Thursday, 27 September 2012

Chasing Rainbows

There is something of an epic battle going on deeply within; it seems that as we continue to awaken, we are touching clarity and divinity with one hand but facing challenges, doubt and fear with the other. Our faith keeps us strong (most of the time!), but there are moments when faith melts away leaving uncertainty and confusion to rule the roost. 
Intuitively we realise that this is all a part of the journey of awakening, but the reality of living with it can be somewhat harder to embrace. Of course, whilst we want to be serene and walk in grace, that little whisper in our ear that is a master doubter can chip away at our belief and our trust. 

It can be hard to stomach love and light when they come crashing in on the rocks of our reality and it can be so difficult to accept that yet more shifts are on the path ahead. As we gaze forward, we could be forgiven for feeling a sense of dread at the rocky path with waves crashing in from both sides; whilst we can see the tranquil beauty of where we are heading, the path to get there feels relentlessly unforgiving. 

Yet, perhaps this is more about perception than reality? Perhaps we need to shift from trying to get to where we want to be to simply being it now, in the present moment? When we see life as challenging, the walls can come in on us making it feel hard to breathe or move, but if we step back and realise that we are already Divine, then everything changes, for we are no longer chasing rainbows that never seem to arrive, but we are choosing to step fully and consciously into the present moment. 

So, whilst we may feel energetically (emotionally, physically and even spiritually) squeezed, twisted and wrung out, the more we can lean into this, the more we can begin to merge consciously with the Whole and realise that our divinity is the force that defines us; our link with the Divine validates us and completes us, for the Divine is not an outside force, the Divine is within our hearts and souls; it is us.  Every breathe we take is a reflection of our Divinity and once we can embrace this, our perception of the crashing waves starts to shift and soften. 

This is a time of great change and release, and we have now reached a stage where facing Truth can lead us away from the crashing waves in order to find balance in the present moment. The distant Utopia may be appealing and beautiful, but what’s important is what is happening now. The more we focus on the future and on what may or may not happen, and the more we see Utopia as some distant dream, the more we deplete our reserves and the further we step away from the Divine.

We now need to change the storylines and let go of the beliefs that hold us in fear, doubt and uncertainty.  It is the storylines and beliefs that can leave us feeling like life is spinning madly and wildly out of control; we can feel alienated from the world and from our Selves as we lose sight of our strength and Divinity, and let doubt chip away at every building block of life.  

It seems time now to step into the battleground within in order to face the residual issues that we may have thought had long been resolved. Some of these will inevitably be thrown into our awareness and line of vision, for the need to find inner peace is the force driving us now; therefore, if we choose not to ‘see’ these issues, life will find a way of making us see them. There is no more sand left to bury one’s head, for the waves have washed it all away leaving the rocks exposed and the fractures clear to see. 

Of course, this sounds as though there are some deep cracks within, and for some, this could be the case. However, for so many of us, these cracks are little nudges and reminders to heal, release and let go of everything that no longer serves us in life. 

Seeking out peace within is a powerful process; it is a sign that we are no longer seeking external validation or becoming overwhelmed by fear or doubt, and it shows that we are opening up to the amazing and wonderful Truth of vibrant and conscious living. Such a path doesn’t magic away the challenges, but it helps us to see that every challenge and every battle helps to shape us into the compassionate and Divine soul that intuitively we know is our true nature... 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Light And Dark Stand Equal

The Equinox is a time of balance as the light and the dark stand equal. In the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the beginning of the descent into winter, but we should not forget that it marks the ascent into summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Balance; there is always balance. Sometimes we have to look for it, but nature always provides a balance whether it is day and night, light and dark, birth and death...

Yet, we can so easily become focused on the shorter days, the dimming light and the unmistakable chill in the air. It is all too easy to look ahead towards the winter rather than keeping our focus and awareness on the present moment and it is the present moment that truly matters, for this is where we are now; the past is behind us and the future hasn’t happened yet. Whilst we know this to be true, it is simple to get sucked into forward thinking, worrying and pondering about what may, or may not, lie ahead. This is human nature, but the more we focus away from the present moment, the more we deplete and drain our reserves, our energy and our focus.

During this special time of the harvest, we can see, hear and feel the abundance of nature all around us. This is therefore a special time to connect to the harvest, within and without, in order to celebrate all that we have and all that we are. Whilst we may want more in life, it is important to keep our awareness on the present moment, so perhaps it is time to take a moment to give thanks and gratitude instead of pining for what we lack, need or desire? 

Giving thanks is not the same as giving up; this is not a time to let go of dreams and goals, but it is a time to re-focus and re-balance, and from this it is all too likely that our needs, dreams and desires will begin to shift and change. This is part of our personal evolutionary journey through life, and if we can embrace such shifts and remain rooted in the present, then we can begin to celebrate the true majesty of balance in life. 

A flower in nature bends and flexes with the wind; its roots keep it fed, its stem points it toward the light. A bird migrates back and forth across the globe to mate; intuitively knowing where to head, and when. When we consciously step into our own natural cycles, we can begin to see our true essence and flow, and this helps us to ride the waves of life more consciously and gracefully; joyfully and abundantly. 

If we allow it to, modern living can take us away from living in tune with the Earth and with our Selves. Yet, it is possible to live in the modern world and still be at One with the true flow; from watching the sunrise and sunset, to connecting with the seasons or the ebb and flow of the tides, there is always a way to be One with nature.   

The more we step into the One-ness, the more deeply we go within to discover the true riches and treasures that lie hidden and tucked away. There are closets that may hide some profound and possibly painful emotions, but it seems important to have the courage now to go within to bare our souls by standing naked and vulnerable as we illuminate those darkly lit corners within. This takes courage and it takes strength, but in order to become Whole, it seems to be the only option so we can finally be free. 

It is once we have faced the Truth within that we can feel a truer part of the Whole, for we let go of resistance. We can then feel our true power, and, like the majestic, and seemingly calm, tranquil and peaceful mountain, we can begin to connect to the power deep beneath the surface that is glowing, energised and highly active (a volcano waiting to burst into life). It seems that by letting go of resistance and embracing balance, we can find a path for our essence and power to flow freely like magma. If we continue to resist, we can expect a pyroclastic flow to erupt uncontrollably bringing more imbalance and incongruence. 

Volcanoes destroy, but they also create, for out of the ashes comes fertile soils and new life.  Once we can accept the bigger picture that creation and destruction go hand in hand and stand equal, just like the day and night at the time of Equinox, we can begin to feel more centred as we ride the waves with more clarity and confidence, faith and trust. 

Whilst we can never be certain as to what lies ahead, by embracing our true power, we stop resisting and containing, and instead become One with the flow; riding the waves, rather than fighting them or struggling. This doesn’t eradicate the challenges, but it shifts our perception helping us to handle them differently.

So, during this time of balance, it seems time to accept that being a beautiful volcano is not only okay, but it is Truth. This is not about wielding power or embracing destructive tendencies though, it is about becoming fully conscious of all aspects of Self and knowing that we are not just beings of Light, but we are beings of Dark as well. In other words, we are balance.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Randomly Scattered or A Divine Plan?

For many fellow travellers riding the waves of shift and change, this seems to be a time of disquiet and uncertainty, confusion and angst. There is a sense of the blurring of boundaries and the merging of consciousness between different levels of awareness, and this is creating feelings of disconnection from both the Self and the Whole. Discord is emerging from within, creating storylines and patterns that feel incongruent and overwhelming, and despite intuitively sensing the ‘bigger picture’, it is hard not to feel isolated and alone, cut off and disconnected.

Emotions begin to surface from anger to ecstasy, but they have no clear source or direction. They can be present one moment and gone the next, and the roller coaster can twist and turn in a flash. Trying to understand such shifts is understandable, but it can make the confusion even more intense as there seems to be little logic to the situation. 

For some, this discord has been so intense that they feel ripped apart or torn in two; yet, we all remain open to the process, for intuitively we understand that this is the path of awakening. For those amongst us who are finding the journey too unsettling there are many questions surfacing in connection to what happens next and also to whether or not it might be wise to take a step backwards and step free from the chaos. 

Stepping backwards is quite tempting, but how can we switch off being more awakened and more conscious? How can we forget? At the same time, stepping backwards suggests two things: firstly, moving against the flow, which although sometimes wise and necessary, can ultimately take us even further off course. Secondly, is moving backwards towards the sleeping flock really going to bring us peace, respite and balance? Will it not just leave us feeling more disconnected and alone as we cannot truly be a sheep for we have touched life as tigers? We should also consider that by choosing to step backwards, we may simply have to go through the whole process again...

Finding a way through the confusion and going with the intensity and fractious shifts seems to be the only path. We need to lean into the confusion in order to touch the stillness and the peace that lies deep within. 

There is no denying that for many souls, this time of change is hard to bear. So much is happening on so many different levels, that it is all too easily to feel lost and fractured, scattered across different levels of awareness, and different realities or dimensions. Yet, it is important to find a way to ride this storm in order to re-focus on the Truth of our Divinity and our magnificence. 

It seems important now to strip back the layers upon layers that have build up over time in order to find our own unique pathway to the Divine (and to Self). We are all unique, and yet we often follow the flock trying to find the answers or the solution to bring us to that much desired state of being: enlightenment. However, it seems clear that the only way through this is to go within and to find our own pathway to Divinity. 

It is so easy to get lost in the storylines of spirituality as we seek clarity and we can become tied up in knots as we try to rationalise, understand and analyse every twist and turn. This is innately human of course, but there is a sense that the harder we struggle, the tighter the knots become. In order to merge and come together into a beautiful and majestic Whole, we need to strip back the layers and realise the simplicity of our Divinity; it isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to tear us apart. 

As the storylines, twists and turns continue, we may feel light-headed with the spin and pace of shift; we may also feel torn in two at times, confused, alone and uncertain of everything. Yet, when we pause for a moment and step beyond it all, we re-connect to the power within which can bring us strength, perseverance, determination, focus and wisdom. 

So, when the waves become nauseatingly rough and choppy, we need to travel down to our core. If we can see ourselves with firm anchors resting peacefully on the sea floor vaguely aware of, but blissfully untouched by, the turbulence above, we can begin to re-centre and re-merge allowing those feelings of fracture to heal as we finally find completeness within...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Embracing The Extraordinary

As the path of awakening continues, and as sleepwalkers stir all around, there is a sense that the new wave of consciousness is now filtering into all aspects of life. As we take a moment to look around at All that we Are, it seems clear that everything is changing; we are just not the same as we were yesterday or the day before. Whilst some of these shifts are subtle, others are far from this as they catapult us forward (and sometimes backward) in life. Such big shifts tend to happen for a reason; perhaps we have been choosing not to see something or opting to dig our heels in? Whatever the reason, it can sometimes be hard to rationalise such major ebbs and flow in the tides of life.

As this consciousness continues to weave its way into the hearts and souls of us all, it seems clear that some are open to this process but many are not. Some fight or resist it, but most are simply not aware of it as they walk through life with their eyes firmly closed to the true possibilities that life has to offer. 

For those of us who are open to this process, it is hard not to feel pushed and pulled in many different directions. On one hand is the desire to evolve and step consciously into the moment, but on the other hand is the need to keep on keeping on with life, work and everything else. We often see these as mutually exclusive aspects of life, and, as a result, we often lose sight of living consciously, for ‘stuff’ just gets in the way. As a result, we frequently touch living consciously, but don’t quite manage to live consciously for life (duties, ought’s and ‘should’s’) pulls us away. 

However, as the wave of consciousness intensifies, and as we open up more to the true magnificence of what this represents, it seems clear that we need to find ways of merging together all of the different facets of our Selves and our lives in order to find a true sense of balance. It seems time now to bring together All that we Are, in order to live the best lives possible. Such a step is not simply for self-gratification, but it is part of the path to Self, and part of the path to living consciously and vibrantly in every single moment; this takes faith, courage and strength, and it takes confidence and belief, in both the Self and the Universe, to take us beyond the pressured and stressful pedestrian-ness of life to a place of balance, knowing and trust.

Embracing the new consciousness is a choice; we can try to resist, block or walk away, but once we have opened up to it, it becomes so hard to deny, for it filters into everything we do, everything we see and everything we are. Once we step through that doorway, we cannot step back or forget, nor should we want to. 

Once we re-ignite our connection to consciousness, we begin to feel like an integral part of the Universal Whole. We move through life with our eyes wide open; seeing and feeling the Divine in all aspects of our lives. We see the vastness of the Universe and the limitless potential waiting to be embraced as we contemplate the infinite possibilities both within and all around.  

There is a need now to step deeply within in order to open fully to the new consciousness and willingly allow it to filter into every facet, every nook and cranny of our lives and our Selves. Of course, there is truly nothing ‘new’ about this consciousness, for it has been around forever, but it is new in the sense that we are awakening to it and giving it more presence in our lives. 

If we can open up and allow this consciousness to merge, both within and without, we can begin to feel a part of the Universal Whole. From here we can begin to sense the Truth of our lives, our paths and our destinies. It is only by taking such a big step that we can begin to move beyond the fears, worries and angst of daily living and begin to feel the joy of living consciously in the present moment. This is not to say that we will step away from daily life, but as our perspectives shift, how we view daily life will change, for we can begin to shape and form Heaven on Earth, and such a vision invokes a powerful shift in everything we do, everything we see and in everything we are. 

In essence, as we embrace Truth, we step beyond the ordinary and enter the world of the extraordinary. It has always been extraordinary of course; it’s just that life has distracted us, until now...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Eyes Wide Open

It’s amazing what we see when we open our eyes.

There are many reasons why we choose not to move through life with our eyes wide open: from fear to closed-mindedness, from distractions to over-focusing. It seems that for many of us, to make a conscious choice to open our eyes involves facing some, or all of these, head-on. 

So many of us go through life with our eyes so firmly focused on the path ahead and on the things we want to reach towards and achieve, that we lose sight of the wonderful scenery that we pass along the way. At the same time, we create filters and build blinkers (coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies) in order to shape what we see in order to find a path through life that we can manage or cope with. 

Such tactics are a part of being human, but by moving through life without seeing all we can, we are missing out on so much in the process. In some ways, it is easier not to have our eyes wide open, for such a stance involves embracing all aspect of the Self and having the courage to step towards Truth. Intuitively we know that both of these are essential as we continue to awaken, but when life gets tough, it is somehow easier to get lost in the humdrum without having to step back and contemplate the roles that we are playing in it all. 

Being responsible and accountable are so important on the path to Self, and whilst we all know that we cannot be responsible for everything that happens in our lives, we can be responsible for our reactions and responses. In essence, there is a need to go deeply within in order to understand the storylines, beliefs and inner dialogues that we are a part of in order to understand why it is somehow easier to walk through life with our eyes sheltered or closed. It is only by affirming a desire to open our eyes, that we can begin to let go of all of those storylines and beliefs as we step beyond them and live more consciously. 

Living consciously with our eyes wide open is a bold step, and whilst it is perhaps the only logical way forward as we evolve and develop, once such a step is taken it cannot be undone. It is therefore so important to make a conscious choice to step free from the humdrum, the storylines and the limiting beliefs, and connect to the infinite possibilities all around (and within). If we make such a step by choice, we can sense the power rising up within as we acknowledge our true Selves and honour the role that we play in the Universal Whole. 

The time is now upon us to either open our eyes fully to the magnificent Whole or to choose to keep on keeping on with our lives defined by our fears, storylines and beliefs. Whilst many of us are choosing to open our eyes fully and step towards an awakened state of being, it is not to be underestimated, for living consciously, eyes wide open, involves having the courage to be the best that we know we can be, to live the best lives possible and to honour our Divinity (for each of us are Divine Sparks).  

Of course, we are all striving for this, but to take those final steps between where we are now and where we want to be takes a huge amount of faith, belief and trust. Stepping into the unknown is rarely easy, but when we realise that everything in life is unknowable, and nothing is set in stone, we can begin to ease those fears and step forward with open eyes, arms and hearts towards a brand new dawn...