot have one without the other, and to deny the darkness is akin to denying a huge part of ourselves. Honouring the darkness is not about turning into hardened criminals, but it is about realising that each of us is a delicate balance of polarities, and this balance needs constant work, frequent re-adjustment and a lot of perseverance!

In Aries, Retrograde Uranus will inspire us to move beyond outdated fears and beliefs, and he will encourage us to think freely as individuals. At the same time, Uranus asks that we move through life with open-minds and hearts, without judgement and without persecuting those that we do not understand. In many ways, this is about living freely and allowing others to do the same, but it goes deeper than this. For Retrograde Uranus wants us to emanate Truth and freedom from every level of our Beings. This is a time for being free spirits in every sense of the word.

So, it seems clear that it is time to affirm what is truly important to us and to have the courage to let go of all those things that no longer serve us. We need to stay connected to the core of our Beings to tap into that huge well of strength, courage, inspiration, creativity, clarity and vision that resides there.

When we add Ceres moving into Aries into this mix alongside all the other inner focused planets, it seems that the cosmos is inspiring each of us to nurture and nourish ourselves on every level. It is time to become fully awake and to live life as consciously and joyfully as possible...

Monday, 4 July 2011

And So It Continues...

As the intense and somewhat profound cosmic twists and turns continue, it seems that many of us are facing some of our biggest challenges. We are being taken within on one hand but being thrown challenges by our external world on the other. In some ways life feels tiring and very pedestrian, but deep within, the transformation and awakening continues as we become more alive, more aware and more awake. This inner/outer pull is exhausting, and it is confusing.

So, how can we remain calm and centred within, but deal with the ensuing chaos all around? Well, someone special to me said that we need to be like the Whirling Dervishes; still and focused within despite the intense activity without. We will find ourselves able to cope with whatever happens around us. We can be busy and calm at the same time. It all comes down to focus, belief and to intent.

With so many planets retrograde, and with Uranus and Ceres both joining this inner circle during July, it seems that we truly need to focus on reclaiming that quiet space within. It is from this quiet space that we can re-connect to the core of our Beings and reclaim our sense of Self. It is also time to reclaim our space; both within and without!

Our relationships move onto centre stage now; in particular, the relationship that we have with ourselves. It is time to find our inner voice, to celebrate our gifts and to begin to feel truly alive. Despite the challenges, the emotional intensity and the discombobulation, it seems clear that we need to stand firm, like buoys on stormy seas. We need to use our faith and belief to trust that our needs will be taken care of and to trust that we are strong enough to ride out the storm. The more we can tap into, and use, that huge well of strength that lies within each of us, the more we can bring into our lives to create positive change and transformation.

In many ways, this is a time for amalgamating, for resting, and for ‘being’; but at the same time, the need to be ‘doing’ is inescapable. Therefore, balance is so important. We cannot have being without doing; doing without being. That would be like day without night, or yin without yang...

With such a strong focus on our inner landscape, we need to ensure that we tend the garden within. As well as weeding, planting new seeds and tending the land with love and tenderness, we need to find space for rest and reflection. This could be an arbour or a cushion under an oak tree, but somewhere within where we can find comfort, true nourishment and love. We all have a focus to make the world a better place, but this needs to be within each of us as well as all around. Unless we are whole and complete within, how can we love, nurture and tend to others?

We need to learn to truly love ourselves, to honour ourselves and to respect ourselves. These words are bandied about freely, but do we truly and honestly love, honour and respect ourselves? How many of us beat ourselves up every single day for not being good enough, not being paid enough, for eating that bar of chocolate, for thinking we look fat and ugly? Thought so, this has to stop now!

Alexander Pope once wrote ‘To err is human, to forgive is Divine’; we should remember that we are all Divine, we carry a Divine spark within, and we are all part of the One. It is time to forgive ourselves now and to change our inner dialogues towards a more life enhancing positivity.

As the planets continue to weave their magic web, we need to stand firm and strong, and to realise that, in so many ways, we are the masters of our own destiny. We do shape our own lives through our thoughts, our actions, and through the state of our inner landscapes. If we have a weed- ridden mess within, how on earth are we to have any sense of clarity or vision? At the same time, with such chaos within, it becomes hard to take responsibility for our choices, to feel inspired, to be empowered or to use the power of our intent, because we have no inner space to do this from.

We really need to focus within now, to have a de-clutter, to re-shape our thoughts, to understand that our thoughts shape our lives, and to believe in the power of positive thought.

Intent is a word so often used, but perhaps not truly understood. Intention is an unbending knowing, not a glimmer of hope or a ‘well, that would be nice’; intention has power, it has strength. Intention makes things happen. This is not about ego, it is simply about knowing that we can shape our lives way and beyond what we think possible.

So, it seems clear that we have choices to make, gardens to tend and intentions to create. Whilst this is in so many ways a challenging time, it is also a time to re-write the rule book, to start afresh and to become truly empowered. We can remain lost in the chaos if we choose, or we can stand strong and resolute, and transform our lives from the inside out...

Friday, 1 July 2011

The New Moon

The New Moon (and Partial Solar Eclipse) is in Cancer on the 1st July at 08.53 GMT (09.53 BST)

July’s first New Moon is in Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer, so this is a strong and powerful event accentuated even more with the Partial Solar Eclipse. It is important to stay connected to what’s truly important in life and be open to letting go of the things that are not. As always, New Moon’s are about inner clarity and vision, and this one seems even more potent than usual as there is a need to move beyond any emotional clutter within in order to find peace and joy. It is time to let go of any emotional ‘baggage’ so we are clearer vessels to let in Light, joy and compassion. It is important to take some time out for reflection and contemplation.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Emotional Intensity

As the planets continue their merry dance through the heavens it seems that many of us have become stuck knee deep in mud, the mud is a kind of cosmic sludge stirring up deep and profound emotions and feelings. This is a time of powerful and extreme mixed emotions. Each of us is likely to experience both ends of the emotional spectrum in the blink of an eye. Some of us will be unfortunate enough to experience both at the same time.

There can be no denying that we are going through change. It is all around us. It is perhaps the one constant in life. Change; endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings. The cycle continues with some intensity now as we are being challenged to face our fears, to embrace our gifts and to step into the unknown.

At the same time, there is a continuing need to de-clutter our lives on every level as the need to travel lightly grows in importance. It is as though we are being prepared to take a giant leap of faith and the less baggage we have, the further we will soar. We can take baggage with us, but it will give us back ache, it will make the journey more tiring and we will most likely wonder why on earth we bothered to bring it when we reach our chosen destination! We already have all we need; carrying extra just gets in the way...

Emotions are peculiar things, we strive to have happy emotions and often fear the not so happy ones, yet it is often this latter category that propels us forwards, giving us the motivation and determination to change our lives. It is important to learn how to use our emotions in positive and life-enhancing ways now, we are being presented with an opportunity to re-shape our lives on every level, and it is up to us as individuals to either embrace this or keep our heads snugly buried in the sand. Ignorance is bliss, but is it really ignorance when we know it’s there but are choosing to ignore it through fear or something similar?

As we continue to awaken (or indeed to re-awaken), it seems that we need to embrace all aspects of our Beings now. We need to love and honour ourselves and our emotions, and we need to give thanks for, as well as use our, gifts and talents. Life is for living, not for simply thinking about; and now is the time to grab that proverbial bull by the horns and get on with it...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice 2011

On the 21st is the Summer Solstice, the day the Sun enters Cancer. Also on this day, Mars enters Gemini, Juno enters Libra and Vesta moves retrograde in Aquarius. The Solstice is always a time to celebrate life and to feel blessed for all we have. It is also a time to honour ourselves and one another. The light within each of us glows strongly at the Solstice. It is a time to honour the gift of life and also to offer the Earth healing as well.

The Summer Solstice and associated cosmic events on that day form a real high point of the year in so many ways. The sun is at its zenith, for it is the longest day, but it is also a turning point, a time for new beginnings. Of course, after this day, the sun begins its descent towards the winter (but let’s not think about that just yet!), but the energy stays vibrant and strong for some time to come. We can expect to continue feeling more ‘awake’ and aware of ourselves, our paths and of one another on every level.

This is a time to celebrate our personal achievements and to sense the true nature of inner abundance. The Sun is our life spark; that little piece of light within each of us that burns brightly giving our lives joy, meaning, focus and strength.

The Summer Solstice is a day for coming together with like-minded people; it is a time to celebrate and to dance together to honour the life giver of the solar system, and the life we have within. There is a sense of transformation around this time, even more so with the other cosmic events happening on this day.

Mars enters Gemini, Juno enters Libra and Vesta moves retrograde in Aquarius. Vesta moving retrograde suggests a time of honouring our inner worlds, and finding the time to find peace, harmony and tranquillity within. Vesta wants us to feel whole and complete in ourselves. This is necessary if we are to truly be able to carry the light forwards. We need to let go of any fear connected to the Light or the Dark, and we need to find balance on all levels.

Mars entering Gemini marks a period of intense mental activity and movement as new ideas come through thick and fast. It is important to connect to the peace within as well though, for too much mental activity can be overwhelming.

Juno moving into Libra places a spotlight on the relationships in our lives. The dynamics, who gives, who takes, who does both. In order to live in balance, we need to ensure that we live in balance with those around us. It is time to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to givers and takers. It could be a case of demanding balance or it could be walking away, that is a choice that will come to each of us in time...

So, as this somewhat intense and challenging chapter of spiritual awakening continues, the Solstice gives each of us a brief opportunity to pause, reflect and to celebrate life and the progress we have all made. At the same time, we can visualise our paths ahead, and if we can continue to listen to our intuition and step into our power, we can embrace our full potential as evolving, growing, sentient Beings.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse

We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th in Sagittarius..The Eclipse will be visible from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Eclipse is timed for around 21.13 BST (20.13 GMT).

This powerful Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse sets the pace for an energetic and highly paced summer. Change is afoot on so many levels it may feel a little overwhelming and confusing, yet if we can find a little quiet time to reflect and contemplate, we can soon re-focus and re-connect to the strength, fire and passion that resides within. Sagittarius is a fire sign, the sign of creativity, expansion and new horizons; so think big and be open to the Universe...

Take the time to reflect and contemplate today, and then get ready for an energised and inspirational summer...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Feel The Fear...

Saturn has been retrograde in Libra since January 2011 and today (13th June) he finally moves direct. Moving direct, Saturn will encourage each of us to take control of our lives and focus on what is truly important. There is much work for each of us to do, and Saturn is encouraging us to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in now. The time for cogitation is over, and the time for action has come. This is not about risk taking or throwing caution to the wind, but it is about grabbing our lives with both hands and honouring our full potential.

The challenge for many of us is in making decisions, in Libra this is made even more challenging, but making decisions means being accountable, and whilst many of us have no fear in taking responsibility for our choices, it is hard to be sure that our choices are right in the first place! So indecision can lead to doubt, and doubt can lead to fear which in turn creates bigger and bigger obstacles to us moving forwards with confidence.

Many of us are full of ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s’ in life, and this is so restricting and limiting. If we spend our lives in fear of moving forwards and afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decisions and so end up never moving forwards or making choices; instead we end up paralysed in indecision and unable to function.

So, it is now time to face our fears head on and to believe in our ability to succeed. It is time to be more assertive and confident as we move through life, and to not be afraid of taking more responsibility for our choices in life.

This is not to say that we all need to throw caution to the wind, but it is about taking a deep breath and filling your own special space in the world. Holding back is akin to a withering flower, still alive but clinging on, living on the edge of life and death. There is no joy in living on a precipice; the way ahead may be unknown and may be full of risk, but if we want to grow and learn we have to take that decision to try.

So Saturn moving direct will certainly be an expansive time for those souls truly willing to be fully accountable, responsible and willing to take a chance on life, love and joy.


Saturn will continue to challenge each of us on many levels making us question our belief systems, our paths in life and our relationships (and our choices!). Yet, without this we are unlikely to grow, develop and evolve…

It is a time to think what we can do for both ourselves and for others, and less so what others can do for us. This is liberating and freeing, and will help each of us to take some big steps forwards in our lives.

It seems clear that if we are prepared to work with Saturn, then he will work with us and support us towards finding greater inner strength and resolve, and finally feeling like we are the masters (or mistresses!) of our own destinies...

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

True Compassion

Powerful Chiron moves retrograde in Pisces today (the 8th June), this mighty little asteroid plays an important role in our lives, yet he is still overlooked by so many astrologers.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and in myth was an immortal wounded by a poisoned arrow (when Hercules accidently scratched him with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the monster Hydra). Unable to die to end his suffering and unable to heal himself, he instead used his pain and suffering to help and heal others. Chiron therefore shows us our own ‘incurable’ wounds or traumas and the ways in which we can use these experiences to help others.

Over the coming weeks, each of us will be shown the roots of our painful experiences to help us begin to understand our deepest motivations and the reasons behind the choices we make in life. Chiron wants us to realise that some of our hurts stem from our own attitudes and choices, and that there are times when we need to take responsibility for this. Chiron is not about blame, but he is about facing up to things, and sometimes self-honesty is one of the hardest things to do.

There is a strong sense that Chiron wants us now to acknowledge our pain, our trauma and our choices and to heal the roots of these within us. It may not be possible to cure these, but through healing we can begin to move beyond the pain towards more meaning and the ability to help and heal others.

Faith is key here, as it is our beliefs that see us through the pain, and help us to find ‘meaning’ to our suffering. Yet sometimes it can be hard not to ‘blame’ God or some other higher force for some of the suffering we either experience or witness. Life can be hard and life can be cruel; these are simple facts, but Chiron instils within us the capacity to find hope where previously we have only seen despair.

Chiron is the true force of compassion; he can take us beyond self-pity and beyond blame to a place where we can truly be at peace with our suffering. Compassion means ‘to feel with’ and this is the crux of healing - the ability to heal others and experience true compassion only comes through our personal experiences and pain. This is not to say that we have all experienced immeasurable pain in our lives, but we have all lived and we have all experienced life, and it is through this, that compassion grows.

Retrograde Chiron now wants us to face our inner wounds, our inner damage and our life-changing experiences, in order to tap into the healing force within us where compassion flows. Chiron wants us to move beyond blame to a place of strength and power within.

We are continuing on the journey of intense spiritual re-awakening in order to tap into the wisdom, compassion, love, joy and strength within.

So, over the coming weeks Chiron looks set to push us towards more self-honesty, a close look at our own attitudes and beliefs as well as opening us up far more to the power of compassion that resides within us all...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Mighty & The Strong

Jupiter enters Taurus today and he remains there until 2012. This is a strong and empowering placement for mighty Jupiter marking a time of self-reliance and inspiration. It is a time to affirm our inner strength and to tap into that vast well of knowledge within in order to guide us forwards on our paths in life.

The more we can become aware of our strengths and gifts, the more confidence and faith we can muster in ourselves and in our paths ahead. Life feels exciting, adventurous and full of beginnings and new opportunities. Life may still feel chaotic and confusing, and it is likely that we will continue to face the spectrum of emotions with some intensity for the foreseeable future, but deep within each of us a strength and power is emerging, building like the magma in a volcano. If we can channel this energy we can control the flow, if we ignore it or try to force ahead, then we may have an incontrollable explosion of energy on our hands.

This is a time to harness our power within and to work with it to transform our lives. As our perspectives continue to shift, it seems clear that the more work we do on ourselves, the greater the impact this will have on the collective.

Despite the challenges, imperfections and difficulties of life, it is important to also see it as a rich rewarding place, a place where bliss, joy and happiness are possible and achievable. How we choose to think about life is just as important as the choices we make, actions we take etc. It is time now to apply our philosophical and spiritual concepts to the context of everyday life. In short, we need to walk our talk, and live our ideals.

As a new chapter of practical, grounded and focused hard work begins, we need to cut out the daydreaming, and to focus instead on the real priorities and dreams in our lives. Jupiter is a gentle and giving planet, full of wisdom and abundance carrying the keys to success. So, work with him, and he will support each of us on the path ahead...

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Dreamer Goes Within

Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces today. This is a subtle, ethereal planet of great importance and significance to those on the pathway towards enlightenment.

Neptune is the dreamer, the sage, the visionary, the psychic, the artist and the bestower of Universal Love. Neptune is that subtle thread that connects us all through a beautiful cosmic dance of energies that swirl and flow within and around each of us connecting us to the Universe and making us One.

In retrograde, Neptune asks each of us to look beyond our material lives towards the bliss and joy of being a part of something much bigger. It is when we are truly connected to this Source that we overflow with Universal Love, inspiration and creativity. It is from this space that we can heal and reach out to others to make a difference.

Over the coming weeks and months, Neptune wants us to seek the peace and solace within and to truly connect to the love that resides there. Neptune wants us to bathe in the light of creativity, spirituality, compassion, inspiration in order to find a sense of wholeness within.

We each have the Universe within us, and yet at the same time, as human beings we are but tiny dots in the bigger picture. This is a paradox, yet being open to this is vital if we are to become illuminated, enlightened and inspired to become whole.

Neptune often causes confusion and fear within us; we can feel lost, without direction with our paths swathed in mist and fog. Yet, we need to go into this space to find ourselves again. When we are lost, we need to ask ourselves if we are asking the right questions for guidance, are we truly ready for change and are we truly open to receive the guidance of the Universe.

Sometimes our confusion, indecision and uncertainty comes from a more logical need for guarantees about the outcome, but Neptune takes us beyond that need to a place of knowing and trusting that the outcome will turn out as it is meant to. This is akin to surrendering, but it is not giving up, it is about truly stepping into Source and letting go of doubts, fears and indecisions and trusting the Universe to guide us.

It is time now to awaken our inner Selves and to dive into the deep well of inspiration, creativity, love and compassion that resides within each of us. Sink through the confusion and try not to let the fog disorientate us, try to let go of the need to control so as to avoid getting lost in the mazes we all have inside of ourselves (the mazes are a method of protection and of avoiding Truth – we all do that!).

Retrograde Neptune will encourage each of us to journey deeper and deeper within so that we can find our centres and gain a crystal clear sense of vision. If the Inner Voice does not immediately call, we shouldn’t try to force this, but instead be patient and know that the time will come. Sometimes the Voice is there, but with so much ‘noise’ around us, we simply cannot hear it. So, we need to have patience and learn to cut out the clatter in order to fine tune our souls to hear our own unique notes (inner voices).

It becomes clear when we have reached this goal, as a calmness and serenity overcomes us, and we begin to feel nurtured and sustained from within, not from without (the material world). Of course, living in the real world, we cannot let go of the material or physical world completely, but we will begin to witness a significant shift in how we relate to this part of our lives. The greatest riches come from within.

Neptune wants us to honour our divinity and to connect to the infinity that resides within us all. No mean feat, but the coming months look set to be quite a journey!

Throughout this time, the theme of letting go and de-cluttering continues as each of us strives to live more simply and more in accordance to our beliefs. It is time to travel lightly now, and it is time to live with true meaning, purpose and joy.

Living with meaning and purpose is living simply, spiritually, holistically and joyfully in a balanced way. Living in accordance to our beliefs, honouring ourselves and everything else (humans, animals, the earth etc) and being at One with Spirit.

This marks a time of deep introspection and reflection for many of us. It is a time to feel our connection to the Universe and our higher consciousness, grow in strength, focus and intensity. Chiron moves retrograde on the 8th (more on this soon!) and this heightens the priority of our inner landscapes. It is a time to let go of any residual pain or trauma and to finally feel a sense of personal freedom.

So, take some time today to go within and to bathe in the stillness there. Try and do this every day from now on, and see how it helps us to stand firm in the world and to carry on with life with more ease, joy and contentment…

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The New Moon

There are several eclipses in 2011, and today we have a Geminian New Moon and partial solar eclipse (visible from east Asia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland).

Eclipses were once seen as harbingers of doom, heralding change. The latter holds true, for change is certainly in the air as each of us continues to awaken and to connect to our true Self. The more awake we become, the more we realise our true goals and priorities in life. This is a time of quickening, a time of de-cluttering on all levels and for embracing our destinies...

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Warrior Queen Pallas Athene

Powerful Pallas Athene moves retrograde in Aquarius today. She is the warrior queen; strong, resolute and determined. She is a feisty, fiery warrior often associated with war, anger and destruction, yet she also represents creative use of the mind, justice and strength. In many ways Pallas Athene is the force of self-preservation and the freedom of Spirit.

Pallas Athene stands proudly in her armour, standing in her power and in her Truth. She is assertive, empowered and free, something that many of us, women in particular, struggle with even in the 21st century. How many women feel confident to show their strength, anger and might without fear of being stereotyped?

This powerful little asteroid goddess is a strong, powerful force to be reckoned with, but when used in a positive way, she can be incredibly creative, helping us to express ourselves and our individuality.

We have two creative and intellectual energies (Pallas Athene and Aquarius) coming together to encourage each of us to think creatively and to tap into the inspiration within. Another common theme between these energies is the humanitarian aspect, as both seek justice and equality in life. It therefore seems that whilst retrograde, each of us needs to think about the areas of our own lives where we need to create a little more equality and balance.

This also marks the beginning of a time for us to move within and to re-connect to the power that resides there. It is a time for introspection and for re-evaluating our directions or paths in life. It is important to be clear about the path ahead, for there is a strong sense of forwards propulsion as the weeks progress...!

Now is the time to think about how we stand in our power and Truth, and how much of our power we give away to others (freely or otherwise). Balance is the key – remember we should always keep at least some for ourselves. This is not about being selfish, but without self-preservation we are unable to help anyone.

Pallas Athene wants us to explore our true identities and to free the power within. This surfaces in several ways: through the positive expression of healthy and justifiable anger to release pain and anguish, and secondly to believe in ourselves and our gifts, and to have the courage of our convictions and reach for our dreams...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Awakening from Slumber

The planets have been very ‘vocal’ lately; my head has been full of planetary comings and goings. This has been unsettling but inspirational at the same time.

I was meditating on one of the Sabian Symbol’s the other day ‘A withered old Indian squaw, with a clear light persisting in beady eyes, is selling trinkets’. I saw the Universe in her eyes, such strength, such vision, such beauty. The planets suddenly became even more verbose than usual giving more insight into the bigger picture...

It seems clear that we are all going through an awakening or a re-awakening, as we become more aware and more awake, we are living and breathing more consciously. Every step we take and every movement or action is becoming more conscious, more precise. It is as though we are awakening from a deep slumber. We have now had time to adjust our eyes to the light and we can now see, hear, smell, taste, sense and feel more clearly and vibrantly than ever before.

Cosmic events continue to weave their merry way in the skies above us challenging us, inspiring us, empowering us. As we awaken more and more we can begin to regain a sense of perspective concerning our gifts, path ahead and soul path. Clarity and vision take on new meaning and strength as we change the energy of our thoughts and actions by making them more conscious.

It is time now for each of us to find our voices, to find our strength and to get on with what’s truly important in life. As we each work hard to make the world a better place, we realise that this comes from both within and without, for it is the changes we make within that amplify and become the changes we see without.

When we choose to live mindfully and consciously in all aspects of our lives (our work, rest, health, food etc) this impacts us on every level of our Being and it of course also impacts the collective in a hugely positive and life enhancing way. Change begins from the inside out, and whilst we all have our demons to face and challenges to bear, it is clear to see that it is possible to make even small changes even when the chips are stacked against us. How we choose to think or respond to situations would be a good example of this.

We are also being asked to explore the relationships in our lives. Perhaps the most important relationship under the cosmic spotlight is the relationship that we have with ourselves. It is time to consider how we treat ourselves on all levels; how we speak to ourselves, how we nourish ourselves, how we honour ourselves...

As we awaken more and more, we can expect to see transformation on all levels of our Being. It is time now to stop pressing the ‘doze’ button on our inner alarm clocks and wake up to enjoy the sunrise and the new day that is dawning...