Monday, 10 May 2010

Our Summer of (Dis)Content - Part 1

In Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea...

This phrase has always historically meant being stuck between two dangerous or extremely challenging choices. However, over the coming weeks it seems that this phrase will begin to take on a whole new meaning...

The Cosmos is building up to a summer of intensity and indecision, it seems that this is already affecting many of us with the hung parliament in the UK – this could end up being the best thing ever leading to political reform and a stronger country or it could end up being disastrous and a fast boat to financial and economic ruin.

Politics aside, there is already a strong feeling of inner tension and indecision; many of us feel stuck and unsure which way to turn. There is a sense of chaos for some and unearthly stillness for others, yet for all of us there is a feeling of the unknown and a great uncertainty about the path ahead.

Over the coming weeks, Uranus and Jupiter move into perfect conjunction in Aries, they oppose Saturn in Virgo, and all three of these planets square Pluto in Capricorn. This formation is known as a T-Square, and is usually seen by astrologers as challenging and difficult. Adding to this in early August, the Moon moves in to form a Cosmic Cross with these planets; and Saturn is joined by both Mars and Venus. So, lots of celestial activity.

In some ways the T-Square is akin to a log jam, pushing all of this energy into a tight little space intensifying and energising it immensely. The result is a sense within each of us of a need to break through the log jam to pastures new and this is where the difficult choice begins. It is hard not to feel thwarted, frustrated and confused about the many different directions opening up before us, and at the same time many of us are trying to integrate all of our gifts and dreams into something new and more fulfilling.

The challenge during these heavy seas is to stay centred and to avoid being pushed and pulled by external forces. However, within each of us is a sense of urgency, a need to make decisions and to act, so in some ways time is of the essence, but at the same time, getting this right is imperative so acting too early or without sufficient contemplation could be disastrous.

During this upheaval old patterns will once again start to re-surface as we are finally given the opportunity to break free from our pasts to fully embrace the present (and future). This is never easy, but it is necessary for us to grow and evolve as the free spirits that we are.

It seems clear that there is a strong need to find much time for reflection and contemplation over the coming weeks, we each need to tap into the stillness within and to dwell there to find clarity and the strength to wait until the time is right to act. Some may find this inner retreat so delightful that they never want to leave making the decisions to come ever harder. Yet it seems that we do all have a choice to stay in our inner worlds in retreat and contemplation or to use all of our gifts and strengths to step forwards to make a difference.

One theme that has emerged over the past year is connected to personal choices and personal responsibility. Saturn has been the root cause of this as he wants each of us to fully own our choices and be responsible for our actions. It goes deeper than this though as we each need to surrender to our true feelings in order to honour ourselves and our soul’s purpose. It is only when we are in this space that we can be at One with our true natures and to know our next steps.

So the choice of the devil and the deep blue sea, seems to be down to a choice between staying blissfully ignorant to the inner call and continuing to plod on or going deeply within to the well of strength and peace that resides there, tapping into the collective consciousness (the ocean or deep blue sea), surrendering to our true Selves and finally finding ourselves...

To be continued...