Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Timely Reminder...

As Saturn continues on his retrograde journey through Libra, his influence is creating quite a powerful catalyst in our lives. I wrote this a little while ago, but a little reminder is called for!

‘Saturn is probably best known for being a hard task master and the traditionalist. He shows us that hard work, focus, dedication and duty can pay off, and through all of these, we can reap the rewards for what we have sown. It is the satisfaction of knowing that it was our own effort, sweat and toil that paid off as Saturn wants us to truly appreciate our own achievements.

Abundance and success handed to us on a silver platter is easy come, easy go – we might enjoy the lifestyle for a while, but deep down there is an emptiness; a sense that we did nothing to earn that success. And this is at the root of Retrograde Saturn; forging our own way through life and creating our own success.

This doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom though, for in essence Saturn is asking that each of us be the masters of our own destiny. He is looking for us to take back the power in our lives, and to have the courage of our convictions.

Taking responsibility for these actions and choices is also very Saturnian, and for so many of us, taking such responsibility is very hard. But until we truly own our choices... we can never be truly empowered’.

So, over the coming weeks Saturn will continue to be that little voice inside our heads pushing us forwards, making us focus on what’s truly important and giving us the determination to see things through to the end. We need to continue to assess inner landscapes and begin to truly understand what motivates us.

Of course, alongside this is the need to have a positive inner dialogue – how many of us speak to ourselves negatively, berate ourselves for not being good enough or constantly put ourselves down? So, time to think positively, to be positive and to take control.

‘As a perfectionist, Saturn can push each of us to do more or to do ‘better’ in life. We can feel as though we are never quite good enough. This needs to stop now as we realise that we are good enough, and whilst the quest for betterment is innately human, we should stop using this as a tool to beat ourselves up and put ourselves under immense pressure.

We need to find a balance between the need to expand our horizons and the need to accept ourselves just as we are. This comes down to our perceptions and once again to our motivations. If our motivation is to further expand ourselves then this is empowering and life affirming, but if the motivation comes through a fear of not being good enough, then we need to challenge that belief and wash that fear away.

To judge and self-judge is also innately human, but judgement serves no real purpose other than to weigh someone up against another’s standards. Acceptance and self-acceptance are what’s needed now, this does not mean giving up and giving in, but it does mean that we need to begin being much kinder to ourselves and one another.

As our lives begin to surge ahead over the coming weeks, we can work with Saturn to understand our true nature so that we can make the most of this time of renewed focus and high energy. It is now a great time to find the quiet within in order to focus on our true goals and priorities in life...’

It seems clear that Saturn, along with several other cosmic forces, are really creating an energetic mixing pot now. We need to learn to love, forgive and accept ourselves as we are, and to stop focusing solely on the end goal – we need to enjoy the journey! If we are not enjoying the journey, then maybe it’s time to change the goal!

Monday, 21 March 2011

No More Ostrich Tactics!

Today, the 21st March, Ceres enters Pisces. Ceres is the Earth Mother, the nurturer and the nourisher. She provides for us and ensures that we take care of our own well-being as well as for others.

Ceres represents abundance on all levels, and in Pisces there is a strong theme of compassion and empathy flowing in abundance all around the world. Yet this starts from within and we have to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves if we can ever truly grow or evolve.

Ceres in Pisces is asking each of us to focus on what truly makes our hearts sing in life. We need to be more mindful, to rest in the stillness within, to stop forcing ahead and to stop our thoughts from dominating our lives and instead allow ourselves to be more in the moment and guided by our true hearts’ desire. This is a powerful shift, and one that has already begun in earnest!

This is a very compassionate combination of energies, yet it is also a combination that will not suffer fools gladly. We can choose to keep our heads buried in the sand, ignoring life, ignoring our gifts or our paths, but this doesn’t make it all go away. It is all still sitting there, waiting for us to wake up and take control. This is not about a rap on the knuckles though, for Ceres rarely works that way. She wants us to want to be more aware and in-tune with both our Selves and our lives, and to live each moment consciously and fully awake.

Awake in this context means awareness, being aware is something that we so often forget to do. We live in a world where it is often easier to be unaware and to close ourselves off from the people, events and situations around us. Yet it seems clear that in order to truly understand our Selves and our places in the world, we need to be aware!

It seems that by being more awake and aware, we can begin to live more in-tune with our philosophies and beliefs. Once we can do this, then we can find the path of living truly joyfully, blissfully and in a way that truly nurtures and nourishes...

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring Equinox

As we begin to awaken from the slumber and retreat of the winter, we start to feel the stirrings of new life. As we look within and around us we can see the breathe of life invigorating, energising and revitalising everything it touches. Dawn comes earlier each day, and the Sun leaves later and later giving a wave of solar powered vitality to us all.

Spring flowers tentatively reach up into the sunlight bringing with them an array of colour and beauty, birds start to nest and insects get back to the business of being busy. The closer we look at our surroundings, the more we can see the Divine in everything and in everyone.

It is all too easy to lose sight of the perfection of nature, to get out of step with the perfect rhythm of the Universe. Life often prevents us from being conscious of what is truly around us; we focus instead on over-thinking, over-complicating, over-whelming ourselves with worry, fear and concern.

This is not to say that life is perfect, far from it in many ways. But how many of us stop, even for a brief moment to watch the birds, gaze at the flowers or contemplate the stillness within, and the quiet busy-ness around?

Today, the 20th March is The Spring Equinox, and this marks the time when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. The Ram is a fire sign, a sign of energy, vigour, enthusiasm, drive and courage. Fire represents the chaos of the untamed imagination; it drives spiritual quests and our deepest aspirations. So, just like the natural world, we should be contemplating making the most of this energy drive to bring about change in our own lives.

For Aries, no challenge is too great, no problem insurmountable, no obstacle too great. There is a sense of strength in the air now, a feeling of being back in the driving seat once again.

Of course, spring is a stormy and unpredictable time – the weather plays tricks from Jack Frost, to March winds and April Showers. The rawness of the elements comes at us all with full force and vigour. And if we consider the huge amount of energy surging forth from the land – how much energy a single bulb needs to flower for example, it is clear that this is a wake up call, a time to shake off the cobwebs from the winters sleep in order to start the cycle of the year once again.

Aries is about looking forwards, looking ahead. It is also a time for finding balance, because after all this is a time when day and night are of equal length. Balance within and without, balance between wisdom and intuition, ideas and reality, logic and inspiration. This is truly a time to listen and to trust your instincts and inner wisdom, for it is only through doing this that we can bring ourselves into balance with ourselves, one another and with the Divine.

So, we can make the most of this vibrant fresh energy to bring about important changes in our lives. It is a great time for preparing and refreshing our environments too. Some space clearing, or spiritual spring-cleaning on top of a physical spring clean breathes a new life into our living and workspaces. It is a great time for detoxing to breathe new life within ourselves. And most importantly it is the perfect time to stop for a moment to connect with nature, and to see the Divine both within us and around us…

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Cosmic Update - From The Newsletter...

We have a special few days lined up over this coming weekend,. We have a Full Moon on the 19th and the Spring (Vernal) Equinox on the 20th. This Full Moon will be extra potent, as the Moon will be very close to the Earth, meaning we should see the biggest Full Moon for almost two decades!

The Cosmic Climate is a somewhat rambunctious one at the moment. Great shifts are occurring as we continue the process of re-awakening. With powerful Saturn still retrograde, we are being pushed to our limits in order to re-connect to our true priorities in life. At the same time, Uranus entered Aries on the 12th March, marking the beginning of a chapter of re-invention and creativity. Uranus, the freedom-seeking rebel wants each of us to break free from the chains that bind us in order to be independent, creative, empowered individuals.

The Full Moon on the 19th is in earthy Virgo. Being a so-called 'super moon' is likely to add to the potency of this greatly. Full Moons can create great unrest in sensitive or intuitive souls; it is as though the light from the Moon shines within and unlocks a myriad of different doors and windows to the soul. This can cause sleepless nights, restlessness, and sometimes confusion and disorientation.

The Full Moon highlights the areas in our lives that we need to reflect upon. Yet this is an earth Moon, and it is a time to focus on achieving (or finding) stability in our lives. With the huge changes being triggered by other cosmic events, it is more important than ever to find stability and balance within, for this will help to guide us forwards with clarity, vision and purpose.

During this Full Moon, Uranus is conjunct the Sun, amplifying the power of Uranus into the mix. The need to 'find ourselves' and our paths in life will become great, and if we can ride through the turmoil all around us (literally and figuratively), we can arrive in a place of focus, tranquillity and stillness.

The Spring Equinox is a time of balance, a time where day equals night in length. Neither dominates. With the Sun moving into Aries, the focus on Uranus also continues, and we need to realise that we all need balance in our own lives if we are to truly thrive and flourish.

On the 21st March, Ceres enters Pisces. We will be asked to find and to focus on what truly makes our hearts sing in life. We need to be more mindful, to rest in the stillness within, to stop forcing ahead and to stop our thoughts from dominating our lives . Instead we need to allow ourselves to be more in the moment and guided by our true hearts' desire. We can no longer go through life with our heads buried in the sand, we need to be fully awake, fully present.

Ceres also represents abundance on all levels, and in Pisces there is a strong theme of compassion and empathy flowing freely all around the world. Yet this starts from within, and we have to love ourselves and be kind to ourselves if we can ever truly grow or evolve.

These events bridge the gap to more cosmic events in April. April looks set to be another pivotal month, with change and unrest on almost every level. Whilst this is ultimately cathartic and healing in nature, it can be hard to see this whilst in the midst of chaos and uncertainty!

Neptune moves into Pisces on the 4th April, and this marks the coming home of the planet of spirituality and intuition. His visit is initially brief (until August), but he returns with full force in 2012! This shift marks the beginning of a spiritual re-awakening and a raising of the collective consciousness. We are all on a journey of incredible potency and force at the moment, and it can be hard to gain any sense of clarity or purpose. Yet, there is also peace and a sense of tranquillity within, and the more we can connect with this, the easier we will cope will the external ups and downs of our lives.

Like buoys on stormy seas, we can either allow ourselves to trust our anchors to hold us in place, or we can focus on the swell of the ocean and become sea-sick. In other words, we can believe in ourselves or allow panic, fear and uncertainty to take control. Nothing is ever quite as black and white as this, but there is a sense that we need to stop struggling so much and begin to allow our higher Selves to guide us forwards.

There is no denying that this is a time of great change, and we are likely to see lots of ups and downs; personally and collectively. Neptune in Pisces will help each of us to stay in tune with our inner Selves and to allow the Universe to guide us. So, we need to 'listen' and be guided by our intuition or higher selves...

Pluto moves retrograde on the 9th April, and this marks the beginning of a phase of introspection (yes, more of that!). This continues the theme of change and uncertainty, as we realise that we can no longer take anything for granted in life. Nothing is guaranteed, and whilst we may feel like the proverbial rug has been torn away from underneath us, ultimately this will allow us to realise just how much support the Universe can provide for us when we allow it.

So, you can see that this is a hugely significant time, a true turning point, but in so many more ways than one...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

And The Touch Paper is Lit

Uranus enters Aries today, the 12th March. Uranus is the freedom seeker, the rebel, the free thinker and the revolutionary. Aries is the pioneer, fiery and courageous. There is a strong sense that our creative fires within will be stoked up considerably as we each begin to transform our lives, inside and out. Uranus will remain in Aries until 2018 and over this time, these forces combined look set to bring about great change on both a personal and a global scale.

Uranus, the freedom fighter, the truth seeker and the individual residing in fiery, creative, courageous Aries; this is quite an explosive mix! Yet the trails of gunpowder were set a long time ago, and these two cosmic forces are simply the match and the strike paper coming together to ignite energy and passion into situations that have become stagnant or lifeless.

A theme of revolution starts to surface, this revolution starts within, as each of us begin to realise that we can affect positive change, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of others as well.

Each of us looks set to challenge conventional thinking and to find ways of expressing our own uniqueness and true identities. Many around the world cannot do this through fear of persecution etc, but those who can make that choice to break free from convention, will in time, create a wave of new thought that will spread to all. We can expect to see more of the unrest as already seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya as people stand up for their rights to free expression. As a rebel and non-conformist Uranus is egged on by tempestuous Aries to speak out and to react against oppression or aggression. Of course, Aries is a hot head and so may create tension and aggression as well, so this powder keg is a fragile balance to delicately handle and only to burst open when all other options have been explored...

Fire analogies aside, it seems clear that Uranus in Aries is about rolling up our sleeves and bursting through the overgrown and weed ridden doorway into pastures rich, bountiful and new. Of course, the grass may always look greener on the other side, but this does always turn out to be the case. However, it is the act of doing that is important here, if we sit and do nothing, then we can never truly grow or learn, but if we take a chance and stand up for our Truth, we find a voice for our souls and honour ourselves. Even if that act of doing leads to a ‘dead end’ or to another challenge, it is part of the learning curve of life that gives us more passion, determination, inspiration and motivation to battle on.

We are entering a challenging era; there seems little doubt about that. But deep within, we have been aware of the stirrings of change for a great deal of time now. This inner change in fact seems far more important that the outer changes for it is from within that we can re-shape our lives, our beliefs, our paths and our dreams. We are the masters of our own destiny, and we can create the change we want to be in the world.

Through the stillness we have been courting recently, the threads of real relevance in our lives are becoming more obvious. It is these threads that we need to focus on now in order to weave ourselves a most wonderful, beautiful and joyful tapestry. It is time to take control, to love ourselves, to love our gifts and to be proud of who we are. It is also time to stop faffing about in indecision and to start living. Each of us now has the chance to step onto the crest of a huge wave about to pass by our doors, and this wave will carry us up to a whole new way of being (if we allow it). It is time to leave the shards of the past behind, to embrace the present and to welcome a bright new future...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Brinkmanship Continues

Pallas Athene enters Aquarius today, the 10th March. Pallas Athene is the warrior Goddess, standing up for justice, defending the weak and using her intelligence creatively. She also represents the power of words. Aquarius is the rebel, the bohemian and the revolutionary, and together these cosmic forces suggest a time for radical new thinking, both individually and collectively.

As our transformation continues, it seems clear that we have a great deal of inner work yet to do. Things that we hold dear or take for granted are shifting now as we each begin to realise the transience of our existence. Things are never cast in stone, and even when we think they are, the winds of time can erode or re-shape them into something completely different. At the same time though, to be cast in stone is to be stuck rigid in one place, and this is surely not the path to personal and spiritual evolution?

That proverbial rug beneath our feet, has not only been ripped out from beneath us, but torn into tiny little shreds, leaving us little to cling on to. However, it is only when we truly let go and stop clinging, that we can be set free. Something of a game of brinkmanship agreed, but neither Pallas Athene or Aquarius are feint hearted and they inspire us to step into the unknown. These are both bright, intelligent energies, and together they can help us to understand the true nature and meaning of the phrase ‘setting ourselves free’.

It seems that it is time to allow ourselves and our thoughts to flow freely, and in the process to honour ourselves and our paths far more. Using the wisdom of these powerful celestial forces, we can begin to re-shape our thoughts. This is turn, can help us to re-shape our lives and to live in joy, bliss and love.

These are challenging times in so many ways, but as each of us slowly sorts the wheat from the chaff in our lives, we can begin to finally see what truly makes our hearts sing...

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Listening Through The Silence - The Path To Clarity

‘In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth.’ Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

This quote has been the quiet source of my inspiration over recent weeks; it has led me on a journey within, to rest in the stillness that resides there. It is undoubtedly hard (particularly for this airy Libran!) to cut through the clutter and chaos that the mind and everyday life presents; but with perseverance, it is possible to allow the soul to find its path in ‘crystal clearness’.

For a great many of us at the present time, life is full of challenges. Challenges connected to the path ahead, to our beliefs, choices and gifts. It can be hard to know whether we are coming or going, going or coming, or whether we have gone and got lost somewhere in between!

Doubt and fear can creep into our psyches if we allow it, and of course, for a great many of us, the real world creates anxiety and practical challenges such as paying bills, buying food, having shelter etc. Whilst these needs are basic, for the soul to truly flourish in ‘crystal clearness’, we need to find a way to step beyond the fears connected to these basic needs to a place deeper within, where we can feel truly nourished and nurtured. Of course, this place will not pay the bills, nor will it put food on the table, but it will help us to keep a clear perspective and balanced outlook on our true priorities in life.

There is a need to simplify now, to cut back the clutter and to focus on what’s truly important. We need to trust that when we can connect to our true priorities, our needs will be taken care of. This is much easier said than done, but unless we do this with 100% conviction and belief, we will never truly know what trust and faith is.

Knowing thyself is a vital part of our journey in life, yet being thyself is surely the most important thing? How many of us allow ourselves to simply be? There is a great difference between knowing and being (take a moment in silence and ‘feel’ the difference, for it is great). Knowing suggests wisdom and understanding, whereas being suggests acceptance and a deeper sense of understanding.

Similarly, there is a great difference between knowing our paths in life and being our paths.

Dr Ronald Bissell wrote ‘ Knowing your path and being your path can make all the difference in your life. Each day when I wake from my nightly dreams I feel refreshed and renewed. I see that a new day has dawned and that I can continue my journey toward my life long goals. I can see it clearly and can reflect upon where I’ve been and where I’m going. It is an intellectual exercise designed to give me comfort amid what at times seems like a world full of turmoil and the carelessness of the few.

Underneath that cover of intellectual pursuit is the true self that acts as a guide throughout life. It nudges us when needed and prods us to ‘become our best’ and to ‘strive to become a better person’. It allows us latitude to become all we can become. It brings life to what could be a lifeless soul and gives purpose and design to our every move.

It is the purpose of our path that we should examine. Are we here to simply exist or are we here to create change and to move our world in the direction of our hearts? Can we be the path we dream or is our path simply an intellectual exercise that gives us superficial reasons for being? There is a huge difference between knowing your path and being your path for being takes determination and effort. Being places you in charge of the present moment and causes your world to become grounded in the beliefs of your soul.

Being your path is an active measure of your determination to follow your heart’s dream into the future of your choice. It marks your place in the universe and gives all you meet the knowledge of who you are. You can’t hide when you are your path and you can’t shade your path from the eyes of all you meet. You become a naked soul and within that nakedness you let go of all the old baggage that once held you hostage. You become like a laser that burns brightly amid the darkness of our world.

In becoming your path you exercise your right to be who you are. You become whole and in turn allow others to see the brilliance of your soul. You radiate to all you meet the essence of your soul and in turn cause them to examine and to re-examine their way. You begin a healing process that affects all you touch.

Knowing your path is an intellectual exercise that gives you ‘a warm fuzzy’ that provides a false sense of security. Being your path creates a solid foundation from which you can live your life and cause change in your world. Being your path provides the answers to questions that create disharmony in life and brings your life into focus.

Being your path brings understanding. It provides the evidence needed to become all you can be. It gives you the tools to begin your life anew and sows the seeds of your future within the context of the present moment. It gives clarity to an unclear world.

In being your path you create the fire of transcendence and see clearly and without effort the path before you. You become the truth of who you are and live your life amid the beauty and silence of your perfect soul’.

These are wise words, and it seems that being our paths and seeing clearly before us the truth of ourselves and of our lives is what’s called for now.

Through the chaos and the clutter, we need to find out what truly makes our hearts sing. We need to live in joy, to live in trust and to live in love. That stillness which creates clarity is the key to a joyful life, and it is that stillness that can unlock the truth of who we are and enable us to live fully in the moment, being our paths.

This is not an easy journey, but then again, which soul would choose a path without learning, development, growth or evolution? Life is meant to present challenges, and it is meant to test us. We each have a choice now connected to how we choose to live. We may need to prune our lives right back to the bare bone to re-connect to what’s truly important, but when we re-flower, there will be real joy and delight in the new blossoms that grow, for they will have meaning and purpose, and we can each truly understand the focus, effort and determination involved in allowing the silence to bring us crystal clearness.

It is a re-awakening of sorts, a time to realise that it’s not about what we have in life, but it is about why we are here and enjoying the experience. We may need to shift our perspectives, and to be patient when the going seems tough or against us, but if we can stay connected in the moment and remember to ‘be’ our paths, the confusion will float away and we will be left with a profoundly beautiful clarity about life and the path ahead.

The silence is getting louder now, and each of us needs to listen...